8 Takeaways As Senate Again Fails To Convict Trump, This Time With 7 GOP Votes

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By Fred Lucas ~

With seven Republicans voting with all Democrats to convict, the Senate nevertheless voted Saturday afternoon to acquit former President Donald Trump, in his second impeachment trial, of a single charge of incitement of insurrection.

Americans, and apparently most senators, were under the impression that the Saturday session would feature closing arguments and perhaps a verdict.

“There’s no question, none, that President Trump is practically and morally responsible for provoking the events of the day,” Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell says Saturday after the verdict, adding that the riot at the Capitol was a “foreseeable consequence of the growing crescendo of false statements, conspiracy theories, and reckless hyperbole” from Trump after his election loss. (Photo: Congress.gov/Getty Images)

Instead, hours before the final vote, the Senate was thrown into chaos with a last-minute prosecution call to hear from a witness and the prospect of that prompting numerous…

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