Recent Attacks Show the “Tolerant” Left is Violently Intolerant


Tolerance means allowing others to think and act in ways with which we disagree. As long as they are not violating your rights, then “tolerance” means hands-off, live and let live. In the last few weeks, we’ve seen Democrats show us how intolerant and violent they are. Unfortunately, the list of violent leftists is long and wide. We have to condemn this violent behavior before violence and retaliation spreads.

This idea that big-government leftists are violent has been at the edge of my awareness for several years. The man who tried to murder Republican congressmen on a baseball field in Alexandria was a dedicated Bernie Sanders supporter. That planted the question, but recent history made the connection to violence clearer.

Here are nine recent examples-

-GOP volunteers were registering voters in Duval County, Florida when a man drove his van over their tent, their signs, their tables and their chairs…

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