Power Battle: Common Sense Abandoned With Push For More Intermittent Wind & Solar


Our good friends’ logic and reason were sacrificed long ago by the High Priests of the wind and solar cult.

Attempt to point out the inevitable effect of sunset on solar output and/or calm weather on wind power output and you’ll be branded ‘heretic’, before you know it. You’ll be sent off to an education camp to be indoctrinated with wild tales about mythical mega-batteries, zero-cost pumped hydro, ‘green’ hydrogen and ‘green’ steel.

Most cultish ideas come with a cost; sometimes not so obvious, but others stick out like a dog’s reproductive jewels.

With the over generous Federal funded welfare benefits branded Jobkeeper (paid to people who had a job before the coronavirus lockdowns to sit home, eat pizza and watch Netflix) and Jobseeker (a beefed up dole payment given to people who didn’t have a job to sit home, eat pizza and watch Netflix) to end in March, those…

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