NY Times Is SO Disappointed In Trump Critic For Slamming Dems

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By Clay Waters ~

The New York Times’ lead National section story Monday found reporter Catie Edmondson disappointed in House Republican Nancy Mace of South Carolina, in “‘New Voice’ for G.O.P.Returns to the Party’s Fold – South Carolina congresswoman’s pivot reflects rank-and-file’s reluctance to challenge Trump.” The text box: “Instead of challenging party orthodoxy, leaning in to its more combative talking points.”

It’s typical liberal media behavior to show new respect for any Republican who criticizes their own party, only to sour on them when they again start towing the party line. Mace’s reversion to standard Republicanism was treated as a betrayal of sorts, worthy of full-page treatment.

Edmondson’s tone was consistently condescending throughout:

Representative Nancy Mace had just delivered the kind of red-meat remarks that would ordinarily thrill the Republican voters in attendance here on a recent sweltering evening, casually comparing liberal Democrats to terrorists…

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One Response to NY Times Is SO Disappointed In Trump Critic For Slamming Dems

  1. trutherator says:

    I’m disappointed in the silence from official Republicans about the Gestapo holding so many political prisoners. Solitary so they can’t talk to anybody to get any word out. Their lawyers too.

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