pencil neck has snapped…..BREIBART NEWS

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This man is a complete idiot. This is the man Nancy Pelosi was so impressed with leading impeachments in California. This is her boy, the man to do the job against Donald Trump. THIS MAN IS COMPLETELY NUTS! Rand Paul please go after this moron. Graham and McConnell haven’t enough of what it takes to do what MUST be done. Adam Schiff can not be allowed to lie, mislead and fabricate fantasy tales as he has. He has made a mockery of our Constitution, The House, The Senate, our elections and the American people. What Schiff is doing goes way beyond anything and everything he and his managers have accused President Trump. RAND PAUL……..THERE ARE A COUPLE OF GUYS IN THE HOUSE WOULD GLADLY JOIN YOU. SENATOR CRUZ? WHERE ARE YOU? ACQUITTAL FOR THE PRESIDENT IS NOT ENOUGH. (ArlinReport comment)

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