Democrats Dreamin’: Wind & Solar No Solution to America’s Energy Needs


As part of his loopy New Green Deal, Sleepy Joe Biden reckons America can “transition from the oil industry” – with all the energy reliably supplied by oil and gas somehow replaced by chaotically intermittent wind and solar.

The same squad of lunatics are also doing their darndest to kill off America’s nuclear power generation system, as well as America’s entire economy, along with it.

Meanwhile, back on Earth, there are still a few American politicians with a grip on reality.

One of them – a long tall Texan named Dan Crenshaw – a former Navy SEAL and now Republican congressman – makes the case for maintaining America’s enviable nuclear power generation advantage. He also tackles the nonsensical notion that America can transition away from its oil and gas industry, which has been the source of one of the greatest economic turnarounds in history.

Rep. Dan Crenshaw calls…

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