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Democrats Announce Carbon Border Tax to Raise Prices on Consumers.

It’s quite simple it’s all about single word, “Photosynthesis.”

Photosynthesis is the process in which all forms of life are dependent.

Without CO2 there is no photosynthesis.

Of Course it Is.

By Alexander Stevens, Institute For Energy Research.

August, 2021

Democratic lawmakers have devised a plan to impose a border tax on imported goods that is based on the exporting countries’ greenhouse gas emissions.

Although details are scarce, the New York Times ran an article Monday which provides a broad outline of the border tax explaining that it would “require companies that want to sell steel, iron, and other goods to the United States to pay a price for every ton of carbon dioxide that is emitted during their manufacturing processes.

If countries can’t or won’t do that, the United States could impose its…

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