Double Nightmare: New York’s Reliable Nuclear Power Plants Shutdown During Coronavirus Disaster


Andrew Cuomo: when one disaster is barely enough.

With the coronavirus pandemic laying them to waste, New Yorkers have plenty to worry about. Now their power supply is under threat, thanks to their wind and solar obsessed Governor, Andrew Cuomo.

At Indian Point (situated north of New York City) nuclear power plants have been providing safe, reliable and affordable electricity 24 x7 to New Yorkers since 1962.

In an astonishing move, Cuomo has determined to progressively shutdown both of the plants, with a combined capacity of 2,069 MW, on the delusional premise that he can replace what he destroys with wind and solar backed up by gas ‘peakers’ – highly inefficient open cycle gas turbines, which are basically jet engines strapped to generators.

The wind cult and renewable energy rent seekers are, of course, delighted with the outcome. However, as Robert Bryce points out, New Yorkers can look forward to…

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