Blood & Gore: Mike Moore’s ‘Planet of The Humans’ Unmasks The Power & Money Behind Renewables Scam


Not the only lunatic making $millions by lying to the masses.

Apoplexy is the order of the day among ‘green’ energy zealots following the release of Mike Moore’s ‘Planet of The Humans’.

In the military they call it “blue on blue”, although when the hard left are pulling the trigger it’s more aptly described as “green on green”.

But the documentary backed by Moore isn’t so much ‘friendly fire’, as an all-out assault on the billionaire hypocrites who whipped up fear and frenzy over changes in the weather and then, as if by magic, produced the notional ‘solution’ to the calamity in the form of heavily subsidised wind, solar and biomass. A ‘’solution’ which, of course, they all heavily invested in.

The film – produced by Moore and made by Jeff Gibbs – has been uploaded to YouTube to allow all and sundry to get the message: renewable energy is…

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