#Discrimination at it’s #finest – sit in the #back-of-the-bus …..

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Members of the National Guard have been allowed back into the Capitol Complex after a slate of #lawmakers voiced their #outrage at #guardsmen being #banished to a #parking-garage as a rest area, a guardsman told CNN.

Guard Soldiers were ordered to move from the cafeteria to the parking garage

Now the guard knows how the #black-people felt for decades that were made to use the #servants entrance or had to sit in the back of the bus. #Second-hand-citizens.

These #patriotic-Americans should have been put up in the Four Seasons. In The Rotten Apple that #fool Warren Wilham (DeBlasio) has street people staying in 500.00$ a night rooms to get them off the streets.

Mayor Bill de Blasio's Crusade - Rolling Stone
WHEN DEBLASIO WAS WARREN WILHELM That should tell us something

Homeless Men Moved Into a Tourist Hotel. What Followed …www.nytimes.com › homeless-lucerne-hotel-relocation
Nov 13, 2020 — The hotel-turned-shelter became a flash point on the Upper West Side, but helped the men find a sense of belonging. Now they might be …

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