Fear Not, It’s Going To Be 2016 All Over Again. On Steroids


I found a link to this piece from Whatdoesitmean.com giving some background on the phony polls that we are seeing again and where they are actually coming from.

It’s a pretty interesting take down of several Democrat strategies and it pries out their MSM lackeys involvement as a delivery vehicle for their fuckery.

I snipped this section out of the middle of it to highlight but the article starts out by busting the New York Times red handed, (pun intended) trying to push a fake story about Russia paying to put a bounty on our American soldiers heads to the Taliban.

It then ties this into the current election and the phony poll numbers they are all using trying to prop up Grandpa Dementia against the staggering odds of reality.

June 27, 2020

Russian Bogeyman Returns As Trump Faces Same “Battleground Bloodbath” He Did In 2016


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