Power Outages And The Indian Point Closure: An “I Told You So” Event

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From the team at CFACT ~


A few days before the Indian Point nuclear plant was permanently shuttered on April 30 of this year, I warned New Yorkers to prepare for power outages this summer. The plant had provided one-fourth of NYC’s electricity. Shutting it down created a cavernous hole in electricity supplies, which have only been partially replaced with two new generating plants running on natural gas, supplied by pipelines that Governor Cuomo won’t allow to be built.

Two weeks ago, Mayor DeBlasio was urging New Yorkers to turn off their appliances – including their air conditioners – during a heatwave. He said, “Our electric system is dealing with real strains right now because of the severity of heat that we are experiencing today.” Meanwhile, in Phoenix, where the temperature routinely hits 120 degrees in summer and temperatures rarely fall below 90 degrees over the…

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