Obedience Matters

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The truth is, if you can say “No!” to the face mask, you can say “No!” to the vaccine, and you can say “No!” to much worse. If they can get you to say “yes” to the face mask, the field of public health knows it can get you to say “yes” to much more.

https://www.facebook.com/monica.quiroga.tx/videos/3573554779330504/?t=3 – Here’s what happened at the Rodeo – jtl,419

Your Obedience Matters, Because Your Obedience Leads to More Tyranny

By Allan Stevo via LewRockwell.com

It’s not 1959. It’s not 1979. It’s not 2019.

Your every action matters in a way that it couldn’t have during any of those times — whether you were a pauper or a billionaire, a parent at home or a celebrity on the red carpet — now, your individual actions mean so much more than they did then.

We are in that kind of moment. Some call them “fourth turnings”…

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