BREAKING: Twitter Censors HILLARIOUS Anti-Biden Meme (Watch It Here)

Jim Campbell's

Comment by Jim Campbell

October 30th, 2020

One would have to be a blithering idiot to put the future of the United States of America in the hands of the Democrats which would factually be run by Kamala Harris, a Marxist once she used the 25th Amendment to remove brain-addled Biden from office and hid him in the White House Cellar.

The creator of the “Weekend at Biden’s” campaign ad has spoken against censorship after Twitter labeled the video as sensitive content.

Nick Ward, who worked with “Say No To Joe PAC” to produce and create the video, spoke to The Post Millennial, saying that the video reached a million views in 48 hours before being labelled as “sensitive content” on Twitter.

After its success on Twitter and YouTube, Ward said that the video was curbed, and soon after he received messages from viewers who said that they were unable…

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