Ferguson Rioters are NOT in the Zone | thenationalpatriot.com

Ferguson Rioters are NOT in the Zone | thenationalpatriot.com.

By Craig Andresen – The National Patriot and Right Side Patriots on cprworldwidemedia.com

zone 1Since I’ve seen nobody else bring this up…I will.

Have you noticed? Something’s missing in Ferguson. While the situation in Ferguson is different…something is most definitely…missing.

There are…”protesters”… in Ferguson.

Many of the…”protesters”…in Ferguson are armed. Gun shops have been selling out of ammo and weapons there and we’ve seen videos of armed protesters so we KNOW that many of the…”protesters”…in Ferguson are armed to the teeth.

So far…it appears the same as it was before…before what?

I’ll get to that shortly.

In Ferguson…day after day, night after night since August 9th, the…”protesters” have been in the street…up and down the street…all OVER the street. Hell, in those early days, they were burning and looting businesses…causing mayhem and destruction and to be crystal clear…they are threatening the same now whenever the decision from the Grand Jury is delivered. Whatever that decision is.

What’s missing? Something is  missing but what?

Now, we’re beginning to see the difference between this and what happened…before.

THESE…”protesters”…have ALREADY committed violence and destruction and they are poised to commit MORE violence and destruction. In Ferguson, the New Black Panthers zone 2are threatening to “KILL WHITEY” and just a couple of nights ago, two people were arrested with EXPLOSIVES in relation to what is going on in Ferguson.

Something is missing there. Something’s different.

Give up?

Think…Bundy Ranch.

What did the government have at the Bundy Ranch that’s missing in Ferguson???


At the Bundy Ranch…the protesters armed or not…protesters who just wanted to speak out and stand up for one person’s rights…were kept for days on end…IN A CATTLE zone 3CORRAL…deemed by the government as an…ahem…”free speech zone.”

If the protesters at the Bundy Ranch wanted to have THEIR say…they were FORCED to have it in a corral…away from what was going on AT the Bundy Ranch.

In Ferguson…has anyone…ANYONE AT ALL…seen a free speech zone? A corral for cattle where the “protesters” are herded to have their say?

Nope. Not one. Not a SINGLE free speech zone in Ferguson and the differences between Ferguson and the Bundy Ranch are GLARING.

In Ferguson…violence has already occurred with businesses being burned and looted.

Were there any acts of violence perpetrated by the protesters at the Bundy Ranch? Anything burned to the ground by the protesters at the Bundy Ranch? Any LOOTING at the Bundy Ranch?zone 4


As the Bundy Ranch protest continued…did the protesters threaten FURTHER or ANY violence?

Well, since they never started any to begin with they couldn’t very well threaten FURTHER violence and in fact, the only violence they DID project was to have been in direct response to the GOVERNMENT opening fire on THEM or on the Bundy family.

SELF-DEFENSE clear and plain.

The difference between the Bundy Ranch and the streets of Ferguson are staggering.

In Nevada, protesters came from far and wide…ON THEIR OWN…to support the Constitution and an old man’s right to graze his cattle where his family had grazed cattle for a century.

zone 5In Ferguson, “protesters” have been BUSSED and FLOWN in from AROUND the WORLD for the expressed purpose of causing trouble, violence and destruction in support of an 18 year old GANG WANNABE THUG who picked a fight with a cop and lost.

At the Bundy Ranch…the protesters were there to keep the peace.

In Ferguson, they are there to riot and destroy a city.

Here’s the biggest difference of all…

At the Bundy Ranch, it was an 80 year old white guy who had built and maintained a successful ranching operation always playing by the rules until the government kept changing those rules and he took a stand on principle to keep his business intact and people came to stand with him.

In Ferguson, it was an 18 year old black thug who, by his reported rap sheet, never played by the rules, had photos of himself on social media flashing gang signs and who had just robbed a business and strong-armed that businesses owner before reportedly fighting with a cop and trying to take the cop’s gun from him and now, people are coming to seek retribution for the color of his skin.zone 6

In Nevada, at the Bundy Ranch… under this obscene Obama regime…it was GOVERNMENT goons there trying to REMOVE the protesters.

In Ferguson…this obscene regime and its goons are ORGANIZING the…”protesters”…and Obama himself has told them to…”STAY THE COURSE.”

Who is leading this parade of violence in Ferguson? Obama’s pal, Al Sharpton, a master race baiter and tax cheat who owes 4.5 million in state and federal taxes…the same Al Sharpton who has reportedly helped choose Obama’s next race baiting Attorney General.

Also involved in thezone 7 Ferguson whipping up of the rioters in waiting are the New Black Panthers who yell “KILL WHITEY” and who were caught red handed trying to intimidate voters years ago under the protection of none other than Obama’s CURRENT race baiting Attorney General, Eric Holder.

There’s something else missing…something else vastly different between the Bundy Ranch and Ferguson…

As the thugs occupying Ferguson arm up and threaten violence…where are the calls from the liberals and socialists for…gun control???

Anyone heard the gnashing of teeth over civilians possessing firearms in Ferguson?

We certainly did during the Bundy Ranch situation didn’t they?

Apparently, if people want to possess guns via the 2ns Amendment anzone 8d keep and bear arms for their own protection the left has a conniption but, if THUGS want them for the root cause of “killing whitey” or to cause general mayhem and violence to seek retribution for the color of some OTHER thug…

That’s just fine…which puts the regime at the disadvantage in Ferguson as many STORE and HOME owners ARE buying weapons for their protection while the GOONS arm up TOO.

In this case, better for the regime to keep their mouths shut so as to allow the bad guys their chance and they’ll claim, to toss it back at us, that the goons were just exercising their 2nd Amendment rights and we should be happy about it. But let one of the rioters get shot and THEN you’ll hear the wailing for gun control.

Just ask a liberal…if you’re a member of the NRA…you’re some sort of terrorist who must be stopped by the power of a dictator’s pen but…if you’re a member of the NAACP or the New Black Panthers or some street gang…not a single peep.

FREE SPEECH for ALL or free speech ZONES for all…once again, the regime wants it both ways.

Ferguson is a powder keg and so was the Bundy Ranch…the difference is that at the ranch, it was the protesters who kept it from being ignited…in Ferguson…it is this regime’s cronies who zone 9are supplying the gasoline and the matches.

And you dare to tell me that this regime is NOT setting the stage for a nationwide race war?

Are you KIDDING me???

Nobody died at the Bundy Ranch because protesters stood up for what was right. Ferguson will no be that lucky because goons, thugs and gangs, those to whom the color of their skin is THE most important thing in their lives…are there to stand for what was black and the government has seen to it that there’s not a free speech zone corral in sight.

One thought on “Ferguson Rioters are NOT in the Zone”

  1. All a part of Obama’s grand plan based on Hitler’s plan. Pit two races against each other, fan the flames of war between the two races, declare it impossible to quell the riots, declare martial law, disband the Congress and the Supreme Court, register all firearms, confiscate firearms of groups threatening public safety (Tea Party members, NRA members, Conservatives, Republicans probably in that order). The final straw will be to declare himself the Devine Leader and our republic will be lost.