Joe Biden Thinks Americans are Stupid and the President is a Saint » Eagle Rising

Joe Biden Thinks Americans are Stupid and the President is a Saint » Eagle Rising.


Joe Biden is a political animal. He has survived years of Washington, D.C. mostly thanks to the amount of B.S. that liberals seem willing to buy from him. For the last six years, the Obama administration has done their level best to shield Crazy Uncle Joe from the rest of America, and has mostly succeeded. However, they just can’t seem to keep him under wraps 100% of the time… and it is those times that we Americans learn the most about the Obama administration.

Well, Joe’s done it again… this time letting all of America know that the Obama Administration thinks America is filled with idiots.Image

“It’s complicated, so we shouldn’t be surprised that it’s complicated for people who have never thought they’d be able to have insurance. No matter how good the bargain is, it’s especially challenging for folks who are looking at it for the first time.  That’s why they’re so vulnerable. With patience and empathy, you look these people in the eye.  And the first thing you do is you calm them down. The first thing you do is let them know that there’s no reason to be embarrassed that it’s complicated.

How many people have you spoken to you can tell by the look on their face they’re almost embarrassed to asks you the questions, because they don’t want to feel stupid?”

Yep. You’re an idiot that cannot be trusted to figure out the difficult issues that are built into buying healthcare from the government.

Obamacare Before and AfterIs Joe Biden projecting? Does he really believe that most Americans would avoid Obamacare for fear of feeling unintelligent? “Hey, an unforeseen medical expense may cost me hundreds of thousands… but at least I won’t feel dumb asking someone how to answer this question!”

No, Joe.

The reason Americans hate Obamacare is because it needlessly makes healthcare exponentially more expensive while also adding in the impracticality of bureaucracy and the incompetence of government. Obamacare is a perfect storm of terrible – expensive, impractical and incompetent — and that’s why we don’t want it.

joe-biden-idiotDid you notice, though, that Biden grew even more ridiculous as the speech went along? At one point suggesting President Obama should be sainted for his patience.

“My boss, my friend Barack Obama, is an incredibly patient man. I suggested, after going through the first couple weeks, I would nominate him for sainthood …that he kept his patience.”


The President shoves Obamacare down our throats against our will and then fails to provide the proper oversight to make sure the program is a) rolled out properly and b) that it works. What Joe Biden apparently fails to recognize is that the Obamacare debacle would have never happened had President Obama not been a complete failure of an executive. The American people (who didn’t vote for Obama) are the ones who deserve sainthood! We’re the ones not revolting against the oppressive socialist regime of an incompetent leftist president who can’t even build a website properly. Worse, he can’t even spend millions to order someone else to build a website properly!BidenMoron

So no, Joe, we’re not stupid and your boss doesn’t deserve sainthood.

You’ve got it backwards.

Your boss is an idiot, and we deserve to be sainted for having to put up with his uselessness.

Why Government Does Not Function – Tea Party Nation

Why Government Does Not Function – Tea Party Nation.

By Alan Caruba

Do you have the feeling that we no longer have government from the federal to the local level that is able to function because of vast volumes of laws and regulations that have made it impossible to do anything from build a bridge to run a nursing home? If so, you’re right. The nation is falling behind others who do a better job by permitting elected and appointed officials to actually make decisions. We are living in a nation where lawsuits follow every decision to accomplish anything.

This is the message of Philip K. Howard in a book that everyone concerned for the future of America should read; “The Rule of Nobody: Saving America from Dead Laws and Broken Government” ($23.95, W.W. Norton).

It explains why we can elect a Representative or Senator, send him or her to Washington, D.C. and still see no progress. Instead, we get the Affordable Care Act—Obamacare—that began as a 2,700-page law that has already metastasized into regulations that, stacked up, stand seven feet tall! And more on the way. It has destroyed the healthcare insurance industry and is destroying the U.S. healthcare system.

“The missing element in American government could hardly be more basic. No official has authority to make a decision. Law has crowded out the ability to be practical or fair,” says Howard. “It’s a progressive disease. As law grows to fill the vacuum, the wheels of government go slower every year.”

Howard points to a variety of problems that nation is encountering. “America’s electrical grid is out of date—transformers, on average, are about forty years old, and not digitized.” As vital and essential as the grid is to all life in America, “there’s no active plan to rebuild America’s electrical grid. The main reason is that government cannot make the decisions needed to approve it.”

Citing proposals that would allow the Bayonne Bridge to permit the new generation of large container ships clearance that would enable the Port of Newark to remain competitive, it took three years for environmental reviews to clear the project, but as Howard notes, “the average length of environmental review for highway projects, according to a study by the Regional Plan Association, is over eight years.” Eight years!

“Government on legal autopilot,” says Howard, “doesn’t have a chance of achieving solvency. In 2010, 70 percent of federal tax revenue was consumed by three entitlement programs—Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security—that don’t even come up for annual congressional authorization.”

Americans are in general agreement that Big Government is a big problem, but did you know that more than twenty million people work for federal, state and local government—or one in seven workers in America. Their salaries and benefits total more than $1.5 trillion of taxpayer funding each year or about ten percent of the Gross Domestic Product. Cities in America are declaring bankruptcy because they cannot afford the retirement and other benefits that their employees receive. State budgets are comparably weighed down.

We read about the often incomprehensible results and costs of the legal system affecting all levels of government. “Up and down the chain of social responsibility, responsible people do not feel free to make sensible decisions,” says Howard. “Everything is too complicated: rules in the workplace, rights in the classroom, and machinations in government. We’re bogged down in bureaucracy, pushed around by lawsuits, and unable to steer out of economic and cultural storms.”

“The point of regulation, we seem to have forgotten, is to make sure things work in a crowded society.”

What is forgotten or never learned is that there are elements of risk in everything we do. Trying to legislate risk out of our lives only leaves us with millions of rules that make it impossible to function intelligently in business, in schools, in hospitals and nursing homes, and everywhere else. It eliminates swings and seesaws from playgrounds out of fear of lawsuits.

“America is losing its soul,” says Howard. “Instead of creating legal structures that support our values, Americans are abandoning our values in deference to the bureaucratic structures.” Too often, decisions made by elected officials or reflected referendums voted upon by the public have been taken over by the court system in which judges now feel free to decide these matters. The response was a growing objection to “judicial activism.” Now even the judges are distrusted.

Howard’s book explains why America is in trouble and offers recommendations to put it on the right path again. If it is ignored, the America into which I was born more than seven decades ago will not be around or livable for the next generation or two of Americans.

© Alan Caruba, 2014

Why won’t the GOP repeal Obamacare? (and how they could) – Tea Party Nation

Why won’t the GOP repeal Obamacare? (and how they could) – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips

Just in case anyone has any doubts, the Republican Establishment in the House has pretty much less than zero interest in repealing Obamacare. 


There is a reason why there have been over fifty meaningless votes in the House of Representatives to defund or repeal Obamacare, yet when the real opportunity came to do something about Obamacare, the Republican leadership fled like vampires fleeing sunlight.


Why isn’t the GOP interested in repealing Obamacare and how could it be done?


There are several reasons why the GOP isn’t serious about repealing Obamacare.  Under the feckless leadership of House Speaker John Boehner and Majority Leader Eric Cantor, the GOP has been afraid of its shadow.   The Tea Party gave the GOP its majority in 2010 but the GOP has been running from the Tea Party ever since then. 


The House Republican leadership is totally in the pocket of the Chamber of Commerce and big business.  The Chamber and big business are making war on the middle class. 


There was a point when big business stood up for the middle class.  After all, the middle class is the group that purchases most of the goods and services big business produces.  But in their quest for ever increasing profits, big business came upon a solution.


The single largest cost item for every business is wages and benefits.  American workers have come to expect the American full time job. It is 40 hours a week and it comes with benefits, including paid vacation and health insurance. 


Obamacare is the excuse big business needs to start slashing wages.  Because of Obamacare, it is creating an incentive to go to more part time workers and these are part time jobs without benefits.  One of the single largest costs employers bear is health insurance.  With Obamacare, businesses see the opportunity to transfer that cost from the business to the government.  With amnesty, another major agenda item for the Chamber and big business, wages from the low income through the professional ranks will be slashed. 


For the Chamber and big business, it will be more profits until they realize they have killed the golden goose.  Without the middle class, no one will buy the expensive consumer product that are sold. Many Americans suffering through the Great Obama Depression are already seeing houses and new cars float out of the realm of possibility for them. 


If the middle class is crushed, which is essentially what the Chamber and big business want to do, then there will be no purchasing class and eventually big business will collapse as well.


There is a simple way to repeal Obamacare.  It could be done this year because it plays to the weaknesses of government.  Elected officials like to kick a crisis down the road.


All conservatives in Congress need to do is attach a provision to a must pass bill that says, “Unless reauthorized by Congress, the Affordable Care Act shall be repealed on November 1, 2016.”


This is a sunset provision and it should be required in every law enacted.


Obamacare is incredibly unpopular and it was designed to fail.  The conservatives in the House should force the leadership to add this to a must pass bill and then let’s have that vote on reauthorizing Obamacare right before a Presidential election.


The real question here is do the Republicans have the courage to listen to their base or will they continue to listen to the crony socialists that have all but destroyed the Republican Party?

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Posted by Virginia Gomez

Here’s the (hidden govt pdf) form for opting out of ObamaCare…

Print it and submit it!
Right NOW! (fill it out, too, of course)

(BTW, God Bless & Thanks …to Herman Cain)

By Dan Calabrese Thursday, March 13, 2014

We told you yesterday that the Wall Street Journal uncovered a new administrative rule by which HHS is quietly making it possible for just about anyone to opt out of ObamaCare’s individual mandate just by claiming a hardship. Today, Kathleen Sebelius confirms it to the WSJ, although she characteristically tries to pretend it’s nothing new.

Anyway, after we ran yesterday’s piece we heard from a lot of you, wanting to know how to get the form that allows you to opt out of it. Kudos to Sarah for tracking it down from deep in the bowels of the federal goverment’s web maze.

Opting out requires you to claim a hardship, and as you’ll see, they don’t require much in the way of proof. It appears they established this administrative rule to give themselves cover so they could argue they’re not forcing people into expenditures they can’t afford. But they don’t really want it widely known because they don’t want too many people taking advantage of it, since they’re having enough trouble getting people to sign up for ObamaCare as it is.

Let’s foil that plan.
The official goal of is to see everyone in America opt out of ObamaCare.
So go get that form and make it happen, America!

Can America Survive Obama? – Tea Party Nation

Can America Survive Obama? – Tea Party Nation.

By Alan Caruba

cartersuckedAfter a series of events that continue the decline of America’s global reputation along with increasing questions about the level of Obama administration corruption within the Internal Revenue Service, these and other factors lead inevitably to the question of whether America can survive Barack Hussein Obama.

By March 12, a Wall Street Journal/NBC news poll indicated that Obama’s popularity had declined to an all-time low with 48% approval versus 54% disapproval. This is unchanged from December when the Obamacare rollout dominated the news. The rate of disapproval among Democrats stands at 20%.

The question of survival might sound absurd under normal circumstances, but there has not been anything “normal” about Obama’s first term in which he lied repeatedly to Americans to secure the passage of the Affordable Care Act—Obamacare—and then claimed that what he and Congressional Democrats said was an inadvertent misstatement of the facts. His namesake legislation has been a disaster from the beginning. Nothing about it works and it costs more while destroying the healthcare insurance system.

And he has continued to lie to the point where anyone above the age of five has concluded that nothing he says can be trusted. So, if he weren’t President, he could be fired, but he can’t. He can be impeached, but he won’t because Republicans tried that with Bill Clinton and it failed. So that leaves only the forthcoming November midterm elections as a means to curb his further destruction of the economy and all other aspects of life in America.

It is useful to keep in mind that Americans have survived bad times, from the long Revolutionary War to the Civil War through many financial crises and, of course, the Great Depression in the last century. In these and other hard times, many suffered, but the nation was sustained.

ImageI know the headlines out of Wall Street continue to be good. The bankers and the investment crowd know how to turn a dollar, but there are scores of opinion pieces saying that the collapse of the dollar is eminent or that another financial crisis like the one in 2008 is just around the corner. For the record, the banks that survived that crisis, the ones that were “too big to fail”, were not only bailed out with taxpayer dollars, but paid it back and thereafter enjoyed enormous profits thanks to a Federal Reserve that charged no interest on the money it loans them.

On March 6, Wall Street Journal columnist Daniel Henninger opined that “Putin Carterizes Obama, Totally.”  I remember Jimmy Carter mostly for the lines I had to wait in to get gas for my car. Then there was the seizure of American diplomats in Tehran, Iran in 1979.  Every day since then the Iranians wake up crying out “Death to America. Death to Israel” and they mean it. So with whom is Barack Obama and his idiot Secretary of State, John Kerry, “negotiating”? The same Iranians. You know, the ones who were shipping dozens of Syrian-made surface-to-surface rockets to the Palestinians in Gaza until the Israelis boarded the ship in the Red Sea last week and put a stop to that.

What makes me ask the question about survival is the way the ideologies that Obama believes—Communism, Islam, and his ability to influence other nations—blind him to reality. Thinking that diplomacy will get the Iranians to stop their quest to build their own nuclear weapons isn’t just stupid, it’s insane.

obama- defending constitution laughingIt’s the same with his views of Russia and its president, Vladimir Putin. Having “re-set” the former Cold War relationship with Russia, Obama has just discovered that Putin has not. Given the political turmoil in Ukraine, Putin did what all of his predecessors did for hundreds of years; he decided to take control of the Crimea. Why not? Russia has essential shipping ports there and some airfields. The Crimea was part of Russia for hundreds of years. Putin knows that Obama will not go to war over these events. He wouldn’t even take on Syria when it used poison gas.

While Russian troops were moving into Crimea, the President had his Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel, announce reductions in the Pentagon budget that would reduce our military power to pre-World War Two days. Last week, China announced it was going to increase its military budget 12.2% within a week or so of the U.S. announcement it was reducing its military budget to pre-World War Two levels.

Obama’s weakness and his policies that weaken America economically and militarily have not gone unnoticed around the world.

It’s hard to win wars with stateless fascist Muslims that call themselves al Qaeda and other names. Throughout the Middle East, despite their increase in numbers, the states there are trying to fight them. The Taliban will regain Afghanistan about a week after we leave while Egypt has allied with Russia after Obama backed the Muslim Brotherhood. A third of Iraq is now controlled by al Qaeda. Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates just withdrew its ambassadors from Qatar that backs al Qaeda, the home to al Jazeera, the television channel.

At home the Environmental Protection Agency continues to play havoc with the economy and, in particular, our need for electricity with its “war on coal.” It is undertaking a regulatory storm to control all aspects of our lives.

The question of whether America can survive Obama is not inconsequential.

He’s all for same-sex marriage, the legalizing of marijuana, and forcing people to violate their strong moral and religious convictions. He keeps talking about jobs but there are millions unemployed and millions on government welfare programs. The nation’s economy has gotten worse since Obama was elected in 2008 to fix it. And he prefers to rely on executive orders than to work with Congress.

Elections have consequences. Let’s hope the voters keep that in mind in November.

© Alan Caruba, 2014

Relentless Global Warming “Scientists” Continue Their Scams – Tea Party Nation

Relentless Global Warming “Scientists” Continue Their Scams – Tea Party Nation.

By Alan Caruba

A5r34ADCUAIPhJ5.jpg largeDespite the growing worldwide recognition that global warming—now called climate change—is a hoax and that the Earth has been in a cooling cycle going on seventeen years, those most responsible for it continue to put forth baseless “science” about it.

The hoax has its base in the United Nations which is home to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and got its start with the Kyoto Protocol in 1997 that went into force in 2005. It limits “greenhouse gas” emissions, primarily carbon dioxide (CO2). It purports that the gases are warming the Earth and many nations signed on to reduce them. The U.S. did not and in 2011 Canada withdrew from it. Europe is suffering economically from the billions it invested in “alternative energy” sources, wind and solar power.

Five years ago, emails between a group of the United Kingdom’s University of East Anglia scientists and others who were generating computer models that “proved” global warming were revealed. It was quickly dubbed “climategate” for the way the emails demonstrated the manipulation of data claiming that global warming was real. They had good reason to be worried, given the natural cooling cycle the Earth has entered, but of even greater concern was the potential loss of enormous amounts of money they were receiving for their deception.

A4zPva2CUAEMN1a.jpg largeTo date, not one of theirs and other computer models “proving” global warming have been accurate.

On Wednesday, March 10, The Wall Street Journal published an article, “Scientists Say Four New Gases Threaten the Ozone.”  It reported on the latest effort of “scientists” at the United Kingdom’s University of East Anglia and it is no coincidence that the university was the center for the original IPCC data created to introduce and maintain the global warming hoax.

“Traces of four previously undetected man-made gases have been discovered in the atmosphere, where they are endangering Earth’s protective ozone layer, a team of scientists from six countries reported Sunday.” Trace gases are those that are less than 1% of the Earth’s atmosphere. CO2, for example, represents a meager 0.038% of the atmosphere and represents no impact whatever on the Earth’s climate, but is vital to all life on Earth because it is the “food” for all vegetation.

“The gases are of the sort that are banned or being phased out under a global treaty to safeguard the high altitude blanket of ozone that protects the planet from dangerous ultraviolet radiation, experts said.” These “experts” failed to mention that everywhere above the Earth’s active volcanoes the ozone is naturally affected by their massive natural discharge of various gases. The oceans routinely absorb and discharge CO2 to maintain a balance. The bans included the gas used primarily in air conditioners and for refrigeration. It has since been replaced.

Another gas that was banned is a byproduct of chemicals called pyrethroids that “are often used in household insecticides.” Banning insecticides is a great way of reducing the Earth’s population as insects spread diseases and destroy property. Ironically, termites produce massive amounts of carbon dioxide.

cartersuckedThe means used to detect the gases included comparing “the atmosphere today to old air trapped in annual layers of Greenland snow” and they also studied “air collected by high altitude research aircraft and by sensors aboard routine passenger jet flights around the world.” Not mentioned is the fact that the Earth has had higher amounts of CO2 in earlier times which posed no threat to it, so a few trace gases hardly represent a “threat.”

This kind of questionable “science” was practiced by one of the most well-known of the East Anglia scientists, an American scientist named Michael Mann, who used tree ring data to prove a massive, sudden increase in CO2 in his “hockey stick” graph that has since been debunked by skeptical scientists.

Mann has brought a libel law suit against columnist Mark Steyn, the National Review and the Competitive Enterprise Institute, charging defamation. Such suits cost a lot of money and Robert Tracinski, writing in Real Clear Politics in February noted that “it’s interesting that no one asks who is going to go bankrupt funding Mann’s lawsuit. Who is insuring Mann against this loss?”

Tracinski pointed out that “It is libel to maliciously fabricate facts about someone” but that it is “legal for me, for example, to say that Michael Mann is a liar, if I don’t believe his erroneous scientific conclusions are the product of honest error. It is also legal for me to say that he is a coward and a liar, for hiding behind libel laws in an attempt to suppress criticism.” The East Anglia emails revealed that they were doing whatever they could to suppress the publication of studies that disputed global warming in various science journals.

endthelieHow specious is this latest announcement about trace gases that they assert are a threat to the ozone layer? An atmospheric chemist, Johannes Laube of the East Anglia group making the announcement, was quoted as saying “We are not able to pinpoint any sources” for the trace gases. “We are not able to point a finger.”

The objective of the announcement is the same as the creation of the entire global warming hoax. It provides the basis for the transfer of funds between developed and undeveloped nations and would grant greater power to the United Nations to reduce the world’s manufacturing base while endangering and controlling the lives of everyone on Earth.

Is the latest “research” a lie? The data it cites has some basis in fact, but those facts are an excuse, like those cited about greenhouse gases, to frighten nations into wasting billions on climate threats that do not exist. The real threats remain climate events over which mankind never has and never will have any control.

© Alan Caruba, 2014

Democrat Climate Caucus Reveals Its Stupidity – Tea Party Nation

Democrat Climate Caucus Reveals Its Stupidity – Tea Party Nation.

By Alan Caruba

The nation seems to be passing through a period in which too many U.S. Senators have been elected without so much as a high school level understanding of what drives the Earth’s climate and it isn’t the 0.038% of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere.b1-end-is-nigh-ah_s160x216

On Monday, March 10, some twenty of them will stay up overnight on the Senate floor, according to The Hill, “to bring attention to the impacts of climate change.”  You don’t get more idiotic than that. Climate, measured in decades and centuries, is always in a state of change. Meanwhile, the weather anywhere in the nation, determined by the changing seasons and responsive only to short-range forecasts, has turned colder thanks to a cooling cycle that is now into its 17th year.

Giving speeches all night in the Senate will not change that, but Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) has partnered with Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA) to announce a new “climate change caucus” when you can ask any of the million unemployed Americans what the Senate’s real priority should be.

Sen. Whitehouse seems to think that a winter storm that causes “little summer cottages (be) washed into the sea” makes the non-existent issue of climate change “a bit personal.”  Does this moron take rain or snow storms personally? When the sun rises in the morning, does he think it does so just for him?

Democrats are so afraid of the political fallout from the devastation of Obamacare and the lies told to support it that they are desperate to divert voter’s attention to anything else and climate change rates higher than having to discuss why we are still in a major recession after one full term by President Obama and the first year of his second. So, between now and the midterm elections in November, they will engage in all manner of theatrics to stay in office.

Thank goodness we have men like Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK) in office. For a long time now he has been on record calling climate change—formerly called global warming—“a hoax.”  When he takes a head count, he finds “fewer and fewer members of the United States Senate that are sympathetic to this whole cause.”

Behind the climate change “cause” falsehoods is the intention to impose fees on all aspects of American business and industry that emit carbon dioxide. Sen. Whitehouse wants to force up the cost of energy by making the larger emitters pay for doing what volcanoes do—emit CO2. In addition, all of the Earth’s living creatures do that as well. Congress has defeated 692 similar bills.

myworkSen. Whitehouse and his climate caucus are depending heavily on the 30% or so voters who still think that global warming is real. To some extent you can’t blame them. They were taught that in school and college. They read and hear that it is real in the news media every day. As of today, however, not one high school graduate has lived in a period of global warming.

And what is the rest of the world supposed to think when both British Royal Society and the U.S. National Academy of Sciences have just released a report, “Climate Change: Evidence & Causes” that is a rejection and abandonment of the most fundamental values of science.  The report asserts that “Continued emissions of these gases (CO2) and other greenhouse gases will cause further climate change, including substantial increases in global average surface temperatures and important changes in regional climate.”  Tom Harris, the executive director of the International Climate Science Coalition, responded saying the report “does a serious disservice to science and society.”  And that is an understatement. “This is not the language of science…it is appalling that two of the world’s foremost science bodies should engage in such unconditional rhetoric.” Not to mention that it is an outright lie.

cartoongwcausesstuffSo, while the twenty or so desperate Democrats gather all night, keep in mind that (1) there has been no global warming since 1997, (2) more than 31,000 scientists have signed a petition saying humans are not causing global warming, (3) Arctic ice is up 50% since 2012, and (4) every one of the climate computer models predicting warmth has been wrong over and over again.

Find out if one of those Senators is from your State and is up for reelection in November. Then vote him or her out of office and replace them with a candidate who wants smaller government, less spending, and demonstrates a devotion to both the truth and the U.S. Constitution.

© Alan Caruba, 2014

EPA Attacks Prospect of World’s Largest Copper Mine – Tea Party Nation

EPA Attacks Prospect of World’s Largest Copper Mine – Tea Party Nation.

By Alan Caruba

I could write every day about some new obscene Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) effort to thwart energy the nation needs, forcing the shutdown more coal-fired plants and the mines that supply them. Goodbye thousands of jobs, goodbye electrical energy.  The White House has delayed the construction of the Keystone Xl pipeline to transmit oil from Canada to the U.S. Gulf Coast.

Do you wonder, still, why there are millions of Americans out of work or who have stopped looking because every effort to build the nation’s economy is attacked by some element of the Obama Administration.

We can now add another attack on natural resources because the EPA has announced its intention to restrict, if not prohibit, the development of Pebble Mine in Alaska. The mine could be one of the world’s largest sources of copper.

Beyond the economic benefits the mine would create, it would not only produce copper, but strategic metals like molybdenum and rhenium. Daniel McGroarty, the president of the American Resources Policy Network, noted in a July Wall Street Journal opinion that these two metals “are essential to countless American manufacturing, high-tech, and national security applications.”

Copper is one of the most important minerals used today because it is a good conductor of heat and electricity—second only to silver in electrical conductivity. It was discovered thousands of years ago in prehistoric times. Methods for refining copper from its ores were developed around 5,000 CE and, though too soft for many tools, when mixed with other metals, the resulting alloys were harder. The entire Bronze Age owes its name to the mixture of copper and tin. Brass is a mixture of copper and zinc.

McGroarty pointed out that “The irony here is that renewable-energy industries that environmentalists champion, like solar and wind, rely heavily on copper. More than three tons of it are needed for a single industrial wind turbine.” Solar panels depend on copper as well. And electric cables, usually made of copper, transmit the energy these two favored “renewable energy” sources. Together, though, they represent less than 3% of the electricity generated.

Expecting environmental groups to make any sense or even to tell the truth is a waste of time. The Pebble Mine is opposed by the Natural Resources Defense Council, Earthworks, and Trout Unlimited. The EPA claims to have researched the environmental impact of the Alaskan mine and concluded that it poses a serious risk to the salmon fisheries and native tribes in the Bristol Bay area.

EPA research is so wretchedly flawed that the Agency is still insisting that carbon dioxide (CO2) is responsible for “global warming” even though the Earth entered a new cooling cycle around 1996. None of the children born since then has ever spent a day experiencing any warming.

The EPA has been engaged in its own interpretation of the Clean Air and Clear Water Acts. The Supreme Court, which erroneously ruled that CO2 was a “pollutant” in April 2007—it is vital to all life on Earth, providing for the growth of all vegetation—has just heard oral arguments for a case that could further ruin the nation’s economy. Environmental groups and the Obama administration argued that the EPA has the authority to require that power plants and other industrial facilities must get permits to emit carbon dioxide and other so-called greenhouse gases even though they have no effect at all on the Earth’s climate.

I often wonder why most Americans are so clueless about global warming. AKA climate change, and the rape of the nation’s economy by the EPA.

So we can anticipate that, when the partnership of those seeking to open the Pebble Mine does apply for a permit, we already know that the EPA will reject it. Gina McCarthy, the current EPA administrator, has already made that clear. You can be sure that the EPA’s “research” has predetermined that outcome.

That’s not science. That’s just more environmental lies.

Those lies are a large component of why the nation is enduring an economic stalemate that is beginning to look like the next Great Depression. Those lies will try to stop the Pebble Mine and shut down more coal-fired plants. Those lies are the reason why so many potential new industrial and business enterprises are not being created.

© Alan Caruba, 2014

INFORMATION for Those who STILL have the Nerve to Support OBAMACARE – Tea Party Nation

INFORMATION for Those who STILL have the Nerve to Support OBAMACARE – Tea Party Nation.

Why are some politicians bringing pressure against TV networks to REFUSE running this story specifically, or any of the countless similar ones?


You should be able to answer my question after watching the video, and then reading the 4 points below.

Four points you should read, after you’ve seen the 1 minute video above

1. Julie is one of hundreds (thousands?) from amongst the 5 million or so who have so far had their existing policies cancelled, who are now in a situation where they must choose between their own deaths, or depriving their children of an inheritance, or a college education, or many other things.

2.  This has NOT resulted because of “heartless, greedy” insurance companies’ decisions.  The ACA law PROHIBITS the renewal of some policies, BY LAW.    It became ILLEGAL to renew Julie’s policy beyond January of 2014.  This is why ALL of those 5 million policies were cancelled.

3.  The Admin has postponed the effective date of the “employer mandate” for 1 year.  (This, BTW, is illegal.   The president is NOT legally permitted to alter any law in any way  he wishes, based on his own opinions or political aspirations.  A law passed by  Congress and signed by the Pres can only be changed if Congress votes to amend the law.    If a Pres had the power to change, add, delete, or in any way alter a duly passed law to make it conform to his personal desires or preferences, then the USA would be a de facto dictatorship, run entirely by a single man, ALL of whose laws were the product of a single man’s wishes.)   The reason for the 1-year (illegal) postponement of the “employer’s mandate” provision of Obamacare is to prevent the MAJORITY of the American public from realizing that the IDENTICAL problem will confront them — until Obamacare has had an extra year to become so entrenched, and to cause the destruction of such a huge portion of our medical infrastructure such as hospital closures, doctors’ early retirements, etc., that it  will have become almost impossibe to repeal that atrocity.   Estimates of how many people will have their insurance poliicies cancelled a  year from now are centered around 80 million plus.   These are NOT the estimates of politically motivated sources, but of the independent Congressional Budget Office, various private estimates from insurance companies AND other sectors of the medical profession, AND THEY DOVETAIL WITH THE ESTIMATES OF OBAMA’S OWN HEALTH CARE ADVISORS WHO TOLD HIM 3 YEARS AGO, WHEN THE BILL WAS PASSED, THAT 40% TO 75% OF AMERICANS WOULD FORCIBLY LOSE THEIR EXISTING INSURANCE COVERAGE UNDER THE OBAMACARE LAW.   This last is the reason why you have heard so much about Obama’s blatantly outrageous LIES for over 3 years, repeated on OVER 30 VIDEOTAPED OCCASIONS that ” . . . you can keep your policy, PERIOD.   If you like your doctors, you can keep your doctors, PERIOD”  when HE KNEW ALL ALONG that this was A TOTAL FALSEHOOD.  Julie’s case is one amongst MANY THOUSANDS drawn from the 5 million who had their policies forcibly cancelled, by law.   How many more will there be next year, when 80 MILLION MORE AMERICANS — 16 TIMES as many — RECEIVE NOTICES OF CANCELLATION OF THEIR MEDICAL COVERAGE?

4.   Disbelieve the above if you prefer living in the Twilight Zone.    As Obamacare has been gradually implemented EVERY SINGLE ONE of the issues raised by its critics which has  so far been resolved, has proven the law’s critics were AT LEAST  100% correct — I say “at least” because in most cases, the reality has proven EVEN WORSE than the law’s harshest critics envisioned.   Every single rebuttal by the Administration or others supporting the ACA law, has proven to be FALSE — either dead wrong or a PROVEN lie. 
It is now PROVEN that NOT ONLY did the President himself KNOWINGLY AND INTENTIONALLY lie, but so did EVERY SINGLE DEMOCRAT IN THE HOUSE AND SENATE.    Leaked documents  WHICH HAVE BEEN ACKNOWLEDGED TO BE  REAL AND WHICH HAVE BEEN APOLOGIZED FOR IN PUBLIC (though as quietly as possible!!) revealed that the Admin had met EARLY ON with ALL Dems in Congress and FULLY INFORMED THEM as to the estimates of THE ADMIN’S OWN ADVISORS about the MASSIVE coverage cancellations — 40% to 75% of all policies — that were destined to occur, by force of the new law when it was implemented.   All Democrat legislators were effectively warned that they would have to deny this and lie through their teeth to their constituents if they expected to be re-elected. They made their choices. They lied through their teeth. Every single one of them.  

As you may know, the law was passed on an extraordinarily partisan vote, with virtually every single Democrat and NOT ONE Republican voting for it.   The Republicans were 100% against Obamacare even without having the damning inside information (see above paragraph) about it which the Administration had.    ONLY DEMOCRATS VOTED FOR the bill, and then, WHILE KNOWING OF THE MASSIVE HARM IT WOULD DO, THEY LIED ABOUT IT FOR THE NEXT 3 YEARS.    EVERY SINGLE DEMOCRAT IN CONGRESS DID HIS BEST TO DUPE THE AMERICAN  PEOPLE KNOWINGLY AND INTENTIONALLY INTO BELIEVING A LIE.   EVERY SINGLE ONE.  NOT ONE DEMOCRAT TOLD US THE TRUTH, THOUGH EVERY ONE OF THEM UNQUESTIONABLY KNEW IT.  

So dear Obamacare supporter. . . go ahead and believe what you hear from them now: promises that they can fix Obamacare, but the Republicans are interfering with their ability to do so.  Yeah, right.   Go  ahead and believe the desperate men(?) and women(?) of the Democratic Party who lied thru their teeth to you, and now that their lies have been exposed, are desperately afraid you might withhold your vote from them.  Go ahead and DISBELIEVE the people who told you the unvarnished truth without exception, because you think they have turned into liars now.   

Go ahead and be a smart, loyal party-line voter, and help your Party kill countless numbers of  your friends and neighbors.   Gosh what integrity you have, to stick to your political religion’s principles even when if involves mass murder, kinda like the loyal Nazis who were only following their leaders with such extreme loyalty as yours.

It will soon enough also be demonstrated in the real world that Obamacare CANNOT be “fixed” any more that you can “fix” the problem that  3 eggs plus 2 eggs will not be able to provide you  with the dozen you are wishing for. At that time I sincerely hope Obamacare hasn’t killed you yet, so you wlll still have time to become enlightened before it does, assuming (1) that you have more than half a brain and (2) that you have managed to develop a particle of human character between now and then.

Stupid, Evil or Both? – Tea Party Nation

Stupid, Evil or Both? – Tea Party Nation.

By Alan Caruba

For a long time now I have been trying to determine whether the Obama administration is stupid, evil or both. In addition to its long list of scandals, its governance of America increasingly looks like and acts as if the power granted to it by two elections exists to intimidate and harass Americans, inflict endless new taxes, and granted it the right to destroy one of the best healthcare systems and military in the world.

Listening to President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry constantly talk about the non-existent threat of global warming/climate change is both stupid and evil. There is no global warming. The Earth has been in a cooling cycle for some seventeen years at this point and the supposed “science” they cite—that carbon dioxide emissions will heat the Earth—is utterly bogus, based entirely on computer models that have been wrong from the day the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change were first used.

In a recent article in Forbes magazine, James Taylor, editor of The Heartland Institute’s Environment and Climate News, noted that “More than 30,000 scientists have signed a summary of the science explaining why humans are not creating a global warming crisis.” He cites several other surveys that confirm that neither scientists nor the public regard global warming/climate change to be a concern.

What should be a major concern, however, is the way the Obama administration has transformed the Internal Revenue Service into an agency to thwart conservative groups from receiving non-profit status to advance their views. The Environmental Protection Agency has been let loose to generate all manner of regulations whose intent is to shut down coal-fired plants that produce electricity and deny the ability to build new ones. The amount of electricity that is being produced from these plants has dropped significantly from the 50% it once was.

The passage of the Affordable Health Care Act—Obamacare—is wreaking havoc on the economy and is the result of the lies told by the President and many Democratic members of Congress who voted for it without even reading it. The nation is suffering from losses of jobs and the reduction of full-time jobs to part-time. Americans are losing their healthcare plans and Obamacare plans have far higher premiums. Individuals and businesses who fail to sign up for one face fines.

This is worse than stupid. It is evil. It is a deliberate attack on the nation’s economic growth, rendering an estimated 100 million Americans without employment and forcing millions to apply for food stamps in order to put food on the table.

While the lies are evil, the stupidity of those like former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is demonstrated by things she has said in recent years.

“It’s almost a false argument to say we have a spending problem.”  The nation has a huge borrowing and spending problem that currently adds up to more than $17 trillion in debt. Federal spending (25% of the Gross Domestic Product) is the highest since World War II as is the budget deficit (10% of GDP). The U.S. suffered the first downgrade in its credit rating in its history.

The administration’s “stimulus” program wasted billions on alternative energy companies that often filed for bankruptcy shortly thereafter. The promise of “green jobs” was as specious as “shovel ready” jobs that even the President admitted did not exist. Nancy Pelosi said at the time that “Every month that we do not have an economic recovery package 500 million Americans lose their jobs” but the U.S. population is currently around 317 million total!

This goes well beyond just stupidity. Obama’s, Pelosi’s, Biden’s and other administration member’s statements have been a consistent record of lies and that is evil.

When Obama took office in 2009 America was still regarded as the leading nation in the world in the arena of foreign affairs, but in the years since then nations and non-state enemies such as al Qaeda have concluded that it has demonstrated not just weakness, but dangerous stupidity as seen in its current efforts to negotiate with Iran to cease its quest of nuclear weapons. To this day its leaders still lead chants of “Death to America” and to our only true ally in the Mideast, Israel.

Claims that al Qaeda had been defeated were also false as it and other Islamic radical groups expand their activities.

One can barely find any evidence that the Obama administration has shown any success domestically or in foreign affairs and we still have three more years of it to endure.

The only hope at present is the forthcoming November midterm elections and, if power in the Senate can be acquired by the Republican Party and expanded in the House, efforts to thwart the deliberate destruction of the nation can be enacted. We have been living with a President who has refused to negotiate with Congress and with a Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, who has blocked debates and votes on any of the legislation initiated in the House.

The nation is just months away from either further decline or a reversal of policies that are either stupid or evil or both.

© Alan Caruba, 2014


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