Doomsday Fatigue: Corona-Mania Leaves Climate Change Hysteria For Dead


COVID-19 has spread its share of misery, made all the worse by the doomsday cult that cry ‘apocalypse’ at every challenge humanity faces. This is the same class of character who, barely weeks ago, were dressing up like goblins and gluing themselves to the roads in order to save us from, you guessed it, the apocalypse. Except the looming doom predicted by those pasty-faced hysterics was all about changes in the weather.

Those with sufficient memory will recall that the world was being urged, in pretty strident terms, to destroy our energy supplies, and with it our way of living, by throwing everything at chaotically intermittent wind and solar.

As every good self-interested panic merchant well-knows, it pays to have a (very profitable) non-solution to a never-ending, non-problem.

Keep complaining about the weather (dressed up as the portents of doom) and the subsidies to wind and solar would just keep…

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