What to Expect Next in the USSA – Unionized Socialist States of America. – Tea Party Nation

What to Expect Next in the USSA – Unionized Socialist States of America. – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Jane Galt

The only hope I’ve had in the last 4 years was when I thought Romney would win, maybe get a Senate majority and fix this mess, and pull us back from the collapse being caused by Obama and the Progressives. My hope is shattered now.


This is the way I feel tonight:

The photo is of a Frenchman in the streets of Paris after Hitler‘s armies invaded.

They’re destroying my country.

The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism, but under the name of liberalism they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program until one day America will be a socialist nation without ever knowing how it happened.” – Norman Thomas, Socialist Party presidential candidate 1936-1968, co-founder of the American Civil Liberties Union

We can’t expect the American people to jump from Capitalism to Communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving them small doses of Socialism UNTIL they awaken one day to find they HAVE COMMUNISM.” – Nikita Kruschev, 1959

There is no such thing as a liberal…There hasn’t been for a long, long time. I never use the word and you shouldn’t either – nobody should. ‘Liberal’ is what socialists call themselves when they don’t want you to understand that they plan to take away your rights, your property, and eventually your life.” – Alexander Hope

Your children will live under communism.” Khrushchev said.

On the contrary,” Secretary Benson replied, “My grandchildren will live in freedom as I hope that all people will.”

Khrushchev then retorted: “You Americans are so gullible. No, you won’t accept Communism outright; but we’ll keep feeding you small doses of Socialism until you will finally wake up and find that you already have Communism. We won’t have to fight you; we’ll so weaken your economy, until you fall like overripe fruit into our hands.”



So here we are. It’s arrived. 1913-2013. The 100 year Great Progressive March “Forward” ( Obama’s campaign slogan was taken directly from Mao ) has finally succeeded in bringing America down. Without firing a shot. Having just heard that Obama is projected to have won another term, I find myself fighting back against allowing suicidal feelings, as I imagine many others are right now.

The numbers of votes by which he “won” many of these swing states was so thin that we might say that the dead re-elected him. It may be true. We may actually find it to be true later, if anyone is still interested, but it will be too late.

I’m not sure exactly what, if anything good, I personally have to look forward to in the next four years. I’ve pretty much lost all hope at this point, and nothing will change, except for things to get much, much worse. You’ll soon think of these as “the good old days”.

So what is there to actually look forward to now?

Well, Dear Leader will be unimpeachable, being it appears that the Senate will remain in the control of the Democrat-Socialists. So he can do anything he wants, pretty much like he has the last four years. Congress is a potted plant, he just issues the orders. You will obey. And hope that he doesn’t call down a drone strike on you.


You may as well forget about his orders for our military to “stand down” in Benghazi.

He’s Dear Leader, he gives the orders, if you don’t like it, too bad. Nancy Pelosi will march through the streets with her gavel, laughing at you.


He lied, people died? Too bad. Unimpeachable.

I suppose we need to quit quoting the Constitution – it’s fiction now and it’s dead.

And you’d better not say or write anything that might offend muslims! It will probably be made illegal.

He will now only worsen the strangulation of our domestic energy production. New EPA regulations are about to come out after the elections, which will crack down even further on coal and fossil fuels. His “War on Coal” will be won – there will be no more domestic coal production. It’s one of the few promises he made that he will keep.


Those in the coal producing states who voted for him will deserve what they get. I can only hope that any coal worker and unionist who voted for him, will never work again.

So expect gas and electricity prices to keep rising until you may spend half ( why not 3/4? ) your income just to drive, and heat and cool your home. The 51% of our electricity production that comes from coal will be phased out.


None of that new safe clean nuclear power will be allowed either. You know, the stuff that could power this whole nation for 2 billion years?

We’ve now abandoned all hope of ever being able to hire for our small business here. We’ll be lucky if we can just stay in business another four years. I know many other business owners who are feeling the same way right now. Forget jobs and hiring, we’ll all be lucky just to survive another four years of this guy. And from what I heard of the exit polling, most people are still “blaming Bush”. I’m suppressing the urge to become apoplectic over hearing that one, and just have my head explode all over the walls.

And Romney won’t be able to replace Fed Chairman Bernanke, so the Fed will just continue devaluing the dollar until it’s completely worthless. But don’t expect to be paid anymore as your food and gas costs double.

There will be a slow decline in the value of the Dollar, a managed decline.” – George Soros, Financial Times, October 23 2009.

The Fed won’t be audited either, because the Democrat-Socialists will still control the Senate.

The indoctrination of school children will continue, as it has since the 60’s, until everyone will grow up believing in the glorious revolution to a One-World Government that was culminated by Dear Leader Obama. “When he was born, a million doves flew to the stars, and he came from a virgin birth, didn’t you hear?”

Those of us over 60 may be lucky to die of poverty before a death panel denies us care and they give us a little blue pill like they do in EU, to end us. At this point I’m not sure which will be worse.

Obama Care” will continue to collapse our economy, which Obama has been holding off the collapse of, until after these elections anyway, so expect it soon. ( Unions will still be exempt. )

After the Collapse, expect calls for a One-World Government to be the only thing that can “save” us. All private property and all wealth will be seized, nationalized and redistributed to those that the government deems to “need” it, and it will happen on a global scale. No one will be able to hide their money or property.

All the greedy crony capitalist corporations that supported Obama and the Socialists because they made lots of money from them, will eventually learn that they will be consumed by the Beast of collectivism too. They’ll work for the government, for food and maybe $2 an hour.

Iran will get the bomb, as will Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. Israel may be wiped off the face of the earth, but they will not go down without a brave fight. Obama will not support them and will likely deny any survivors refugee status here in the USSA. They’ll say it was the Jews‘ own fault for “oppressing” the Philistines. ( Palestinians )

But here in Colorado, it looks like Marijuana will be legalized now, so at least we’ll be able to commit slow suicide by getting stoned out of our minds and eating ourselves to death from the munchies. ( If we can’t work because of that, we can always go on welfare and let the government support us, right? ) That would have appealed to me in my 20’s in the 70’s, but life was much better then. Not so much now, as I’m probably too depressed to even be brought up by the artificial high of pot right now.

Meanwhile, I hope they don’t try to send me off to a re-education camp. I won’t go quietly.

I suppose it would probably be wise of me to stop writing these opinion blogs that are so critical of Dear Leader and their Glorious Comrades, but who cares anymore, right? What’s the point in caring?

Who is Jane Galt?


EDITORIAL: Blue helmets at the ballot box – Washington Times

EDITORIAL: Blue helmets at the ballot box – Washington Times.

International inspectors are there to make sure you vote properly

Those who fear that voter fraud will play a corrupting role on Election Day shouldn’t worry. The Europeans are coming to save the day.

The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) is sending 44 observers to monitor U.S. election procedures. According to the organization, teams of two will fan out to “follow campaign activities, the work of the election administration and relevant federal and state institutions, implementation of the legislative framework, and the resolution of election disputes.” The OSCE’s Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights has been poll watching in the United States since 2002, but its charter was established to promote democratic development in post-Cold War Eastern Europe, not give the international community oversight over the United States.

The OSCE missions since 2002 have been largely unobtrusive, but this year there is a sense that the foreign observers are bringing prejudice with them. OSCE representatives met last spring with American left-wing pressure groups challenging state voter registration laws. Earlier this month the NAACP, the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights and the American Civil Liberties Union sent a letter to OSCE delegation chief Ambassador Daan W. Everts charging there is “a coordinated political effort to disenfranchise millions of Americans — particularly traditionally disenfranchised groups like minorities, low-income people, women, young people, persons with disabilities, and the elderly.” The OSCE said they “took note of the issues they raised” and asked “observers in the field to follow up on them.” The OSCE has also come out against voter identification laws, charging they discriminate and suppress voting.

Some state officials object to potentially biased international oversight. Alabama Speaker of the House Mike Hubbard is calling for legislation to require poll watchers in Alabama to hold U.S. citizenship. “If you can’t participate in an election in the United States,” he said, “and if you can’t cast a vote in the United States, you really have no business serving as a poll watcher in an election being held in the United States.” Some of the observers are from countries that are not known for upholding the democratic tradition, such as Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. For them an American election should be a learning experience, not an opportunity to intervene in favor of liberal pressure groups.

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott was more to the point. In a letter to Ambassador Everts, he said that observers were welcome to “learn more about [Texas’] election processes so they can improve their own democratic systems,” but that outsiders “are not allowed to influence or interfere with the election process in Texas.” He noted that the “OSCE’s representatives are not authorized by Texas law to enter” or to “maintain a presence within 100 feet of a polling place’s entrance.” If the monitors failed to comply with Texas law, they could face criminal prosecution, he warned.

The OSCE compromises its impartiality by cultivating ties with interest groups so closely aligned to the Democratic Party. If the observers focus on the issues that trouble leftists, their mission is dead on arrival in terms of legitimacy. American voters already have a critically biased and politically partial Justice Department to worry about. The last thing they need is sniping from left-leaning foreigners.

The Washington Times

NUGENT: Nut control, not gun control – Washington Times


NUGENT: Nut control, not gun control – Washington Times.

Failure to deal with mental illness leads to massacres

By Ted Nugent – The Washington Times

In the wake of the massacre in Aurora, Colo., the left has once again resorted to clamoring for further restrictions on the right of law-abiding citizens to own guns and defend ourselves — even in the face of inescapable evidence that such restrictions are at the root cause of such slaughters.

The misguided left believes that more gun control will somehow magically stop psychotic nuts hell-bent on going on a killing spree. As usual, they are dead wrong.

According to the kind, caring and considerate left, you have every right to be a crazy druggie and roam the streets with no means of support. Heck, they even help nut-jobs occupy Wall Street and beyond. Surely, the unarmed and helpless will someday bring peace to the world, end world hunger and Rodney King’s dream of everyone getting along will become a reality. No wonder they call it dope.

Years ago the left clamored that mental institutions violated the rights of those with mental illnesses. The American Civil Liberties Union even sued on their behalf. The result was the doors of the cuckoo nests were flung open and the patients stumbled out.

Now they are everywhere. You can’t visit any city in America without encountering dirty people who are severely mentally impaired roaming the streets. Pushing shopping carts, mumbling to themselves, sleeping under bridges or in parks and basically being a nuisance, they ultimately endanger themselves. Most are not violent, just certifiably crazy by anyone’s standards.

But some of the psychotics are violent. Some believe they’re comic book characters and can’t tell the difference between fantasy and reality.

James Holmes, the sole suspect in the shooting, was under the care of a psychiatrist at the University of Colorado Denver. No one knows what the psychiatrist thought of the Joker. The records of their conversations are patient-client confidential, and so far the psychiatrist isn’t talking.

Granted, we don’t yet know the bizarro behavior of the Joker leading up to massacre, but we should begin trying to put together the obvious puzzle.

Even a whack-job like the Joker probably had a few friends or associates. What did they think about him? What did his parents, teachers and fellow graduate students think of him in the weeks or months preceding the massacre? It is difficult to believe that everyone who knew him thought he was just your average, normal guy.

There was, however, one guy who was concerned — so concerned that he refused to let the Joker join the Lead Valley Range gun club. It’s hard to believe he was the only guy who found the Joker’s words, phrases and conduct to be bizarre.

When the truth comes out, I predict the Joker’s pattern of behavior should have landed him in a padded room instead of a movie theater. We will to listen to the professional apologists tell us how he “slipped through the cracks.” So typical.

It’s time we begin to restrict the rights of psychotic nuts like the Joker instead of law-abiding citizens.

Yet, instead of having a national discussion on making it easier to lock up psychotics, the left would much rather discuss restricting the rights of law-abiding citizens to own guns and defend ourselves. Passing additional gun laws may make the left feel good, but it won’t do good. The left’s “treatment plan” of more gun control won’t work, and anyone with an ounce of common sense knows it. What the left’s plan will ensure is more massacres at the hands of psychotics like the Joker.

The real discussion that needs to occur in America is how we finally throw off the shackles of political correctness, quit worrying about “feelings” and simply restrict the rights of psychotics by making it easier to lock them up for their safety and the safety of others.

Advocating additional gun laws and gun-free zones is crazy. Crazy talk like that can get you killed.

Ted Nugent is an American rock ‘n’ roll, sporting and political activist icon. He is the author of “Ted, White, and Blue: The Nugent Manifesto” and “God, Guns & Rock ‘N’ Roll” (Regnery Publishing).


Negroes With Guns – Ann Coulter – Townhall Conservative Columnists

Description: A Ku Klux Klan meeting in Gainesv...

Negroes With Guns – Ann Coulter – Townhall Conservative Columnists.

Liberals have leapt on the shooting death of Trayvon Martin in Florida to push for the repeal of “stand your ground” laws and to demand tighter gun control. (MSNBC’S Karen Finney blamed “the same people who stymied gun regulation at every point.”)

This would be like demanding more funding for the General Services Administration after seeing how its employees blew taxpayer money on a party weekend in Las Vegas.

We don’t know the facts yet, but let’s assume the conclusion MSNBC is leaping to is accurate: George Zimmerman stalked a small black child and murdered him in cold blood, just because he was black.

If that were true, every black person in America should get a gun and join the National Rifle Association, America’s oldest and most august civil rights organization.

Apparently this has occurred to no one because our excellent public education system ensures that no American under the age of 60 has the slightest notion of this country’s history.

Gun control laws were originally promulgated by Democrats to keep guns out of the hands of blacks. This allowed the Democratic policy of slavery to proceed with fewer bumps and, after the Civil War, allowed the Democratic Ku Klux Klan to menace and murder black Americans with little resistance.

(Contrary to what illiterates believe, the KKK was an outgrowth of the Democratic Party, with overlapping membership rolls. The Klan was to the Democrats what the American Civil Liberties Union is today: Not every Democrat is an ACLU’er, but every ACLU’er is a Democrat. Same with the Klan.)

In 1640, the very first gun control law ever enacted on these shores was passed in Virginia. It provided that blacks — even freemen — could not own guns.

Chief Justice Roger Taney’s infamous opinion in Dred Scott v. Sandford circularly argued that blacks could not be citizens because if they were citizens, they would have the right to own guns: “[I]t would give them the full liberty,” he said, “to keep and carry arms wherever they went.”

With logic like that, Republicans eventually had to fight a Civil War to get the Democrats to give up slavery.

Alas, they were Democrats, so they cheated.

After the war, Democratic legislatures enacted “Black Codes,” denying black Americans the right of citizenship — such as the rather crucial one of bearing arms — while other Democrats (sometimes the same Democrats) founded the Ku Klux Klan.

For more than a hundred years, Republicans have aggressively supported arming blacks, so they could defend themselves against Democrats.

The original draft of the Anti-Klan Act of 1871 — passed at the urging of Republican president Ulysses S. Grant — made it a federal felony to “deprive any citizen of the United States of any arms or weapons he may have in his house or possession for the defense of his person, family, or property.” This section was deleted from the final bill only because it was deemed both beyond Congress’ authority and superfluous, inasmuch as the rights of citizenship included the right to bear arms.

Under authority of the Anti-Klan Act, President Grant deployed the U.S. military to destroy the Klan, and pretty nearly completed the job.

But the Klan had a few resurgences in the early and mid-20th century. Curiously, wherever the Klan became a political force, gun control laws would suddenly appear on the books.

This will give you an idea of how gun control laws worked. Following the firebombing of his house in 1956, Dr. Martin Luther King, who was, among other things, a Christian minister, applied for a gun permit, but the Alabama authorities found him unsuitable. A decade later, he won a Nobel Peace Prize.

How’s that “may issue” gun permit policy working for you?

The NRA opposed these discretionary gun permit laws and proceeded to grant NRA charters to blacks who sought to defend themselves from Klan violence — including the great civil rights hero Robert F. Williams.

A World War II Marine veteran, Williams returned home to Monroe, N.C., to find the Klan riding high — beating, lynching and murdering blacks at will. No one would join the NAACP for fear of Klan reprisals. Williams became president of the local chapter and increased membership from six to more than 200.

But it was not until he got a charter from the NRA in 1957 and founded the Black Armed Guard that the Klan got their comeuppance in Monroe.

Williams’ repeated thwarting of violent Klan attacks is described in his stirring book, “Negroes With Guns.” In one crucial battle, the Klan sieged the home of a black physician and his wife, but Williams and his Black Armed Guard stood sentry and repelled the larger, cowardly force. And that was the end of it.

As the Klan found out, it’s not so much fun when the rabbit’s got the gun.

The NRA’s proud history of fighting the Klan has been airbrushed out of the record by those who were complicit with the KKK, Jim Crow and racial terror, to wit: the Democrats.

In the preface to “Negroes With Guns,” Williams writes: “I have asserted the right of Negroes to meet the violence of the Ku Klux Klan by armed self-defense — and have acted on it. It has always been an accepted right of Americans, as the history of our Western states proves, that where the law is unable, or unwilling, to enforce order, the citizens can, and must act in self-defense against lawless violence.”

Contrary to MSNBC hosts, I do not believe the shooting in Florida is evidence of a resurgent KKK. But wherever the truth lies in that case, gun control is always a scheme of the powerful to deprive the powerless of the right to self-defense.

KNIGHT: Left’s war on legal immigration and voter integrity – Washington Times

KNIGHT: Left’s war on legal immigration and voter integrity – Washington Times.

Democrats hope to make hay – and votes – from the mayhem


By Robert Knight – The Washington Times

On Oct. 14, a federal judge blocked key portions of Alabama’s new immigration law after several groups, including the Obama Justice Department and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), asked for an injunction. The Justice Department claims that states that assist in enforcing federal immigration laws are violating the constitutional separation of powers.

Really? If that’s so, I wonder if state police in Alabama are barred from arresting someone trying to pass counterfeit $100 bills because our currency is federal. Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution gives Congress the power “to provide for the Punishment of counterfeiting the Securities and current Coin of the United States.” It doesn’t say anything about state troopers.

Likewise, Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution authorizes Congress “to establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization.” State police arresting illegal aliens have nothing to do with deciding who can be naturalized.

“Does it really cause harm to the United States when a state informs the federal government of persons who are in violation of federal law and then leaves it to the federal government to decide whether to initiate deportation proceedings?” Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange wrote in the state’s response.

The attitude of U.S. Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr.’s Justice Department in suing Alabama and Arizona and threatening to sue Indiana, is, “We’re not going to enforce the law, and you can’t, either, no matter what impact this is having on your state. And, we’re going to pitch the idea to Hispanics that only racists would want immigration laws enforced. By the way, here are directions in Spanish to your local polling place.”

It should be noted that a great many Hispanic Americans want border enforcement.

Aiding and abetting, as usual, is the ACLU, which seems to develop a nervous tic at the very thought of American sovereignty and has sued several other states over their immigration laws, including Georgia and South Carolina.

The ACLU’s immigrants rights Web page declares: “No human being is illegal.”

Well, of course no human being is illegal. This is nonsense – a straw-man argument. People are not illegal, just their actions are, such as entering the country illegally or knowingly employing someone who is here illegally.

The page states: “For more than twenty years, the Project has been … focusing on challenging laws that deny immigrants’ access to the courts, impose indefinite and mandatory detention and discriminate on the basis of nationality.”

Well, it’s true that illegal immigrants are entitled to fair treatment and due process. As the Bible admonishes, “Do not mistreat an alien or oppress him, for you were once aliens in Egypt.” (Deuteronomy. 10:19) However, stretching this to justify mass illegal immigration is, well, a stretch. If Israel interpreted it that way, it would shortly no longer exist. Neither would the United States of America.

Think about that last phrase in the ACLU’s statement – “discriminate on the basis of nationality.” Every nation discriminates between its own citizens and other people. Abolishing this distinction would mean that U.S. citizenship would be dead.

This is the legal equivalent of open borders. It also would turn legal immigration into a cruel joke, in which people who play by the rules are last in line.

The ACLU also has declared war on states trying to ensure that the people pulling levers at the ballot box are qualified and are whom they claim to be. The ACLU has threatened to file a lawsuit against a proposed Ohio photo-ID voting law and is suing to block a Missouri ballot amendment that would tighten voter ID.

The recently defunct ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now), prosecuted in multiple states on voter-fraud charges, is ramping up under new guises.

Against obvious voter fraud like Al Franken’s car-trunk ballots in Minnesota in 2008 as well as the typically vigorous turnout from cemeteries in Chicago and other large cities, Republican legislators are trying to even the playing field or at least keep it from resembling the Dawn of the Dead.

Leftists claim that photo-ID requirements are akin to poll taxes and Jim Crow. Why? Because voters will have to purchase a photo or have a valid driver’s license or other photo ID. Georgia authorized free photo IDs, but that has not stopped the overheated accusers, who have stopped just short of calling it a form of lynching.

Not all Democrats have fallen for the demagoguery. Former Rep. Artur Davis, Alabama Democrat, wrote in the Montgomery Advertiser on Oct. 17, “I’ve changed my mind on voter ID laws – I think Alabama did the right thing in passing one – and I wish I had gotten it right when I was in political office. When I was a congressman, I took the path of least resistance on this subject for an African-American politician. Without any evidence to back it up, I lapsed into the rhetoric of various partisans and activists who contend that requiring photo identification to vote is a suppression tactic aimed at thwarting black voter participation. … it is chilling to see the intimidation tactics brought to bear on African-American, Democratic legislators in Rhode Island who had the nerve to support a voter ID law in that very liberal state.”

The left thrives on voter fraud, illegal immigration, billions in taxpayer money to cronies (Solyndra, etc.) and a “mainstream media” that look the other way.

The good news is that independents have had about enough. And the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations are supposed to rally President Obama’s base, but their base behavior is alienating millions. The New York Times and CBS won’t show the vandalism and the obscenity-laced signs and banners, but they’re available on the Internet.

With Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other liberals egging them on, the drugged-up demonstrators are becoming poster children for the Democrats’ metastasizing lawlessness. Are they to become the face of that once great political party?

Make a mess in the public square? “Yes, we can!” Obey the law? “No, we won’t!”

Robert Knight is a senior fellow for the American Civil Rights Union and a columnist for The Washington Times.

Pander Mandate Mania – Michelle Malkin – Townhall Conservative

Pander Mandate Mania – Michelle Malkin – Townhall Conservative.

Hey, you know what the beleaguered American economy could really use right now? More special-interest mandates imposed by the White House on employers and taxpayers. Team Obama is “Winning the Future” by strangling it in red, green and rainbow-colored tape.

In a hapless bid to mollify minority politicians and criminal flash mobs of jobless hooligans in their districts across the country, the White House last week issued an executive order “establishing a coordinated government-wide initiative to promote diversity and inclusion in the federal workforce.” Apparently, as record numbers of people collect food stamps and unemployment benefits, what’s really eating at them isn’t their hopeless dependency. It’s the skin color, national origin and gender breakdown of the Nanny State drones doling out their public benefits.

“Only” 39 percent of the federal workforce is made up of minorities and “only” 43.9 percent is female, President Obama’s diversity mandarins decry. But disproportionality does not equal automatic discrimination. How about this: Let’s see the Obama campaign meet fantastical diversity goals for its own donor base before forcing them on the publicly subsidized federal workforce.

While Obama lolls around Martha’s Vineyard with corporate CEOs, Ivy League profs and Hollywood celebrities, his minions at the Office of Personnel Management are now hard at work developing strategies, goals and timetables to meet racial proportionality targets.

Presumably, these will supersede the pre-existing plethora of “diversity” rules long enforced by the racial preference bureaucracy. It’s the bean counters’ stimulus.

The inconvenient truth, of course, is that government-engineered “diversity” has already produced scores of minority-dominated pockets across the elite federal civilian sector. But forcing both public and private employers to hire-by-racial-numbers has done nothing to solve chronic unemployment and underemployment among black Americans outside the Beltway. The jobless rate among blacks is a sky-high 15.6 percent.

You know what else won’t benefit black unemployed Americans all that much? The new White House executive order granting mass deportation waivers. To mollify open-borders activists, Obama signed a blanket directive of immigration non-enforcement last week that will grant reprieves to at least an estimated 2.1 million “DREAM Act” illegal alien students and workers. Instead of deportation papers, they’ll be served work authorization permits and green lights to attend publicly supported colleges and universities. Those who refuse to hire or admit these waiver golden ticket winners will face the certain and immediate legal and political wrath of La Raza, the American Civil Liberties Union, Catholic leaders and the American Immigration Lawyers Association.

When Obama rolls out his hodge-podge jobs plan after descending from Martha’s Vineyard, he’ll undoubtedly tout a regulatory rollback that the administration claims will save $10 billion over five years. But what about the costs of all the pander-mandates they’re furiously heaping on taxpayers as 2012 nears?

According to the Congressional Budget Office’s analysis of the last DREAM Act proposal (which failed in December on a bipartisan vote), the amnesty now in place by administrative fiat would “increase projected deficits by more than $5 billion in at least one of the four consecutive 10-year-periods starting in 2021.” And that doesn’t include the costs of all the unlimited family members that the millions of DREAM Act beneficiaries will eventually be able to bring to the U.S.

Hispanic politicians can pretend it’s not a zero-sum game. But the rest of us can’t afford such delusions. Indeed, it’s a self-perpetuating, voter-recruitment racket for the Democratic Party. Among the first White House deportation waiver beneficiaries: an illegal alien student from Mexico who led protests on Capitol Hill for the DREAM Act and another left-wing activist from Mexico who was able to evade deportation by marrying her lesbian lover.

On Monday, black Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters hectored an Obama jobs official to spell out exactly which Americans were suffering under the Democrats’ failed policies. “Let me hear you say ‘black,'” she taunted at an economic forum. The crowd whooped it up. But it’s cronies of color like Waters who have joined hands with the open-borders alliance, backed every special-interest bailout and hyped diversity for diversity’s sake as the cures for her community’s ills.

Let me hear you say “pot and kettle.”

In Lieu of Well-Reasoned Arguments, the Left Relies on Intimidation – Alan Sears – Townhall Conservative


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In Lieu of Well-Reasoned Arguments, the Left Relies on Intimidation – Alan Sears – Townhall Conservative.

Because the radical demands of groups like the American Civil Liberties Union run counter to common sense and the tenets of Western Civilization, they and their leftist allies and colleagues use fear, intimidation, and disinformation to accomplish their ends which generally mean a loss of liberty for everyone else. We see this in the way they rely on shame tactics, the court system, and behavior controls, like speech codes and “anti-bullying” regulations, to implement and protect their agenda.

Just think of how many times you’ve heard someone mention they wanted to say something about the blatant lawlessness and immorality in our culture, but they hesitated because they didn’t want to rock the boat—they didn’t want to disturb the status quo. All too often, this is because the totalitarians on the left have successfully levered sufficient shame to intimidate decent people into silence.

In other words, groups like NARAL and their media allies use shame to bring a strong man low enough to allow a weaker man to control him: shame takes the fight out of the dog.

For example, the left’s use of the court system is ubiquitous, and perhaps best exemplified through Roe v. Wade (1973), the case which made most state laws against abortion unenforceable.

Even now, the leftist American Atheists is suing to have a cross – a cross not made by human effort –removed from the National 9/11 Memorial in New York, and Americans United for Separation of Church and State are suing to shut down a proposed school voucher system in D.C.: a system aimed at delivering some of the students from the cycle of poverty and ignorance by allowing them to attend private schools where both the curriculum and environment are better. Because the vouchers could be used to attend private, Christian schools, Americans United for Separation for Church and State complains, “Vouchers…compel taxpayers to subsidize religion.” (As if they don’t know that the other option is to have government compel taxpayers to subsidize the anti-Christian/Jewish curriculum now rampant in government schools.)

The great irony here is that many of the aforementioned groups are among those who claim to do everything in the name of the people, yet it is they who frequently use the court system to bypass the people – and even sue to prevent elections – because they know their ideas lack popular support when put to the test.

And for those who dare brush aside the shame tactics or fight fire with fire in the courtroom, the left has enacted speech and anti-bullying codes that serve as more stringent forms of behavior control. Promoted by those like GLSEN and the ACLU, the speech codes are prevalent on high school and university campuses where even certain student-sponsored statements and phrases are disallowed unless uttered in a designated “free speech” area. And on the same campuses, diversity campaigns, and the “anti-bullying” campaigns that usually accompany them, result in the implementation of policies that actually create a caste system for those whose sensitivities are not protected from insult and discrimination, and that usually means a Christian ministry that wants to spread the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

One last point: these methods of intimidation are bolstered by the left’s use of cripplingly costly lawsuits, which go above and beyond their “normal” use of the court system to rid our landscape of crosses, references to Scripture, “In God We Trust” inscriptions, etc.

Frivolous lawsuit after lawsuit is filed against things like Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s call to voluntary prayer or any public mention of one’s faith by a political figure with the hope not simply of ending a day of prayer but of scaring small municipalities into scrubbing their speech free of any religious reference—or else. (For example, groups like the Freedom From Religion Foundation maintain an Internet link which exists solely for the purpose of reporting any “violators.”)

Reality is thus twisted and turned upon its head in a world where the left ignores the metaphysical while waging war on logic and tradition. In the end, they have to intimidate people into playing along or being silent because they lack arguments sufficient to convince us that their way is better