WSJ Editorial Board Rebukes Biden’s Job-Killing ‘Backdoor’ Scheme To Regulate CO2

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By Joseph Vazquez ~

The Wall Street Journal took a sledgehammer to a scheme by President Joe Biden’s administration to push job-killing climate regulations without congressional approval.

A new Journaleditorial exposed how “Democratic AGs, green groups and a top Biden environmental regulator are colluding on a plan to impose the Green New Deal on states through a back regulatory door because they know they can’t pass it through the front in Congress.”

As the editorial described it, “Climate activists have long sought to force CO2 emissions reductions under the Clean Air Act, but this has been tricky. The Supreme Court in Massachusetts v. EPA (2007) ruled that the law’s general definition of ‘pollutant’ covered greenhouse gases.” However, “the Court didn’t tell the [Environmental Protection Agency] how it should regulate CO2 under the law.”

The EPA has set National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) for six “‘criteria pollutant[s]’ known to directly harm…

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