Cash Cow: UK Wind Farms Paid £650,000,000 in ‘Constraint Payments’ To NOT Produce Power


In the history of commerce, there’s never been a financial scam that comes anywhere near rivalling subsidised wind power.

In the past, sharp, entrepreneurial types have made plenty of easy money from ‘selling’ the London Bridge and the Eiffel Tower to unwitting dupes.

But scamming fools with too good to be true offers is nothing compared to what’s up for grabs in the so-called wind ‘industry’.

There aren’t many businesses where a major source of revenue is being paid to not produce what it is that your business is meant to produce.

STT is at a loss to find many other current examples that match the profligacy of paying what are called “constraint payments” to wind power outfits, so that they won’t deliver power to the grid when the wind is blowing.

And were not talking small beer, either. Over the last decade, British wind power outfits have collected over…

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