Biden and Harris: The Great Uniters?

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If Biden and Harris had an ounce of genuine interest in “unity,” they would…

“The influence of your personal character moderates the divisions of political parties…” —George Washington (1789)

In 1829, after being sworn into office for his first term by Chief Justice John Marshall on the East Portico of the U.S. Capitol, President Andrew Jackson, a heroic War of 1812 general from Tennessee, delivered brief inaugural remarks. Then, following a tradition started by Thomas Jefferson, Jackson, a populist, hosted a public open house reception at the White House. So many citizens showed up for the food, drink and festivities (estimated in excess of 10,000) that later in the evening, Jackson had to leave through a window and spend the night in a hotel.

Presidential open houses continued for seven decades until Grover Cleveland opted for a grand parade, much to the applause of the…

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