Society Wreckers: Renewable Energy Cult Determined to Destroy Industry Wealth & Jobs


Crawling out of a post Covid economic wasteland, requires getting industry and business back on their feet, which in turn requires reliable and affordable electricity, delivered whatever the weather.

But that approach would require tapping into our good friends, logic and reason.

In the Australian state of New South Wales, logic was tortured to death years ago and reason is held hostage to delusional ideology. No more delusional than its so-called Energy Minister’s plan to follow South Australia down the rabbit hole, with a massive raft of subsidies for intermittent wind and solar and a suicidal attempt to wreck what’s left of its reliable coal-fired power generation fleet.

But not if One Nation’s Mark Latham has anything to do with it, that is.

Here he is being interviewed on SkyNews.

Economics behind New South Wales plan ‘would make Stalin blush’
Sky News
Mark Latham
15 November 2020

New South Wales…

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