Big Pharma Creates COVID Vaccination Wristbands To Help Speed Up Checkpoint Passage

Jim Campbell's

Comment by Jim Campbell

There certainly must be a better way to treat the world’s needs for COVID-19 than by force of the Biden handlers for Big Pharma to divulge their trade secrets.

For instance, have the companies currently manufacturing the vaccine along with other allied countries ramp up their production to meet world wide needs.

A search conducted while writing this article revealed that close to 80% were going after Big Pharma and vaccine makers, not mentioning safety and effectiveness but focused as expect on “The evil word, “PROFIT.”

May 7, 2021

Get the U.S. government involved in a scam like this one and there is bound to be additional chaos and failure.

Comrades, let it not be said the ministry of COVID compliance does not listen to the citizens. 

After considering the bad optics of armbands, due to negative historic references, the government is allowing the private sector…

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