PANIC! NYT Columnist Cries Dems ‘Have A Year To Save The Planet’

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By Joseph Vazquez ~

Does The New York Times ever get tired of pushing content that reeks of eco-extremism? Apparently not.

Times opinion columnist Farhad Manjoo published an absurd op-ed with a blaring headline, “Democrats Have a Year to Save the Planet.” His lede paragraph screeched that “[t]his could be the great turning point — an opportunity for the United States to finally take grand action to curb the worst effects of a climate barreling toward catastrophe.”

Manjoo (pictured at right) took a detour into the crazy by saying this was our “do-or-die” moment on climate and painted Democrats as the nation’s climate defenders. “This could be our do-or-die moment — with Democrats holding the White House and barely controlling Congress, this may be the country’s last best political opportunity to do something big on the climate.”

The second paragraph was an illustration of a fantasy he had about President…

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