Give Me One Generation Of Your Children And I’ll Transform Your Country

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Education is local and it is the one area I believe that we the people can have control… The Florida Citizens Alliance in 2017, helped get a bill passed CS989, that gives any Florida resident the right to challenge the texts for accuracy, bias, errors and omissions. Does your state have a bill like that?    Having that bill is only good if you use it.
The simplest solution is to not allow your children to spend another 15.5 mille seconds in one of those Mandatory Government Propaganda Camps. Think homeschooling. — jtl, 419
by Karen Schoen via News With Views

“Give me just one generation of youth, and I’ll transform the whole world.” —Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

“Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.” —Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

“Destroy the family, you destroy the country. The way to crush…

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FBI defies subpoena for docs on its raid on Uranium One whistleblower

Socialism is not the Answer

American Thinker

By Thomas Lifson

The Deep State now is publicly baring its fangs at us, laughing at ineffective attempts to hold it accountable for abuse and worse.  I hate to be alarmist, but we have police agencies misbehaving and then destroying the evidence and refusing to cooperate with constitutional oversight functions.  Just in the last couple of days, we have learned that critical form 302 records were altered months after they were first created regarding the FBI interview upon which General Michael Flynn was prosecuted.  And we learned that the Special Counsel’s Office of Robert Mueller scrubbed access to the text messages of Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, the texting blabbermouths who revealed the D.S. “insurance policy” in the event Trump won the presidency.

And now we know that the FBI is flouting a congressional subpoena for documents that would explain why it raided the home of a whistleblower in the Uranium…

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Are Chuck and Nancy in Violation for the Oath They Swore when Taking their Oath of Office

Jim Campbell's

By Jim Campbell

December 15, 2018

Laura Ingram nails the immigration issue.

We owe nothing to those who want to enter our country particularly those who want to do so illegally.

This is one of the current cards progressive Democrats are playing.

President Trump has the solution for them below.

Of course this should surprise no one in that their grip on the U.S. Constitution is tenuous, think of it as trying to cross between two buildings at a hundred feet while the wind is howling and it’s starting to rain.

As Trump has learned it’s tough dealing with the feebly entrenched minds of the progressive/ Democrats.

Will they ever develop an agenda on which they can run?

Don’t bet on it.


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Hating The President Is Not a Strategy, As Bill Kristol Just Learned


By:                Jeff Ballabon

Hating The President Is Not a Strategy, As Bill Kristol Just Learned

Going all in on attacking President Trump isn’t proving to be a particularly effective business strategy for media outlets.

The Weekly Standard, a 28-year old neoconservative institution, is reportedly headed towards dissolution after its founder, Bill Kristol, devoted almost three years of work to attacking the President and his supporters.

It’s not just Kristol. The entire world of clickbait Trump-hate seems to be in jeopardy, including sites that cater to the liberal base.

The same week that The Weekly Standard’s troubles broke, Vanity Fair dropped a bombshell report about the struggles faced by those hip, millennial-targeted left-wing rags with the cool names and rabidly anti-Trump headlines strewn across your social media feed. Vice, Vox, Mic, Buzzfeed, Mashable — they’re all either looking for buyers or seriously reevaluating their strategies in hopes of becoming profitable. Mic laid off most of its workers. Vice and Vox are firing staff…

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Media and Democrats Completely Ignore Middle Eastern Women in DC to Share Horrors of Sharia Law | Creeping Sharia

Only one member of Congress – Rep. Scott Perry (R-PA) – showed up to speak with Middle Eastern women at their event on Capitol Hill.

Source: Media and Democrats Completely Ignore Middle Eastern Women in DC to Share Horrors of Sharia Law | Creeping Sharia

10 YEARS AGO TODAY – Al Gore Predicted North Pole Would Be COMPLETELY ICE FREE in Five Years

Socialism is not the Answer

The Gateway Pundit


On December 13, 2008, junk scientist Al Gore predicted the North Polar Ice Cap would be completely ice free in five years.

Gore made the prediction to a German audience on December 13, 2008. Al warned them that “the entire North ‘polarized’ cap will disappear in 5 years.”

“Five Years”

This wasn’t the only time Al Gore made his ice-free prediction. Gore had been predicting dire scenario since 2007. That means that the North Pole should have melted completely five years ago today.

Junk scientist Al Gore also made the same prediction in 2009.

From the video:

Former Vice President Al Gore references computer modeling to suggest that the north polar ice cap may lose virtually all of its ice within the next seven years. “Some of the models suggest that there is a 75 percent chance…

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Socialist Macron attacks protesters in France: armored vehicles, tear gas, water cannons, riot police


The Queen of France tells the peasants what to do if they can't afford gas The Queen of France tells the peasants what to do if they can’t afford gas

France’s socialist leader Macron raised gas taxes in order to encourage people to drive their cars less. His gas taxes were supposed to reduce carbon emissions, and “stop global warming”. The people who have to pay those taxes, many of whom voted for him, protested. So Macron decided to persuade them.

The radically leftist New York Times reported on what Macron did:

Vincent Picard describes himself as a “militant ecologist.” But when protesters took to the streets to express their rage over a planned increase in France’s fuel tax, Mr. Picard joined their ranks.

He acknowledges that the tax might encourage the conservation considered critical for a healthy planet. But with the nearest train station 35 minutes away, he has to drive to work every day.

“I am conscious that we have reached the end…

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Against Federal Law: Obama OK’d $310 Million In Free Legal Advice To Illegal Aliens

Socialism is not the Answer

Weasel Zippers

So is anyone going to take the fall for breaking the law here?

Via Washington Examiner:

The Obama administration approved $310 million in free legal advice to young illegal immigrants despite federal law barring charging taxpayers for helping immigrants avoid deportation, according to a new report.

The Immigration Reform Law Institute said that the funding was provided to a top legal defense group to help unaccompanied alien children under the age of 18 land with a sponsor in the U.S.

In 2015 and 2016, contracts reviewed by IRLI showed that several worth $310 million went to one nonprofit legal group, the Vera Institute of Justice. A top director has ties to liberal philanthropist George Soros.

At issue, said the group, is immigration law that bars using tax dollars to help illegal immigrants avoid deportation. In a report, IRLI said:

The Immigration and Nationality Act, Section 292, states that…

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More Evidence for Private Social Security

International Liberty

The world is in the middle of a dramatic demographic transition caused by increasing lifespans and falling birthrates.

One consequence of this change is that traditional tax-and-transfer, pay-as-you-go retirement schemes (such as Social Security in the United States) are basically bankrupt.

The problem is so acute that even the normally statist bureaucrats at the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development are expressing considerable sympathy for reforms that would allow much greater reliance on private savings (shifting to what is known as “funded” systems).

Countries should introduce funded arrangements gradually… Policymakers should carefully assess the transition as it may put an additional, short-term, strain on public finances… Tax rules should be straightforward, stable and consistent across all retirement savings plans. …Countries with an “EET” tax regime should maintain the deferred taxation structure… Funded, private pensions may be expected to support broader economic growth and accelerate the development of local capital…

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They Really Do Want You Disarmed

Stately McDaniel Manor

Washington DC is a special case, particularly where the Second Amendment is concerned. Ruled entirely by the Left, DC has long considered itself outside the rule of law, and has routinely ignored the Second Amendment, which eventually led to the Heller and McDonald decisions.  One can only imagine the screams of rage and defiance emanating from the self-imagined elite of DC upon those historic decisions.  In any case, they continued to do all they could to deny citizens their Second Amendment rights, until, after years and multiple lawsuits, they were finally beaten down into—the horror!—obeying the Constitution like—shudder—normals. reports:

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