Decade of Despair: Counting Staggering Cost of Ontario’s Wind Power Disaster


It took Ontario’s Green-left lunatics less than a decade to destroy its once reliable and eminently affordable power supply. It was deliberate, it was malicious and it was, in economy wrecking terms, very effective.

Dressed up under the guise of its Green Energy Act, the mandated targets for, and preferential treatment of, wind power, the guaranteed and exorbitant feed in tariffs and massive subsidies all combined to drive power prices through the roof and business owners under water. It has been a complete and utter disaster, with a staggering cost.

Babatunde Williams reminisces on Ontario’s decade of despair.

Ontario’s green-energy catastrophe
Babatunde Williams
17 September 2020

A transition to renewables sent energy prices soaring, pushed thousands into poverty and fuelled a populist backlash.

In February 2009, Ontario passed its Green Energy Act (GEA). It was signed a week after Obama’s Economic Recovery and Reinvestment Act in the US, following…

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