File this one under unbelievable. – Tea Party Nation

File this one under unbelievable. – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips

Our southern border is a joke.  Drug cartels and smugglers of illegal aliens own parts of our border.  They project their power into the United States


What would a rational person who is President do?   Probably he would reinforce the border.  What is Barack Obama doing?  Well it is safe to say; he does not care about Americans.


From the Daily Caller:


The Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Defense confirmed during a Tuesday morning conference call with members of Congress that the administration will be reducing the National Guard troop presence on the border with Mexico by 75 percent, according to Texas Republican Rep. Ted Poe.

The briefing featured U. S. Customs and Border Protection Assistant Commissioner David V. Aguilar, Border Patrol Chief Michael Fischer and DOD Assistant Secretary Paul Stockton.

The administration representatives revealed that the National Guard’s presence on the border will be reduced from 1,200 to 300 troops and their budget will decrease from $120 million to $60 million.

“It is a mistake,” Poe told TheDC. “Last week Jason Altmire, Democrat from Pennsylvania, and I sent a letter to the president asking him not to reduce the number of National Guard troops. I’ve always thought 1,200 wasn’t enough. In fact I introduced legislation to put 10,000 at the border.”

Poe pointed to statistics as the reason he opposes the planned reduction.

“GAO, the General Accounting Office, says the border is only 44 percent secure,” said Poe. “Well, if we only control 44 percent, who controls the other 56 percent? It’s not Mexico, it’s not the United States, well who is it? It’s the drug cartels. So its an unwise decision.”



An “unwise decision?”  Congressman Poe is too diplomatic.  It is a decision that borders on absolute lunacy.  It is insanity, unless your goal is to erase the border and allow the wholesale importation of illegal aliens, drugs and quite probably terrorists.


Can there be any doubt that Obama holds this country in complete contempt?


Obama is not a real American.  Real Americans love their country.  Real Americans want to see their country prosper.  Real Americans want to see their country safe.


By opening the southern border he is telling the drug cartels, smuggle all the drugs you want to into America.  He is telling illegal immigrants the door is wide open.  And he is all but advertising the vulnerabilities of America.  It is simply beyond belief to even think that terrorists have not exploited our southern border already.  This will make a bad situation worse.


Many of the Republican candidates have said they will close the border.  Newt Gingrich says he will do it in a year from being sworn in. 


Someone needs to do it and needs to do it soon.  Preferably before a terrorist smuggles a weapon of mass destruction through the southwest and uses it on America.