Wilderness Wipeout: Giant Wind & Solar Farms Destroying Pristine Wildlife Habitats


Pristine wilderness: see it before it’s too late.

The scale of the environmental destruction wreaked by giant wind and solar farms is out of all proportion to the economic benefits they provide; if any. Apart from the subsidies they attract, STT can’t think of any.

Wiping out entire forest habitats is all part of our ‘inevitable’ transition to a wind powered future. Across Germany, millions of acres of forest have been clear-felled and great swathes cut through others, to allow some 30,000 of these things to be speared across Deutschland.

The same wanton destruction has been integral to Scotland’s wind power disaster, where, so far, 13,900,000 trees have been chainsawed and/or bulldozed out of existence.

But the destruction of critical wildlife habitat is only the beginning. Now, environmental researchers are having second thoughts about purportedly ‘planet saving’ wind and solar.

Climate change: Green energy plant threat to wilderness areas

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