Here it Comes — The Trashing Of CO2 Removal Technology…. BY THE LEFT!

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By Joe Bastardi~

I am taking some heat from people on my side because of my advocacy of a cheap way of getting co2 emissions down to 0. Its Chapter 14 of my book (De-Weaponizing the Real Battlefield) and I wrote about this here on CFACT, if you wish to re-read it:

And now its becoming apparent people seeing things my way are on to something. Why do I think this? Well, look what just came out of MIT.

Bingo, front row. Who has the most to lose if the combination of US agriculture, Nuclear power and an efficient point of generation carbon capture is put together?

1)An entire political agenda that advocates for the ending of the foundational values that made this nation great. ( Chapter 13 of my book: Political Weaponization)

2)Large technological and corporate interest who have invested in the kind of money that…

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