Stop Subsidizing Irresponsibility


By:                   Gil Gutknecht

Stop Subsidizing Irresponsibility

In a tortured way, it all now makes sense. Most of us are at least vaguely familiar with the expression that police represent the thin blue line that stands between us and anarchy. While it seems like insanity to most rational people, if the objective is anarchy, then eliminating that blue line is critical.

The movement to defund the police is blssoming. Proponents have now enlisted support from a significant number of elected officials and celebrities. The Minneapolis City Council is leading the pack. Given the fact that scores of buildings in the city were looted and burned, council members may have felt intimidated. They saw their boy mayor booed and didn’t want angry mobs outside their homes. They have now voted unanimously to move forward with defunding the police.

Looney leaders of Seattle thought they could placate Antifa…

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