Just say no to NYC – Tea Party Nation

Just say no to NYC – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips on January 5, 2012

If you are a real American, you might want to say no to New York City.  If you believe in Constitutional Rights, you might want to say no to New York City. 

 What is so wrong with New York City?

 New York City is Constitution free zone.

 Back in December, Tea Party Patriots leader Mark Meckler was arrested for unlawful possession of a firearm.  Meckler had a California carry permit, which is not valid in New York.  While following the correct procedures for shipping a firearm on an aircraft, he was arrested for violating New York law.

 A couple of weeks later, Meredith Graves, a fourth year medical student from Tennessee was arrested at the 9/11 memorial, after seeing the sign that says no gun and asking where she could secure her gun.  She had a concealed carry permit from Tennessee.


Recently a former Marine, Ryan Jerome was arrested at the Empire State Building.  He too saw a sign saying no guns and asked where he could secure his gun.  In Jerome’s case, he had looked online and received some very bad information that made him think his concealed carry permit was valid in New York.

 New York politicians are in complete panic.  While they are not that concerned about Meckler’s case, with Graves and now Jerome’s case, they are in a panic that New York’s draconian gun control laws will cause a public relations nightmare for NYC. 

 Perhaps someone should tell the politicians of New York, the problem is not public relations, the problem is you have stupid laws that run afoul of the Constitution. 

 There is at least one possible solution, H.R. 822 the National Right to Carry Reciprocity Act, which would require every state to recognize other states’ concealed carry permits.

 New Yorkers are no longer citizens, they are victims.   New York’s laws have stripped them of the right to bear arms and defend themselves.  Does anyone really think that criminals are going to pay attention to the signs that say no guns at the WTC memorial or the Empire State Building?

 The real problem is that liberals now control New York.  The key word here is control.   Liberals do not believe in governance.  They believe in control.  They want to control every aspect of someone’s life.  From protecting yourself, to what you can say or even what you can eat, liberals want to control everything.

 Unfortunately for Americans caught in New York and other liberal havens, liberalism sucks.  It is a complete failure.   Most intelligent people will try something and if it fails, they learn from their failure and will do something different. 

 Not liberals. 

 Liberalism has a huge track record of failure.  In fact, you would be hard pressed to think of ANYTHING liberals have championed that could be called a success.  It is all but impossible to think of something they have championed that is consistent with liberty and freedom.

 New York needs to repeal its draconian gun control laws.  They have done nothing but disarm the law-abiding citizens while criminals still have guns.  There is a reason why our founding fathers thought the right to keep and bear arms was important enough to include in the Constitution. 

 That Constitution still applies today. 

 Even in New York City.

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