Don’t complain, you get what you axed for ……

The Goomba Gazette

NYC shootings spiked 127% in September, murders up 76%: NYPD

Old time TV Show: You Asked for It, Vol. 2: Art Baker, Various: Movies & TV

New Yorkers: You wanna cut the police budget – you wanna shit can the cops all together – you wanna elect an idiot to the mayor’s office – you wanna get rid of the bail process – you wanna put handcuffs on the cops so they can not do their job – you wanna, wanna , wanna?? All I can tell you fools is, pay me now or pay me later and your later has arrived; you AXED for it.

If you think the conditions in this country are bad now, wait and see what happens (small chance) if Car-mella is elected to president and J J gets the V P nod. That is when all of the clowns will come out of hiding and the circus will really start.

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Folks; what we see in…

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