Leftist Protests, More Sacred Than Church Services

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By Tim Graham ~

For many Americans, the most painful consequence of the coronavirus lockdowns was closing down church services. The grace and peace of Sunday makes it easier to make it through the week. But our media and political elites are indifferent to that pain, or openly hostile.

The New York Times recently proclaimed “Churches Emerge as Major Source of Coronavirus Cases.” A three-reporter team announced their newspaper constructed a database to count church-spawned infections as the “virus rages” and blamed 650 infections across America on church activities. How, then, is this a “Major Source” of cases?

Most regular churchgoers didn’t want to fit into that secular-media stereotype of being so fanatically trusting in God’s protection that they would gather unmasked in churches and share hugs and handshakes. Church singers would disband their choirs for the duration. They were willing to observe lockdowns as a public-health necessity.

But then…

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