Another Shooting Tragedy in a Gun-Free Zone

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It’s happened again. A nut went to a gun-free zone and engaged in a mass killing.

In this example, the perpetrator apparently was an Islamic fanatic upset about gay people.

But let’s set aside the question of motive and ask the important question of why politicians and bureaucrats don’t want innocent people to have any ability to defend themselves (they’ve even adopted policies prohibiting members of the military from being armed!).

The invaluable Crime Prevention Research Center has already weighed in on the issue.

Since at least 1950, only slightly over 1 percent of mass public shootings have occurred where general citizens have been able to defend themselves. Police are extremely important in stopping crime, but even if they had been present at the time of the nightclub shooting, they may have had a very difficult time stopping the attack. Attackers will generally shoot first at any uniformed guards…

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Obama’s Victims: Released Criminal Illegals Commit Rape, Murder, Molestation

Socialism is not the Answer

The astronomical re-offense rate of the predators the president sets loose in our communities.

Family Security Matters

by Michael Cutler

On June 4, 2016 the Boston Globe published a report, “Criminal immigrants reoffend at higher rates than ICE has suggested,” that focused on information the newspaper was finally able to obtain by filing a lawsuit under the Freedom of Information Act that sought to obtain the database of criminal aliens who were released by ICE.  The roughly five-year odyssey finally yielded the information the administration attempted to conceal from the public, including, incredibly, even law enforcement agencies.

The article included the links to the Timeline of the Globe’s lawsuitIt’s nearly a five-year saga.

This eye-opening report began with this excerpt:

They were among the nation’s top priorities for deportation, criminals who were supposed to be sent back to their home countries. But instead they were released, one by…

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Secret Service Says Hillary, “Too erratic, uncontrollable and occasionally violent” to be President

Socialism is not the Answer

DC Whispers

While Hillary Clinton is out declaring Donald Trump lacks the temperament to be Commander in Chief, a man responsible for protecting her life when she was First Lady has dropped a tell-all bombshell that is now rocking the Clinton campaign – despite the Mainstream Media’s unwillingness to cover it.

“What I saw in the 1990s sickened me.”

The former Secret Service agent’s name is Gary Byrne, a 29-year military and law enforcement veteran.

“Hillary Clinton is now poised to become the Democratic nominee for president of the United States, but she simply lacks the integrity and temperament to serve in the office.”

Though the book, not yet released, is already an Amazon bestseller, the Mainstream Media has given it and its blockbuster insights very little attention.

The Trump campaign has already indicated it intends to use the information in the book on the campaign trail to better explain to…

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Thomas Sowell: does affirmative action help minorities to get ahead?


Economist Thomas Sowell Economist Thomas Sowell – the best economist in the world

My favorite economist, Thomas Sowell has an article in Investors Business Daily that explains what affirmative action really does to minorities.


Affirmative action is supposed to benefit black and other minority students admitted with lower academic qualifications than some white students who are rejected.

[…]Despite much media spin, the issue is not whether blacks in general should be admitted to higher-ranked or lower-ranked institutions.

The issue is whether a given black student, with given academic qualifications, should be admitted to a college or university where he would not be admitted if he were white.

Much research over the years has confirmed… that admitting black students to institutions for which their academic preparation is not sufficient can be making them worse off instead of better off.

I became painfully aware of this problem more than 40 years ago when I was…

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The Food Police will make arrests

Vermont Loon Watch

Drop that salt. Stand up, put your hands on your head and back away from the table.

Sound strange? Obama wants this coming to a restaurant, supermarket and soon YOUR house.

Obama a Sez, I’ll tell you how much salt is good for you

From Article some number in the Constitution, there is a short clause giving the President the authorization to act as the “Chief of Food Police” and by diktat tell you what you can and cannot do with your food. You must have read it at some time, in school or somewhere.

From cheese to sliced turkey, the Obama administration is encouraging food companies and restaurants to lower the amount of salt in the foods they sell.

If the effort is successful, most Americans won’t even notice the change. The idea is to lower sodium levels gradually so consumers’ taste buds can adjust, and…

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DOJ Documents Reveal Fast & Furious Weapons Linked to 69+ Killings

Give Me Liberty

This is from AmmoLand.

Barack Obama and Eric Holder are responsible for this failed gun control attempt that lead to these 69+ deaths.

Hopefully Attorney General Trey Gowdy will indite them,try them and send them to prison where they richly deserve to be.

I will go as far to say Obama and Holder belong on death row as accessories after the fact of these murders.

From December 2012 to March 2016, 94 Fast and Furious weapons were seized; Fast and Furious weapon found in “Chapo” Guzman hideout

Fast & Furious Weapons : Guns seized in 2011 trafficked from Texas to Mexico. Read more:  Under Creative Commons License: Attribution  Follow us: @Ammoland on Twitter | Ammoland on Facebook Fast & Furious Weapons : Guns seized in 2011 trafficked from Texas to Mexico.

Washington, DC – -( Judicial Watch announced released Justice Department documents showing that weapons sent from the U.S. into Mexico as part of the Obama administration’s Operation Fast and Furious gunrunning program have been widely used by major Mexican drug cartels.

According to the new records, over the past…

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Obama invites Cuban spies to “‘tour’ American national security facilities”

Socialism is not the Answer Image via :

Independent Sentinel

It makes absolutely zero sense to allow spies from a State Sponsor of Terrorism to tour one of our military installations.

Communist Cuba is run by the military and the Cuban Border Guards are controlled by The Interior Ministry. They also operate small coastal artillery garrisons in conjunction with the Cuban Army and Navy as well as joint exercises.

The Cuban Interior Ministry directs the Intelligence Directorate, the political police, and an intelligence service modeled after the Soviet-era KGB intelligence service, Free Beacon reports.

They have very close ties to Russia and Iran.

Why would any US president invite them over “seeking closer ties” by bringing them to some our secure Port facilities?

My belief is because birds of a feather flock together.

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Winning the Fight against Socialism and other Forms of Statism

International Liberty

Socialism is a very bad concept. It deserves mockery rather than respect.

But that’s true of all statist ideologies.

Last year, as part of a column on the collapse of the Soviet Empire, I put together a statism spectrum showing the degree to which various nations allow economic liberty.

I thought this effort was useful because it shows, for instance, that the United States, France, and Hong Kong are all on the right side, but that there are nonetheless obvious differences in the amount of economic freedom for those three jurisdictions. Likewise, it’s not good to be Mexico, China, or North Korea, but there are degrees of statism and it’s worse to be farther to the left.

Speaking of left, not all advocates of bigger government are the same. So earlier this year I created another spectrum showing that there are various…

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Hollywood Wants To Rebrand The Civil War

Socialism is not the Answer

Family Security Matters

by Chet Nagle

The deadliest time in United States history was four years of Civil War, when 640,000 Americans were killed or wounded. Over 260,000 of them were Confederate soldiers. In recognition of those appalling losses, southern and northern states named public buildings, parks, and schools for their fallen soldiers. The U.S. Army named facilities for brave Union officers, and even named ten bases for Confederates. But Hollywood now wants to rebrand the Civil War as a progressive event, acceptable to all Americans.

Julianne Moore, an Oscar-winning actress in her late 50s, has edged back into the publicity spotlight by petitioning Virginia’s Fairfax County Public School Board to change the name of J.E.B. Stuart High School to Thurgood Marshall High School. In defense of her petition she and her producer friend wrote that they felt they had to apologize for the school’s name “our whole lives.” It…

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Katie Couric is Dead: Someone Please Tell Her…

Regular Right Guy

katie-couric-media-accountabilityIf you missed Katie Couric’s ‘Under the Gun’ fauxumentary, don’t feel bad, almost no one else watches Yahoo! News either.

Which is probably why the formerly overpaid and beyond overrated CBS News anchor thought she could get away with lying her @$$ off about law-abiding gun owners, in the first place.

But Yahoo! Finance, another arm of Yahoo! almost nobody reads either, balked at its Global (Ha! Ha!) news anchor’s creative licensing with the truth.

For all the wrong reasons…

Yahoo! Finance:

In the grand scheme of things, eight seconds doesn’t sound like much, especially in the context of a long documentary about a complex issue like gun control. But in the current highly-charged political environment, nothing is as simple as it might seem at first, and former TV news anchor Katie Couric is learning that lesson the hard way.

Couric, who worked at the Today Show and

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