Impeachment: That’s Why D/S/Cs Remain Insane

Stately McDaniel Manor

For some five years, an epidemic of unprecedented virulence has stalked the land.  At least half the population has been susceptible to this contagion.  The symptoms have been striking: raging, uncontrollable hatred, leading to hypertension, paranoia, unreasonable fears, the utter destruction of emotional stability, and the complete collapse of ethical standards.  Those afflicted have been compelled to completely abandon moral and legal standards in the pursuit of the destruction of the object of their hatred and anyone or anything associated with it.  Simultaneously, while destroying every societal norm in the pursuit of their demons, they are compelled to accuse everyone else of doing the same.  Particularly noticeable has been a reaction, akin to that of a vampire confronted by a crucifix, to the Constitution, the rule of law, and any accountability for upholding either.  Uncontrollable verbal outbursts, such as: “racist,” “white supremacist,” “domestic terrorist,” Normal American,” “shut up,” and…

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