Reason Removed: Remaining Opposition to Nuclear Power Product of Fake News Fear Mongers


There are plenty of examples of the mass media using hyperbole to whip up hysteria, but the unjustified fear of nuclear radiation is a stand out. Sure, we’ve been cajoled and berated into a fear-filled frenzy about a Chinese virus. But that’s likely to pass as quickly as humans develop their natural immunity to any virus or an effective vaccine comes into play, or both.

Among nervous Nellies, the pervasive and irrational anxiety about radiation generally, and nuclear radiation, in particular, has lasted generations. And the reason for that can be pinned squarely on a couple of forces.

One is the mercenary self-interest of the fossil fuel industries, which have most to fear from nuclear power generation. And, all the more so, in a world that is also taught that naturally occurring carbon dioxide gas is now “pollution”, which will wipeout all humanity. Nuclear power is the only stand-alone power…

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