By Rejecting Costly Paris Climate Treaty, Trump Put American Interests First

By Timothy H. Lee
Thursday, June 08 2017CFIF.ORG

We’re running out of time. 

If we don’t do something to stop global warming – pardon, “climate change” – our Midwestern glaciers may recede, leaving enormous lakes bordering major population centers like Chicago, Cleveland and Detroit in their wake. 

Obviously, that’s not among the claims in climate alarmists’ repertoire, but it might as well be. 

Is climate change real? 

Of course it is.  The climate is constantly changing.  It always has been.  It always will be. 

But to what degree is climate change caused by human activity? 

Well, that’s an altogether different question. 

The Great Lakes offer an instructive example.  They were formed as the most recent glacial period ended approximately 10,000 years ago, when the Laurentide ice sheet receded.  That retreat carved enormous depressions in the earth’s surface, which were obviously filled by the resulting meltwater. 

Accordingly, drastic climate change occurs regardless of human activity. 

That bears re-emphasis as we endure another outbreak of climate hysteria in the wake of President Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris climate accord. 

Predictably, alarmists’ response was immediate and apocalyptic. 

“The trend is clear,” thundered Al Gore.  “The human consequences and the economic costs of failing to act are unthinkable:  More record floods and droughts, diseases and pests spreading to new areas, crop failures and famines, melting glaciers, stronger storms and rising seas.” 

Oh, wait.  That was Al Gore all the way back in 1997, after the United States Senate had rejected the Kyoto Protocol by a 95-0 vote. 

But Gore was no less hysterical in his reaction to Trump’s decision.  This time around, he proclaimed, “It’s not just the scientific community warning us now, it’s Mother Nature.  Every night on the TV news is like a nature hike through the Book of Revelations [sic].” 

Same hyperbole, different decade. 

The only thing that changes over the decades and the circumstances is the name that they affix to their crusade.  Four decades ago, it was global cooling after years of temperature declines.  Then by 1990 it became global warming.  But then temperatures plateaued beginning in 1998 despite enormous increases in carbon output as China and India industrialized.  So they were forced to rename it “climate change” as warming predictions came and passed, and apocalyptic predictions were repeatedly missed. 

What hasn’t changed over that period is the fundamental truth that the earth’s survival doesn’t depend upon the Paris treaty any more than it did on the Kyoto accord. 

After all, even the Paris treaty’s proponents and the Obama Environmental Protection Agency acknowledge that it would only reduce global temperatures by 0.2 degrees in the year 2100. 

And at what cost to the United States? 

Well, we’d have to reduce our carbon output by between 26% and 28% below 2005 levels by 2025.  To put that in perspective, even the Obama Administration’s draconian energy policies would only get us 45% of that target.  Moreover, despite proponents’ curious claims to the contrary, the terms of the Paris treaty allowed participating nations to unilaterally increase their commitments, but not reduce them as future circumstances might demand. 

In monetary terms, it’s estimated that compliance with the Paris accord would’ve cost the U.S. economy $2.5 trillion by 2035.  Additionally, under the treaty the U.S. would contribute $3 billion annually to the United Nations “Green Climate Fund.” 

Meanwhile, global competitors like China wouldn’t face the same economic or energy burdens.  

Here’s another inconvenient truth that climate alarmists conspicuously avoid acknowledging.  The U.S. has outperformed European nations in carbon reductions despite the fact that they joined the Kyoto Protocol and we did not, as noted by The Wall Street Journal

Energy intensity – the amount of energy necessary to create a dollar of GDP – has plunged 58% in the U.S. since 1990, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration.  Over the same period, intensity declined merely 37% in OECD Europe, 20% in Japan, 22% in Mexico and 7% in Korea.  China dropped by 133%, but working off a far more wasteful initial base.  Superior efficiency helps explain why U.S. carbon emissions fell by 145 million tons in 2016 compared to 2015, more than any other country. 

Accordingly, even if one considers carbon reduction critical, costly treaties like Kyoto and Paris aren’t necessary to achieve it.   

Of course, professed fealty to the Paris treaty did allow leftists to virtue signal on social media free of cost to themselves. 

But President Trump wasn’t elected to enable leftist virtue signaling.  He was elected to protect the interests of the American people. 

And by rejecting the all pain, no gain Paris climate treaty, he did exactly that. 

Memorial Day, 2017: We Remember

Stately McDaniel Manor


This Memorial Day, there is reason for hope, yet you don’t rest easily. How could you? The America for which you fought and died is in jeopardy. Half of the country is “The Resistance,” resisting the Constitution, the rule of law, everything you fought and died to preserve.  As William Butler Yeats said:

The best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity.

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Hillary Invokes Watergate During Speech – Forgets To Mention She Got Dumped from Watergate for Being “Liar”

BUNKERVILLE | God, Guns and Guts Comrades!

During her commencement address to graduates at Wellesley College, Hillary Clinton compared the investigation into ties between Russia and the Trump administration to the Watergate scandal. She fails to mention her hubby Bill’s little problem.

For the record… Nixon was not impeached – Her husband Bill was.

And Hillary’s former boss during the Watergate hearings said she was a “liar” and “unethical” and refused to hire her. H/T: Gateway Pundit

From the post:May 18, 2013 — bunkerville  Hillary Clinton: Watergate, Our first taste of her delicious corruption

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From Charlie to UPChuck

Indyfromaz's Blog: The Thoughts of An Independent Arizonan

Charlie Daniels

By Charlie Daniels |

Senator Chuck Schumer (Wikimedia Commons Photo)

Sen. Schumer, I don’t live in your constituency, but in the larger picture, you live in mine and every other legal, taxpaying American citizen who is affected by the power you hold in your political party, your blind allegiance to it and the obstructionist posture to anything that doesn’t directly benefit it.

There’s something sinister about seeing you bent over the lectern in the Senate Chamber, your countenance resembling what I would imagine Edgar Allen Poe’s would look like reciting one of his macabre tales of doom and gloom, as if there is not one drop of happiness in your life, forecasting a dismal future for America if anything President Trump proposes passes both houses, is signed and becomes law.

I know you’re disappointed. I know you had the balloons ready to fall and the corks halfway out of the…

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Alabama lawmakers approve sweeping protections for Confederate monuments

Socialism is not the Answer

American Thinker

By Rick Moran

The war over Confederate civil war monuments took an interesting turn when the Alabama legislature passed a law protecting the monuments from destruction or removal.

Meanwhile, the city of New Orleans completed the removal of a statue depicting Confederate General Robert E. Lee – still considered by many historians to be one of the greatest generals in American history. Image via

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First they came for the Confederates…

Socialism is not the Answer Image via

American Thinker

Although a fight currently waged against metal and mortar, the glee attending the left’s dismantling of New Orleans’s Confederate statuary has taken on the stink of bloodlust.  Down go the statues of Beauregard, Davis, and Lee; up come the cries for those of Jackson, Washington, and Jefferson to follow.  Never mind who owned a slave and who didn’t; among them were men who, at the certain risk of their lives, liberty, and sacred honor, brought about that document that’s served to liberate mankind generally.

Perhaps ironically, it was 18th-century slaveholders among those now under attack who did more than anyone in history to end slavery.  With human bondage now resurgent on certain parts of the world, one feels compelled to inquire what the Confederate monument destroyers are doing to abolish it.  Google that, and you’ll find that they have little argument with slavery as pursued by…

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Venezuela’s Accelerating Descent to Socialist Misery

International Liberty

Nations usually don’t suffer overnight economic collapse. Indeed, Adam Smith was right about the ability of a country to survive and withstand lots of bad public policy.

But at some point, as a nation gravitates in the wrong direction on the statism spectrum, it goes from prosperity to stagnation to decline.

Which is sort of what happened in Argentina because of Peronism (though Pope Francis learned the wrong lesson from his country’s big mistake).

But Venezuela is even worse. It’s going from prosperity to stagnation to decline to collapse.

In a must-read article for the Mises Institute, José Niño explains how cronyism and redistributionism helped to sap Venezuela’s economy way before Chavez and Maduro made a bad situation far worse.

While Chávez and his successor Nicolás Maduro deserve the brunt of the blame for Venezuela’s current economic calamity, the underlying flaws of Venezuela’s political economy point to much more systemic…

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“Chuckie” Schumer Should Just Butt Out!

“So I can only think of two possibilities. If Schumer and the rest of the fringe Left know something we don’t, then we are in real trouble and the country is gone, but no one has told us yet. On the other hand, if they are just running a bluff, then that means they are like the little man in Alice in Wonderland who hides behind the curtain so no one will know how small and puny he really is. He makes a big noise but it’s all political gas. If that is the real case, pardon me for being so blunt, but someone should tell Chuckie Schumer and his Leftist buddies to go stuff it!!!”
Combat Shooter's HandbookIndeed, the Emperor has no clothes. — jtl, 419
by Al Benson Jr. via revisedhistory
Is anyone else getting sick of Chuck Schumer butting into everything the Trump administration assays to do or is…

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Colorado Abolishes Free Speech Zones

Socialism is not the Answer


Some good may actually be coming of the recent fad among progressives of employing Naziesque mob violence tactics to silence voices they don’t want to hear. A light has been shined on the authoritarian restrictions on free speech that prevail at universities. The attention will not be welcomed by moonbats. Colorado just abolished free speech zones on public college campuses:

The legislation, Colorado Senate Bill 62, prohibits the state’s public universities from establishing unreasonable speech restrictions. The initiative received bipartisan support in the Colorado legislature and still allows public universities to impose “reasonable time, manner, and place” speech policies.

“Once we limit free speech to a zone, we indicate to our students that free speech does not exist anywhere beyond that zone. That is not the message we want to send to future generations about our core values,” Colorado state Sen. Tim Neville, a co-sponsor of the bill said.

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Rush on Budget fiasco: ‘Why is anybody voting Republican, if this is what happens when we win

BUNKERVILLE | God, Guns and Guts Comrades!

Where to even start on the budget. I was going to focus on the Coup de grâce:

Paul Ryan Expands H-2B Blue-Collar Outsourcing Program for 2017

The H-2B language was hidden deep in the draft 2017 supplemental budget — which is to face House and Senate votes this week — and it surprised opponents of the legislation. In December 2016, Ryan had agreed to trim the program when the partial 2017 budget deal was announced just one month after blue-collar voters backed Donald Trump’s campaign promise of a low-immigration, high-wage national economic policy.

But this clip of Rush Limbaugh doing his thing wraps up the whole fiasco.

Hot Air:

…What if his main concern is popularity, in the form of averting any shutdowns for which he might be blamed, instead of major policy gains?

But the dirty little secret is that there isn’t any evidence that anywhere…

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