NY Times: Trump Eroding Democracy While Biden Shows True Manhood

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By Clay Waters ~

Jessica Bennett, the New York Times’ first “gender editor,” filed some silly pre-election psychoanalysis for Monday’s edition: “Trump (Tough Guy), Biden (Nice Guy) and the Politics of Manliness.”

Bennett opened with the textual equivalent of a campaign video for a former Democratic president the media clearly misses, in the service of pushing Joe Biden over the finish line.

Kindness. Humility. Responsibility. These traits were once “the definition of manliness,” Barack Obama told a crowd on Saturday, campaigning in Flint, Mich., for his former running mate, Joseph R. Biden Jr.

Though he did not name him, it was clear whom the former president was talking about.

“It used to be being a man meant taking care of other people, not going around bragging,” Mr. Obama said.

The words were evocative, and not simply because Mr. Obama followed them by knocking down a slick three-point basketball…

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