Bank Threatens Ruger Over NRA Ties | Give Me Liberty

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I hope Strum Ruger & Company does not give into the blackmail attempts by Amalgamated Bank to sever their ties with the NRA.
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Members say NRA encourages safety, doesn’t deserve blame for gun violence | North Dakota News |

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GRAND FORKS — Terrorists. Child-killers. Bloody-handed puppeteers.
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President Trump Can Counter OPEC and Achieve Energy Dominance


By:                Ken Blackwell

President Trump Can Counter OPEC and Achieve Energy Dominance

President Trump, in a recent tweet, has drawn attention to a pernicious threat against American interests that has persisted for decades: The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and its alliance with other petrostates as they seek to control the price and supply of oil.

With its stated goal of reducing the world’s oil glut in sight, the cartel and its unofficial members should have spent their meeting in Jeddah discussing an exit plan for this pact. However, with oil at three-year highs and rising, the group has moved the goalpost yet again, with discussions on extending the cuts even further as well as indefinite coordination on oil production with Russia.

Let’s be clear: OPEC has wrapped its actions in rhetoric about stabilizing oil prices to help the global economy. Now that they’ve institutionalized their cooperation with Russia and other states—expanding the group’s market share…

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From Bad to Worse: The Ongoing Implosion of Venezuelan Statism

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As far as I’m concerned, everything you need to know about capitalism vs. statism is captured in this chart comparing per-capita economic output in Chile and Venezuela.

Ask yourself which country offers more opportunity, especially for the poor? The obvious answer is Chile, where poverty has rapidly declined ever since the country shifted to free enterprise. In Venezuela, by contrast, poor children die of malnutrition thanks to pervasive interventionism.

Indeed, having shared severalhorrifyingstories of human suffering and government venality from Venezuela (including 28 separate examples in April 2017 and 28 different separate examples in December 2017), I’ve reached the point where nothing shocks me.

So now I mostly wonder whether leftist apologists feel any shame when they see grim news from that statist hellhole.

For instance, what does Joe Stiglitz think about this report from the Miami Herald?

At 16, Liliana has become the mother figure for…

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Can we trust the politically correct, radically leftist FBI to protect the public?


The politically correct FBI fails and fails and fails again The politically correct FBI fails and fails and fails again

Wow, I can remember back 10 years ago when my opinion of the FBI was that they were the morally good law enforcement agency. Now it seems that the only thing they are good at is demonizing Christians and conservatives, committing adultery with each other, covering up for corrupt Democrats, and collecting fat taxpayer-funded pensions.

We know that the FBI failed miserably to follow up on public death threats made by the Florida school shooter under his own real name. Apparently, this might have been due to the fact that the shooter was non-white, and law enforcement became very politically correct under the past Democrat administration. They certainly don’t want to make Muslim terrorists a priority.

Michelle Malkin explains:

According to a probable cause affidavit filed by the Palm Beach County police, 17-year-old Corey Johnson bought a knife last…

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Trump is right about mental illness

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In the days since the Parkland shootings, untreated mentally ill Willard H. Broyles of Hamilton, Ala., came towards police with a knife and was shot by an officer. In Escambia, Fla., untreated, mentally ill Dale Brown fired a gun at sheriffs. And at Central Michigan University, untreated, mentally ill James Eric Davis killed his parents inside a dorm room. Crimes caused by leaving people with serious mental illness untreated are common and often preventable.
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Why Won’t Barack Obama Go Away?

Socialism is not the Answer

American Thinker

By Rich Logis

Why do those who criticize Donald Trump for not being a “traditional” president fawn over President Obama not being a “traditional” post-presidential citizen?

I would say Michelle and Barack Obama are back in the news, but they’ve never left the news since the 22nd Amendment mercifully exiled them from the Oval Office last year.  When President Clinton took the oath of office in 1992, President George H.W. Bush went away.  When President George W. Bush assumed power in 2000, President Clinton went away (until the prospect of being the first gentleman came a-knockin’).  When President Obama placed his hand on President Lincoln’s Bible in 2008, President Bush went away.

When President Trump made his miraculous win constitutionally official last year, President Obama went away, back to Chicago, to administer the death and destruction left in the wake of 30,000 consecutive days of Democrat rule over the Windy City.

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Student ‘Anti-Gun’ Walkouts Backed by Leftwing Fringe Groups, Turn Violent

Anti-Gun “National School Walkout” Duped Students, Families

In fact, many of the most violent societies on earth, including Mexico just south of the U.S. border, have essentially banned civilian firearm ownership entirely. Venezuela, which disarmed citizens with United Nations support, is now the murder capital of the world. Plus, the murderous regime there is now free to oppress, murder, and brutalize the disarmed public at will. In Communist China, which is also promoting gun control in America, more than 60 million disarmed victims have been murdered by the regime. And two of the worst mass shootings in history — 77 children slaughtered in Norway, and over 500 casualties in France — occurred under some of the most oppressive gun-control regimes on the planet. Both ended only when armed men with guns showed up to stop the massacres.

The Betrayed: On Warriors, Cowboys and Other MisfitsAs usual, the burden lies on the parents who made dupes out of their kids by allowing them to…

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Environmentalists May Be the Biggest Climate Culprits of All


By: Nicholas Waddy

Environmentalists May Be the Biggest Climate Culprits of All

Recently, the American people have witnessed a rash of lawsuits targeting energy companies for their alleged role in causing climate change. As the National Association of Manufacturers has revealed, as part of its “Manufacturers’ Accountability Project,” these lawsuits are fueled (as it were) by massive lawyers’ fees. For example, a contract between trial lawyers and the city of San Francisco revealed that the plaintiffs firm would receive a 23.5 percent payday in the case of a favorable judgment, which could translate into millions of dollars in profits for trial lawyers. Democratic-led cities, counties, and state governments are suing these energy companies to make them pay for what they claim are the anticipated ill-effects of climate change, which would not exist, they say, if these evil corporations were not selling energy based on fossil fuels.

The weaknesses of this argument, legally and logically, are apparent. Why would companies…

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