Solar Magnate Melone Challenges Big Wind

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ByDuggan Flanakin ~

We’re not going to let NIMBYism shut this [offshore wind] down – New Jersey Senate President Stephen Sweeney

Funny, isn’t it? Statists at the EPA can unilaterally decide to cripple the auto racing industry in the United States without even a public hearing.

Statists at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service can tell people they cannot use their property because of a salamander or a toad.

NIMBYism shuts down the Keystone Pipeline and takes thousands of jobs, billions in wages, and multiple billions in investment and lost benefits and throws them in the trash.

The fine for killing a bald eagle can be as high as half a million dollars – plus felony jail time. But wind turbines kill thousands of eagles, and hundreds of thousands of other birds and bats, and get away with no penalty at all because regulators enable them…

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