Al Gore’s “Carbon Free” Is About Controlling The Private Sector

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By Peter Murphy~

Al Gore is the gift that keeps on giving – if you want to reveal the ongoing colossal banality and hypocrisy of the climate crisis movement that he has long championed. His latest example is trying to dress up like an expert on capitalism while actually pushing command and control policies on businesses to obey his climate agenda.

The former Vice President of the United States and his business partner David Blood co-authored an article last week in the Wall Street Journal purportedly about how the coronavirus opens the opportunity for better decision-making and corporate governance toward a zero carbon economy.

The article meanders for a while with buzzwords about how business and profitability gel with a climate change agenda, using words like “fiduciary duty,” “sustainable capitalism,” and “long-term perspective.”

The punch line of climate control arrives near the end, when the authors give away their…

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