Heaven Help Us: Push For More Subsidised & Intermittent Wind & Solar Adds to COVID-19 Chaos


The coronavirus has delivered a global recession, now RE rent seekers want to deliver a truly Great Depression, with desperate calls for even more subsidies for chaotically intermittent wind and solar.

Since Britain launched into its wind power obsession in 2002, retail power prices have more than doubled. Which tends to run against the mantra that wind power is ‘free’ and getting cheaper all the time.

The principal reason for Britain’s rocketing power prices is that there is simply no equivalence between a wholly weather-dependent ‘system’ of power generation – which delivers in unpredictable fits and spurts – with the conventional, stand-alone generation systems  – coal, gas and nuclear.

Britain could carpet its entire landmass and cover its waters from coast to horizon with these things and it would still need conventional generators with a total capacity equal to its entire wind power fleet, for those numerous occasions when calm…

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