How Long Do Wind Turbines Last? 10 Years or Until The Subsidies Run Out (Whichever Occurs First)


Wind power outfits still claim their turbines run on the smell of an oily rag and last for 25 years or more, needing little more than a hug from time to time.

However, the operations and maintenance cost of these things, as reported by Australia’s Infigen, is around $25 per MWh (hardly the zero marginal cost claimed by wind cultists!). And, as we’ll detail a little later in this post, wind turbines are unlikely to have an economic lifespan beyond 10 years.

But first this, from Energy Wire (a renewable energy propaganda site) – indicating that the only thing that keeps them running is an endless stream of taxpayers’ money.

DOE lab: Turbine power plunges when tax credits go away
Energy Wire
David Laconangelo
21 May 2020

Wind farms often produce less power when they age past the 10-year mark because the loss of federal tax credits halts maintenance –…

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