Democrats poke real Americans in the eye – Tea Party Nation

Democrats poke real Americans in the eye – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips

2012-07-05-alexanderThe level of outrage from the action of the Obama Regime doesn’t seem like it could get any higher.

 Then they do something else. 

 Conservatives accuse the Obamas of acting like they are royalty not the family of the elected leader of this nation.  Is there some truth to this and if there is will the Republicans finally do something about it?

 The Obama’s have been outdoing themselves on vacations.  They have been averaging more than one a month.  Now, they have done two in one week. 

 The Obama daughters (possibly with Michelle Obama, though the coverage on this has not been clear) started the week at the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas.  Now they have gone to the slopes of Idaho for skiing.

 Must be nice to be able to take two vacations in one week. 

 A6_HvuRCEAAJ3mMBarack Obama could certainly afford for his family to take two vacations in one week.  He is a millionaire.  The problem is not the family going on vacations.  The problem is the millions of dollars it costs to protect them while they are on vacation.

 Not to be out done, Vice President and brain donor Joe Biden has gone on vacation to the beach as well.

 Cost to the taxpayers?  Unknown.

 It would never occur to the Obamas, the Bidens or for that matter any member of the Party of Treason to lead by example.  In case they don’t remember, real America, namely America that is outside of the Washington DC bubble, is still suffering from the Great Obama Depression.

 Obama as StalinIf you believe the statistics from the Obama Department of Labor, unemployment is around 8%.  The labor force participation rate is a better indicator of how the economy is doing.  It is at an all-time low.

 Millions of Americans are out of work or are forced into part-time work because of the Obama Regime’s policies.  Millions of Americans can’t even do a weekend getaway much less a full fledged vacation. 

 What does Obama do?

 He does not care.

 After all, he thinks he is royalty. He thinks he is entitled to this.

 With millions of Americans unemployed and a stagnant economy, the question is, are the Republicans ever going to do anything about this?  Are they ever going to fight?

 The Obama White House costs Americans  $1.4 billion a year.  This includes a quarter of a million dollars a year for calligraphers and over $100,000 a year for the Presidential dog groomer.

 oobamakingdomWhy can’t those positions be eliminated?

 And while those positions are being eliminated, perhaps the GOP should pass a rider to the budget that says Obama gets one vacation a year.  If he wants more than that, he foots the bill for all of it.  He pays for Air Force One.  He pays for the hotels.  He pays for his own security.

If someone were doing a real job as poorly as Obama is doing his, do you think he would even get one paid vacation, much less several?

 There are millions of real Americans who are suffering.  To watch the Obamas vacation like royalty, on their tax dollars is adding insult to injury.