Keep It Simple Stupid: Why No Country Will Ever Be Powered By Wind & Solar Power Alone


Australia’s blackout capital, South Australia is what happens when hubris and ideology trumps sound engineering.

After a run of mass blackouts, load shedding and a complete statewide blackout in September 2016, South Australia (Australia’s wind and solar capital) was forced to spend a fortune on diesel powered jet engines, open cycle gas turbines and, later, giant piston engines (effectively ship engines) built to run on gas or bunker fuel, all designed to be fired up in an instant to compensate for massive collapses in wind (see above) and solar output (see the horizon to your west each day at dusk); the kind of collapses that led to all those blackouts and the big one that cost the state hundreds of $millions four years ago.

Notwithstanding that costly debacle, there are still plenty of rent seekers with the audacity to suggest that we’re just a heartbeat away from an…

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