The weapon that wins – Tea Party Nation


The weapon that wins – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips

As we go into the 2012 election, there is a weapon that we have that can win this election for America.  Winning the election means we get Barack Obama out of the White House.  It is so powerful; it could do immeasurable damage to the Party of Treason.

 What is it and how do we use it?

 One of the amazing things about this movement is some of the incredible people you meet.  One of the most amazing people I have met is my good friend Wayne Allen Root in Las Vegas.

 Wayne is a professional Vegas odds maker and has led an unbelievable life.  He was also allegedly a classmate of Barack Obama at Columbia University.  I say allegedly because we know Wayne went to Columbia.  We cannot say the same for Barack Obama.

 Wayne was not only at Columbia during the same time Barack Obama allegedly was, but he, like Obama, was a political science major.  Wayne says he knew almost every one in the Political Science Department when he was at Columbia.

 He did not know Barack Obama.

 He has talked to friends who were at Columbia while he was.  None of them knew or even remember Barack Obama.   Wayne says there is a huge scandal there and it could bring down Obama’s Presidency.

 While Wayne is not the first one to suggest anything like this, he perhaps has a better pedigree than almost anyone else.

 Not only is Obama not remembered by people at Columbia, he refuses to release his college records from Columbia, or Occidental college where he went prior. Heck, he won’t  even release his records from Harvard, though people do remember him at that particular school.

 One of the great mysteries that the drive-by media will not look at is how Obama, who admits he was a poor student, went from Occidental, to Ivy League Columbia and then to the top of the list at Harvard.

 Wayne offers a theory. 

 He says Obama was admitted to Occidental and to Columbia as a foreign exchange student.   The story that Obama went to Occidental on a foreign exchange program is not new to Wayne.  This story has been floating around for four years now.

 If Obama got into these schools as a foreign exchange student, it would explain how he got into schools he could not otherwise academically qualify for and how he was able to pay for them.

 Let’s assume for a moment Wayne is right.  Let’s say Obama applied to these schools as a foreign exchange student.   One does not simply fill out an application, say I am a foreign student and leave it at that.  There must be some evidence that the person is a foreign student.

 We know from Barack Obama’s biographies that his mother eventually remarried an Indonesian man who adopted Obama and that Obama was raised in Indonesia.   If this foreign national adopted Obama, he may well have lost his citizenship as a result of this. 

 Is there some documentation on those college records that shows Barack Obama, aka Barry Soetoro, is actually a citizen of Indonesia? 

 Most establishment Republicans will not touch the eligibility issue.  Many derisively called it the “birther” issue.  This is not about where Barack Obama was born.  This is whether or not he is a citizen and this is based on facts we already know.

 Obama and his team have gone on the offensive.  Why try to explain their refusal to release records when they can go after Romney for his refusal to release his tax returns. 

 Why Romney and the Republican establishment will not hit back on this issue is simply beyond me. 

 What happens if those records come out and there is evidence that Barack Obama claimed to be Indonesian in college or lets say there is documentary evidence that he is in fact a citizen of Indonesia?

 Obama would be ineligible to be President.  Everything he did as President would be void.   It would not just be voidable it would be void.

 In many ways, that would create a huge mess to clean up but it would give the Republicans so many opportunities. 

 Obamacare?  That would be gone.  The President never signed it into law.  Two Supreme Court Justices?  Gone.  Hundreds of other federal judges?  Gone.

 How do we push this issue that the Republicans won’t touch and the drive by media is doing their best to ignore?

 It is simple.  We use conservative media as well as social media to get the word out.   We can. 

 This is how Chick-fil-A appreciation day started.  It began on Mike Huckabee’s show and spread through the blogosphere.

 We need to do the same thing.  Every time the media and the left ask about Romney releasing his records, we need to hit back on Obama’s college records.  We can use the same standard the left does.  He is guilty until proven innocent.

 Therefore, Obama is not an American citizen until he proves that he did not go to college on a foreign exchange scholarship. 

 We can win this.  We can undo the damage that Barack Obama has done to this nation.

 Who wants to win?