Environmental Extremism Is Creeping Into Every Domain Of Public Policy

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By Daren Bakst~

Many on the left continue to place their ideology of environmental extremism above all other considerations, including economic growth, individual freedom, and the welfare of low-income Americans.

This worldview ignores critical trade-offs and places environmental interests above even basic principles that have long served as a foundation of this nation. Further, this extreme environmental movement has crept into almost every issue area imaginable.

Environmental extremists are currently pushing for Janet Yellen, President-elect Joe Biden’s nominee for treasury secretary (pictured), to take drastic action to address climate change, such as by forcing oil and gas companies to sell off fossil fuel assets. (Photo: Demetrius Freeman/The Washington Post/Getty Images)

There are certainly environmental issues that need attention, but sensible environmental policy doesn’t address those issues in a vacuum without regard for other important concerns. Yet, this extreme movement acts in such a manner.

The following examples highlight how…

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