All Time High: Wind & Solar Obsession Triples Power Costs to German Industry & Domestic Prices Highest in Europe


In another ‘proof is in the pudding moment’, wind and solar obsessed Germans are now paying record prices for electricity. German households suffer the highest prices in Europe. And, over the last 20 years, the prices paid by German industry have almost tripled.

Faced with the choice between going broke or going elsewhere, Germany’s world-renowned high-tech businesses are opting for the latter course.  Despite all that ‘free’ energy Germans pay some of the highest electricity prices in the world at 38c/KWh. Whereas Singaporeans use natural gas and pay 18c/KWh. Needless to say, it’s Singapore that’s becoming the landing pad for German high-tech businesses hoping to survive.

NoTicks Zone has more on the inevitable consequences of our so-called ‘inevitable transition’.

Germans Spent “More Than Ever Before”…Consumer Electricity Costs Reach Record High In 2020
No Tricks Zone
Pierre Gosselin
3 March 2021

German online public broadcasting site ntv here reports how German consumers…

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