Obamacare: The epic fail act. – Tea Party Nation

Obamacare: The epic fail act. – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips

A_G54NuCcAAMuBU.jpg largeHere is a major shock.

 Even the left is realizing that Obamacare is not going to work.

 Of course, the left does not want Obamacare repealed because Obamacare has never been about insurance or even medical care.  It has always been about power.

 So what do liberals do when they realize they have a problem?  The keep digging the hole deeper.

 From the LA Times:

 As the state moves to expand healthcare coverage to millions of Californians under President Obama‘s healthcare law, it faces a major obstacle: There aren’t enough doctors to treat a crush of newly insured patients.

Some lawmakers want to fill the gap by redefining who can provide healthcare.

They are working on proposals that would allow physician assistants to treat more patients and nurse practitioners to set up independent practices. Pharmacists and optometrists could act as primary care providers, diagnosing and managing some chronic illnesses, such as diabetes and high-blood pressure.

“We’re going to be mandating that every single person in this state have insurance,” said state Sen. Ed Hernandez (D-West Covina), chairman of the Senate Health Committee and leader of the effort to expand professional boundaries. “What good is it if they are going to have a health insurance card but no access to doctors?”

Hernandez’s proposed changes, which would dramatically shake up the medical establishment in California, have set off a turf war with physicians that could contribute to the success or failure of the federal Affordable Care Act in California.

Doctors say giving non-physicians more authority and autonomy could jeopardize patient safety. It could also drive up costs, because those workers, who have less medical education and training, tend to order more tests and prescribe more antibiotics, they said.

mywork Isn’t that typically liberal.

 Instead of letting the free market work, Democrats must legislate another failure.

 What happens when we run out of Doctors, nurses and Physician assistants?

In California, I’m sure they will just approve witch doctors to do medical treatment.

Dead state walking – Tea Party Nation


Dead state walking – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips

The economic collapse is coming.  It is coming soon.  Whoever wins this election this fall will be the President who has to deal with it.


Where is the great collapse coming and what will happen?


In America, we have a dead state walking.  It is the lead domino.  It will fall and it will fall soon.  When it does, it will set off a chain reaction.  The government will have to act, whether it wants to or not.


The dead state walking?




California died some time ago.  It just hasn’t had the good manners to fall down yet.  California is a poster child for the failure of liberal economics.  The last dying gasp of conservatism in California was Prop 13 in 1978 to limit property taxes.  That one worked.  Since then every tax in California has gone through the roof.  So has government spending.


Every lunatic liberal idea that can be invented is being used in California.  The result is predictable.  Everyone who has a business that can move is moving.  Everyone who has a job that can move is moving.  The only people who are not moving are government employees and those on public assistance.


Over a twenty-five year period, California added a net sum of over 10 million people.  Unfortunately for California, only 150,000 of those new residents were taxpayers


California’s situation has been called a Greek Tragedy.  Comparing California to Greece is not a bad analogy.  They have both made the same mistakes. 


Both California and Greece expanded every sector of the public that is dependent on the government.  From government employees receiving lavish salaries and benefits, to state government retirees receiving lavish retirement benefits to the overly generous public assistance benefits. 


California has the highest tax rates in the nation and in November, there will be a referendum to raise those taxes even higher.  Assuming that happens, the middle class in California will continue to shrink. 


Businesses are fleeing California in record numbers.  Not only do they face high taxes, they face insane regulations.   When the Great Obama Depression kicked into full force, one recommendation was that California waive its version of “Cap and Trade” which has been driving up energy prices in California.  The proposal was to suspend cap and trade until unemployment dropped below 6%.  That modest proposal died.


So where does California go from here?


California is unwilling to cut its spending.    It cannot tax enough to keep up with its spending.  The end result is going to be an economic implosion.


California will go bankrupt. Many of it’s cities have already gone bankrupt.


Unfortunately for California, the United States Constitution prohibits individual states from declaring bankruptcy.


So what happens when California goes insolvent?


It will not be pretty.


We will see a societal collapse like we have never seen in the United States.   When California collapses there will be huge pressure on the Federal Government to bail it out. 


If Obama is still in the White House, he will want to.  After all, it gives him a chance to spend more money and he must try to maintain the illusion that socialism is not a failure. 


For those of us who live in real American states, the question we all have to ask is why should we bail California out?  If the Federal Government bails California out, it will change nothing, as California will need more bailouts down the road.    We have seen this in Europe as one bailout follows another.   If California gets a bailout, Illinois will want one, as will New York and New Jersey


If we do not bail out California, we will see massive riots by those who are dependent on government largess.  California will descend into anarchy.


What does America do?


Simply throwing money at the problem will not work. California needs to be changed. 


If California cannot manage its problems then perhaps it is time for California to cease to exist as a state.  If California has to go into receivership, the price for decades of stupidity should be that California goes from becoming a state to becoming an American territory.   If after a few years, California can get its act back together, then it can petition to become a state again. 


California is a disaster.  The leaders of California are like the Captain of the Titanic, except the leaders of California, backed the Titanic up and hit the iceberg five more times. 


There are areas where conservatives still live in California.  Unfortunately California’s government is monopolized by liberals, and this shows no sign of changing. 


If Obama is reelected, California will be but the first domino to fall in the chain reaction that will rip America apart.  If Romney is elected, we at least have a chance.


Meanwhile California remains America’s dead state walking.


Just Shut Up and Eat! – Tea Party Nation


Genetically Modified Food

Genetically Modified Food (Photo credit: Peter Blanchard)


Just Shut Up and Eat! – Tea Party Nation.


By Alan Caruba


If you say “genetically modified food” to most people they will swear to you they would never eat it, but Americans have been eating biotech crops for years and they are not dying in the streets.


They are, in fact, getting fatter from eating too much of the abundance of foods that fill our supermarkets. Want to lose weight? Eat less, exercise more. We have a lot of fat kids in America because too many sit on their bottoms for hours every day either watching television or playing with the various wonders of technology they prefer rather than getting out and playing basketball, baseball, soccer, riding a bike, or any other activity that isn’t restricted to using their thumbs to “text” one another.


Every so often I am driven to a state of rage over the stupidity of people who are utterly clueless regarding biotech crops, but who insist that eating “organic” foods grown with no protection against insect and weed predation is safe. I most certainly do not want to eat anything that involves using manure to aid its growth.


The latest example of gross stupidity comes, of course, from California which has Proposition 37 on its November ballot. Its official name is the “Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act.” It would require labeling of anything involving GM foods. No foods would be allowed to be marketed as “natural”, “naturally made”, “naturally grown” or “all natural.”


Meanwhile, one third of all the corn grown in America has been genetically modified even as the federal government insanely demands that billions of bushels be turned into fuel substitute—ethanol—that corrodes auto engines and decreases the mileage gasoline provides.


The modifications that have been developed over the years ensure larger crop yields because they are able to resist drought, their natural pesticides have been enhanced to fend off the countless species of insects that would destroy them or permit the use of herbicides that kill the weeds that would choke their growth if not eliminated without having any effect on the crops they protect.


Why is it that humans are always thrilled to learn that some new pharmaceutical discovery will cure a disease that would otherwise kill them, but the blood drains from their face if you tell them that the food they eat has been produced from genetically modified seeds?


The fact is that biotech food crops have survived rigorous regulatory scrutiny in the U.S. and there isn’t a scintilla of evidence that demonstrates they are any different from foods that are not grown from GM seeds. Despite the claims that there have been “studies” that “suggest”, “indicate”, or otherwise infer a health problem, the bottom line is that there is zero proof of this.


Last year I wrote a five-part series on Bisphenol A, a chemical in use safely for decades and that continues to protect plastic and other containers of food against spoilage and has the added advantage of keeping plastic bottles from breaking. Thousands of studies attest to its safety, but the Internet is filled with articles claiming it is a threat to health.


In this modern age of miracles, the result of real science, there are way too many people who regard every chemical as a hazard when, in fact, our bodies use and process chemicals, mostly from what we eat and drink, every day of our lives. Potatoes and other vegetables contain minute amounts of cyanide, but no one dies from it because you would have to eat several truckloads of potatoes at one sitting to ingest a lethal quantity.


The million Californians that signed the petition to put Prop. 37 on the ballot are idiots. That goes for the more than forty other nations that currently require such labeling. Europe has led the charge against biotech foods. Indeed, were it not for the development of biotech foods, known as the Green Revolution, there would be vastly more famine worldwide.


The Californians are like so many others that are subjected to the idiotic propaganda about “industrial” foods. It is another way of saying that two percent of the U.S. population feeds all the rest of us and has enough crops left over to export and thus enhance our economy. Modern farming is one of the great wonders of the world, permitting few people to use extraordinary machines to plant and harvest crops on a level unknown before the advent of the last century.


Every time there is an outbreak of e-coli or salmonella, people do get sick. As often as not it is because the food was not stored properly, was subject to rodent predation, or like “organic” crops picked up the disease from the manner in which they are grown. About one in every 39,000,000 Americans becomes ill, about eight a day, suffering food poisoning. There’s one death for every 125,000,000 million


There are 310,000,000 million Americans eating a billion meals a day. If there was a real threat from biotech foods or animal products from livestock protected against illness by antibiotics, we would know it.


As if California doesn’t have enough problems and doesn’t cost its citizens more to live and work there than any other State, a vote for Prop 37 will just work one more hardship on everyone involved in the food chain that keeps these dopes well fed.


© Alan Caruba, 2012


Broke California just got more …. Broke – Tea Party Nation

Broke California just got more …. Broke – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips

Plato once said we must be involved in politics or be prepared to be governed by our inferiors.  The Congress and the California State Government put that truism into the dustbin of history.

 California is broke.  California is as much an economic basket case as Greece.  So what are they doing?

 They are spending more money!

 From AP:

 California lawmakers approved billions of dollars Friday in construction financing for the initial segment of what would be the nation’s first dedicated high-speed rail line connecting Los Angeles and San Francisco.

 The state Senate voted 21-16 on a party-line vote after intense lobbying by Gov. Jerry Brown, Democratic leaders and labor groups.

 The bill authorizes the state to begin selling $4.5 billion in voter-approved bonds that includes $2.6 billion to build an initial 130-mile stretch of the high-speed rail line in the Central Valley. That will allow the state to collect another $3.2 billion in federal funding that could have been rescinded if lawmakers failed to act Friday.

 “The Legislature took bold action today that gets Californians back to work and puts California out in front once again,” Brown said in a statement. He later celebrated with Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg of Sacramento, a fellow Democrat.

 Brown pushed for the massive infrastructure project to accommodate expected population growth in the nation’s most populous state, which now has 37 million people. He said the project is sorely needed to create jobs in a region with higher-than-average unemployment.

 What kind of idiots are running the show in Washington and Sacramento?

 Oh wait, they are Democrats.

 If California wants to put more of their citizens back to work, here is a suggestion.  Cut taxes.  Cut your insane regulations that have anyone with the capacity to start a business or run one and the ability to leave California doing so. 

 So California is going to spend more money that it does not have.  The taxpayers are going to be on the hook for the cost.

 Here’s a thought for California.  If this high-speed rail was really good idea, the private sector would have done it a long time ago.

 Meanwhile will the last Californian with a job leaving for another state, please turn out the lights.

The death of the rule of law – Tea Party Nation

The death of the rule of law – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips

Just in case anyone missed it, America is no longer a nation of laws.  It is hard to say what we are now, but the law no longer matters.  Most people would jump to the conclusion this blog is about the really horrible week at the Supreme Court last week.  They would be wrong.

 There is something else that spells the death knell for the rule of law in America.

 What is it?

 In California and New York, cases are working their way through the state supreme court to allow illegal aliens who have gone to law school and passed the bar exam to practice law.

 Yes, you heard that right.  These candidates are not in the country legally.  They are subject to deportation if the rule of law were in fact applied instead of ignored by the Obama Regime.

 Yet two states are poised to allow illegal immigrates the rights and privileges of members of the bar. 

 From USA Today:

  Judges in several states are preparing to answer the latest question in the complex world of immigration: Can an illegal immigrant legally practice law in the USA?

 Illegal immigrants brought to the USA as children, and who later graduated law schools in California, Florida and New York, are trying to gain entry to their state bars so they can work as attorneys.

 Sergio Garcia’s family illegally crossed into the USA from Mexico when he was 17 months old, and he went on to graduate from Chico State University and Cal Northern School of Law. He took the state bar exam in July 2009 and passed it but was told he could not join the state bar — a standard requirement for all practicing attorneys — because he had checked a box on his application that said he was in the country illegally.

 The California Supreme Court asked for opinions on the question and could hold oral arguments in Garcia’s case before making a decision. The California State Bar told the court this month that Garcia and others like him should be allowed to be licensed, but it is awaiting guidance from the Supreme Court.

 Though the ruling could apply only to Garcia, the 35-year-old said the court’s opinion could go a long way in determining the fate of others like him.

  For some, the idea of allowing people in Garcia’s position to legally work not only would encourage more people to bypass the legal immigration system but would throw a cloud of illegitimacy over the country’s legal system.

 “There’s a certain level of absurdity to someone trying to practice law when they’re in violation of the law,” said Ira Mehlman of the Federation for American Immigration Reform, which advocates lower levels of legal and illegal immigration. “It’s unfortunate that children find themselves in these situations due to the decisions that their parents made. But that’s unfortunately just the way it works. We all suffer from poor decisions that our parents made.”

 America has suddenly been transformed into bizzaro world.  Someone who breaks the law every morning when he gets up is going to be allowed to practice law?

 When I entered law school in August, 1985, our first day the Dean of the Law School welcomed us with a pretty boring speech about the majesty of the law and how important it was for us to uphold the law for without the rule of law, all was lost.

 All is lost because the rule of law in this nation means nothing anymore.  The Supreme Court can rewrite a statute to achieve their desired results.  A sovereign state is not allowed to protect citizens within its own borders.  We are ordered to purchase a product whether we want to or not and are faced with the possibility of government coercion or even prison if we refuse.

 And the government refuses to enforce the most basic of sovereignty laws.  The laws that restrict the presence of people within the boarders of the nation to those people the nation has approved to come in.

 I am not without sympathy for Sergio Garcia.  He did not get a vote on what happened.  His parents made a decision that has consequences for him today.  However, he has options.  The military allows illegal aliens to enlist and upon the completion of a term of service will allow them legal status and even citizenship.  I have no problem with someone who wants to be in this country who chooses this route.

 I have no sympathy for someone who simply says, I am here.  Give me that to which I am not entitled. 

 The rule of law is the glue that holds this nation together.  Liberals are dead set on dissolving that glue and by extension destroying the greatest nation the world has ever seen. 

 As for you and I, our American citizenship is becoming more worthless every day.

Forward Democrats! Union Sets Record for Biggest City Bankruptcy – John Ransom – Townhall.com

Official seal of City of Stockton

Official seal of City of Stockton (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Forward Democrats! Union Sets Record for Biggest City Bankruptcy – John Ransom – Townhall.com.

Forward! Stockton, California; move on forward, right to bankruptcy.

Can you take the Democrats with you? Oh, that’s right: They are already there.   

Stockton, California will seek bankruptcy protection after negotiations with unions over benefits and worker’s pay failed to avert insolvency by the city. But because of laws passed by California liberals aimed at entitling government union workers to inflated pay and benefits under most circumstances, look for more cities in California to seek the same remedy.

If you weren’t horrified by the case in made in Madison, Wisconsin over union wages and benefits causing massive state and local budget deficits, you should be scared by the example in Stockton.

For more on this story, see Mike Shedlock’s  Stockton Bankrupt; Unions Pension Death Trap for Cities to Blame

Because California isn’t Wisconsin. It’s bigger than that.  California, as measured by GDP, ranks as the 8th largest economy in the world. At $1.9 trillion it dwarfs Greece and is ranked above Spain. It economy is larger than the economy of Russia.   

From the Washington Post:

“The city is fiscally insolvent and must seek chapter 9 bankruptcy protection,” Stockton said in a statement released yesterday after its council voted 6-1 to adopt a spending plan for operating under bankruptcy protection. “In addition to the bankruptcy petition, the city will file a motion with the courts to share information from the confidential mediation.”

The Post said that a bankruptcy by Stockton will make it the largest city to file for bankruptcy protection in U.S. history.

Thank God for the unions and Democrats protecting the middle class.

Without them, we might have something outrageous like fiscal solvency breaking out.

Stockton, an agricultural city of about 300,000 residents in California’s Central Valley, voted to pare the year’s budget by reducing benefits, pay and debt service on bonds.

“The new budget will suspend debt payments,” reports the New York Times, “cut employee pay and reduce retiree benefits, allowing this city of about 292,000 residents to continue providing essential services through the bankruptcy process.”

The liberal California Supreme Court ruled in 2011 that union pension, healthcare and other benefits are protected under the law, even when benefits aren’t promised in contracts. Instead, benefits in some cases are considered implied contracts, leaving cities with few options when it comes to negotiating during tough fiscal times, says Steven Greenhut, vice president of journalism at the Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity. Increasingly, union benefits are forcing cities, especially in California, to consider bankruptcy as their only option to restore the fiscal health of cities.

Unions, of course, won’t take pay or benefit cuts unless forced to.

“Yet many state governments such as California struggle with endless budget deficits,” wrote Greenhut at UnionWatch.org. “Unfunded liabilities to pay for pension promises for state and local public employees hit an estimated $3 trillion nationwide. Then there are the debts for the health-care promises that municipalities have made to their employees. Much of this is not honestly accounted for, so the real numbers are worse than the official ones.”

To put those numbers in perspective, the whole country of Greece is underwater on about $420 billion in debt, or only 14 percent of just our unfunded pension promises for state and local workers are. 

Hence the need for bankruptcy protection from the courts in order to keep vital services running at the state and local level. In the fight between benefits that you and I will never be entitled to but have to pay for and keeping the garbage picked up and the police cars rolling, get which side the unions pick?

Indeed, some are arguing that state’s like Illinois and California have no choice but to consider asking Congress for an enabling law that would allow states to file bankruptcy in order to void the union contracts.

Greenhut cites an op-ed from former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich who say that union contracts are the problem for states wrestling with budget deficits.

“[A]s with municipal bankruptcy,” writes Bush and Gingrich in the LA Times, “a new bankruptcy law would allow states in default or in danger of default to reorganize their finances free from their union contractual obligations. In such a reorganization, a state could propose to terminate some, all or none of its government employee union contracts and establish new compensation rates, work rules, etc. The new law could also allow states an opportunity to reform their bloated, broken and underfunded pension systems for current and future workers. The lucrative pay and benefits packages that government employee unions have received from obliging politicians over the years are perhaps the most significant hurdles for many states trying to restore fiscal health.”

And instead of politicizing the process by allowing the federal government to play favorites with their union buddies and federal bailout money, we ought to let taxpayers and elected officials in the state wrest back control from unelected union hot shots who use your tax money to buy favors from Democrats.         

Two Americas – Tea Party Nation

Two Americas – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips

Remember 2008?  John Edwards was running for President, becoming a baby daddy with his mistress, pretending to be the dutiful husband to a wife dying from cancer and giving a speech claiming there were two Americas.   Edwards could not get anything right back then and his two Americas speech was about as wrong as it could be. 

 While there are not two Americas, perhaps the question needs to be asked, should there be two Americas?

 Of course there needs to be two Americas.  Obama and the Party of Treason would certainly like to stop this and that is even more reason we should push for two Americas.

 What is two Americas?

 It is Red America against Blue America.

 In some ways we already see this.    Look at the States that are doing the best job of surviving the Great Obama Depression.   These are the Red States.   The states that are doing the best have been managed well.   Texas is one of the best examples.  Companies and individuals are fleeing California at a record pace to go to the Lone Star State.  

 Why are these people and their businesses fleeing California?

 California is a textbook socialist state.  California continues to impose higher and higher taxes and more and more imposing business regulation.   At some point, all of these businesses say enough is enough and get fed up or in some instances, realize the only way their business can survive is to get out of California before the business is taxed and regulated into oblivion.

 As America tries to survive the Great Obama Depression, the Blue States are approaching collapse.  Despite past tax increases, in February California’s tax revenues dropped by 22% from the previ…

 Illinois increased taxes last year and instead of closing their budget shortfall, it expanded to the tune of $8 billion.

 The Blue States are in various states of economic collapse.   The Red States need to help them by competing them into the ground.  The Blue states keep repeating the same mistakes over and over.  Instead of cutting spending, they go every time for new higher taxes.  Every time they do, people and businesses flee.  Illinois’ tax increase last year was a boon for Wisconsin and Indiana.  Both states saw businesses and individuals relocate.  California has even held legislative hearings in Texas to try and determine why businesses have fled California for Texas.

 The Red States need to get aggressive with their experimentation in free market economics and aggressive in telling Washington where to go and how to get there. 

 Red States need to start refusing Washington’s requests, usually sent with tax dollars and even start refusing Washington’s unconstitutional orders.   One of my favorite quotes is from Louis Brandeis, who called the states “the laboratories of democracy.”

 We need to go back to that concept and let states try their own way on many issues.   How about a state that dismantles the welfare state?  Why not, let’s see how well that works.  How about another state that blocks all gun control laws?  If a state wants to do that, we can see how well it works.  Either the state becomes the safest state in the Union or a free fire zone.  My bet is on a safe state.  How about another state trying to reinvent the k-12 education system and the college and university system to something that works better?

 The Red States can and should do these things.  We can determine what works best. 

 The left does not want two Americas.  They want one America.  They want one America that is a total failure and where innovation is impossible.  The left wants the failure of the Blue States replicated in all of the states.

 In real America, we believe in competition.  We can out-compete the socialists that run the Blue States.  We can drive them out of business.

 We can and we should.

Obama’s gas-price spike – EDITORIAL – Washington Times

 Obama’s gas-price spike – EDITORIAL – Washington Times.

$4 gas is here today, higher tomorrow

Here we go again. Gasoline prices are rising rapidly and already have shattered the $4-a-gallon mark in California. Industry analysts say the all-time national average record of $4.11 could be shattered this summer. Some stations in Los Angeles are charging $4.93. Americans hired Barack Obama in 2008 partly in hope of finding relief from that summer’s pain at the pump. As the agony returns, voters could be primed by November to pull the lever for anybody but Barack.

The Golden State has the unwelcome distinction of having the nation’s highest gas prices, having reached $4.03 on Presidents Day, according the AAA’s Daily Fuel Gauge Report. Though the national average was $3.56, the California price jumped 18.9 cents in just the past week. Alaska, Florida and traditionally pricey states in the Northeast are not far behind. The standard rule is that each penny increase sucks about $1 billion out of the economy, so the financial impact will be felt from coast to coast.

This latest gas-price jolt is predictable. President Obama has done much to impede the supply of petroleum products to consumers. Most particularly, he exploited the 2010 BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico as an excuse to clamp down on oil drilling in the Gulf and also along the Atlantic and Pacific coasts.

Last week, the Republican-led House of Representatives passed an energy bill by a vote of 237-187 that would reverse Mr. Obama’s recent decision to block construction of the Keystone XL oil pipeline. With his December announcement to delay a final ruling on the project until 2013, Mr. Obama, as a favor to his radical anti-business political base, passed up an opportunity to create an estimated 20,000 construction jobs. The House bill grants pipeline developer TransCanada a permit to proceed with the project and allows for expanded oil drilling in offshore reservoirs and in the protected Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

If Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid sticks to his usual script, he’ll prevent the upper chamber from even voting on the measure, saving the president from the embarrassment of vetoing an economy-boosting measure in an election year. Additionally, fellow Democratic senators can be expected to reiterate support for the president’s move to end tax breaks for the oil industry. Don’t be surprised if they also call for hearings to probe “price-fixing” by oil executives as the pain at the pump inevitably increases.

Mr. Obama would be wise to make a virtue of necessity and orchestrate Senate passage of the energy bill. By signing it, he could win back erstwhile supporters disillusioned with his economy-crippling leadership.

More likely, though, Mr. Obama will simply double down on class-warfare rhetoric about the oil industry needing to pay its “fair share” in hopes of diverting attention from the growing gas-price crunch. Promises of hope and change won’t smooth the campaign trail for the president this time around. If gas prices continue their upward trajectory until Election Day, voters are likely to look to a new leader to heal their wounded wallets.

The Washington Times

DIAZ: 9th Circuit delusion – Washington Times

DIAZ: 9th Circuit delusion – Washington Times.

Left-coast judges rule Proposition 8 marriage backers driven by hostility

By Mario Diaz – The Washington Times

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit just ruled that Proposition 8, California’s constitutional marriage amendment defining marriage as between one man and one woman, is unconstitutional. This decision is one of the most radical to come out of a circuit known for fringe rulings. It’s little wonder that this circuit is the nation’s most overturned.

The decision presents a clear example of judicial activism, in which you can see the court struggle to find the arguments to substantiate a predetermined decision. Neither law nor fact stood a chance before the judges.

To advance the cause, the 9th Circuit concludes that the only plausible explanation for Californians to want to define marriage as the union between one man and one woman is “the constitutionally illegitimate basis of animus toward” homosexuals. Every reasonable person knows this to be false. Many of us know supporters of traditional marriage in California, and we know they are not hostile toward homosexuals. They merely have an honest desire to preserve an institution that has served as the foundation of society for thousands of years.

The court’s generalization shows its true intent.

Supporters of traditional marriage provided many reasonable bases for preserving marriage as the union between one man and one woman, including two on which the dissenting judge focused in disagreeing with the majority:

(1) A responsible procreation theory, justifying the inducement of marital recognition only for opposite-sex couples, because it “steers procreation into marriage” and because opposite-sex couples are the only couples who can procreate children accidentally or irresponsibly, and (2) an optimal parenting theory, justifying the inducement of marital recognition only for opposite-sex couples because the family structure of two committed biological parents – one man and one woman – is the optimal partnership for raising children.

Of course, these are just two of the many other completely reasonable bases for Proposition 8. But again, blinded by their desire to advance the cause of “equality” and “tolerance,” the 9th Circuit judges seemed to twist and turn laws and facts until they fit. They simply dismissed these rationales by saying things like, “Proposition 8 had absolutely no effect on the ability of same-sex couples to become parents or the manner in which children are raised in California.”

The court conveniently chose to ignore the reason the state got involved in the business of marriage in the first place. The state gets involved in marriage only because it has an interest in promoting certain behavior. In the case of the unique relationship between one man and one woman, the state wants to encourage couples to rear children within the context of marriage, which offers the best chance for children to become productive members of society.

The court recognized the importance of the institution of marriage in our society, saying, for example, “We do not celebrate when two people merge their bank accounts; we celebrate when a couple marries.” It even made an attempt at humor by using Groucho Marx, Frank Sinatra and Marilyn Monroe, among others, to illustrate how revered the institution of marriage is. But the court still concluded that it is irrational for Californians to think that preserving marriage as the union between one man and one woman would encourage couples to marry so that their children could have that stability in their development.

If the court’s decision makes no sense to you, you are not alone. The 9th Circuit concocts a convoluted, delusional argument to make its decision somewhat sustainable, at least among the most radical readers. According to them, it is not the supporters of same-sex “marriage” who are redefining the word marriage, it is the supporters of traditional marriage who are doing so.

Yes, apparently same-sex “marriage” always had been recognized in California until those bigots enacted Proposition 8 on Nov. 4, 2008, “to eliminate the right of same-sex couples to marry,” for no other reason than hostility toward homosexuals.

This is the very dangerous path of judicial activists whose ideology has so blinded them that their reality morphs to fit their goals. It’s hard to win an argument against that.

Mario Diaz is legal counsel for Concerned Women for America.

Stuck On “Stupid Liberal” Mode – Mark Baisley – Townhall Finance


Stuck On “Stupid Liberal” Mode – Mark Baisley – Townhall Finance.

My dad builds custom homes in California and the regulators at all levels routinely give him new, maddening impediments to practicality.  The example that I remember most had to do with toilets. 
In response to the apparent public outcry about excessive tank capacity, sales of toilets that exceed 1.6 gallons per flush have been banned throughout America.  United States Senator Rand Paul recently told a senior bureaucrat at a Senate hearing, “Frankly, my toilets don’t work in my house, and I blame you.” 
If you are like Senator Rand and don’t think that it makes sense to have to flush twice to make up for a deliberately insufficient vortex, you can buy a Canadian-made 3.5 gallon toilet on the black market.  Can you imagine having that crime on your rap sheet?
The government’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) at the Energy Department also thought it would be really swell if Americans would use less electricity to match their new toilets.  So, they made some suggestions, through nationwide mandates, that we replace our bright, warm, inexpensive light bulbs with compact fluorescent lighting (CFL). 
CFLs don’t lend as much ambience, they are vastly more expensive, and they take a while to warm up before they can perform their singular purpose in our lives.  But, they do provide an element of mercury for you to deal with when they burn out or break. 
The Environmental Protection Agency recommends that, if your CFL light bulb breaks, first get all people and pets out of the room, shut down your air conditioner for several hours (another excellent suggestion for saving energy), and thoroughly collect every bit of glass and powder into a sealed container. 
The government’s Energy Star program argues that this mandate actually reduces mercury emissions in American households because CFLs demand less electricity from mercury-generating coal plants that poison the fish we eat.
About a year ago, I called the manufacturer of our dishwasher with a performance complaint.  The 10-month-old appliance was simply no longer getting the dishes clean.  The repair guy approached the situation like the main character on the TV show House
His assessment was that all three name-brand detergents we had on hand were too low on phosphates to get the job done.  It turns out that ours is one of millions of households victimized by the latest regulation – low detergent phosphates.  We now dump in twice the normal amount of detergent and set the cycle to “stupid liberal mode” which runs the dishwasher for nearly three hours, using 50% more water and electricity.
It is hard to believe that these busybody bureaucrats are simply trying to improve the environment.  Evidence to the contrary includes the results of an investigation by the Government Accountability Office.  They received an Energy Star label for their application of a gas-powered clock radio (really).  
With a full staff of uniformed gropers at every airport, Obamacare and government controlled thermostats on the horizon — I mean, if one were to undertake the goal of listing the most personally intrusive acts that a government could commit against its people, I think this list would just about be it. 
With their hands in my pants, my physical health, my home, and even my toilet, I have never felt so uncomfortably close to my government.