Does the Democratic Parrty have a Death Wish? – Tea Party Nation



Does the Democratic Parrty have a Death Wish? – Tea Party Nation.

By Alan Caruba

Does the Democratic Party have a death wish? It continues to display a suicidal desire to offend the delegates to its forthcoming convention and the rest of the voters.

In recent days we learned that it is contemplating a platform plank that would endorse same-sex marriage, something that its core African-American voters detest. Maybe they are after the gay vote, but gays constitute barely three percent of the population and not all are Democrats.

It has been announced that former President Jimmy Carter will address the convention via video. Widely regarded as the worst president of the modern era, if not of all the presidents until Obama was elected, Carter in his post-presidential life is best known for embracing every dictator he ever met, for attacking Israel as an “apartheid” state and as a staunch defender of the Palestinians whom even fellow Arabs dislike. I am sure many American Jews, another voting bloc for Democrats, will likely be offended by his participation.

Elizabeth Warren, a Massachusetts candidate for the Senate who originated the “You didn’t build that” meme that Obama embraced will be another convention speaker and, it turns out, she enhanced her resume by claiming to be a native American with an infinitesimal amount of Cherokee blood. Even the Cherokee nation has disowned her. There goes the Native American vote.

In an odd decision the Democrats have given the job of nominating Obama to former President Bill Clinton. Never mind that he was the first President since Andrew Johnson to be impeached while in office or the first to be exposed for having an affair with a White House intern as young as his daughter. As President, he witnessed the return to power in Congress by Republicans. Many of the programs for which he is given credit were initiated by them. Obama has just used yet another executive order to gut the welfare reform program he signed into law!

Meanwhile, President Obama continues to campaign by calling for higher taxes on everyone, but carefully never mentioning his much-hated signature legislation, Obamacare. Catholic delegates to the convention may be wondering if they have to park their conscience at the door given the Obamacare mandates regarding abortion issues.

Then there’s the little problem of more than forty-two straight months of unemployment in excess of eight percent or the three years without a budget vote. Running a nation on continuing resolutions is a very bad idea.

Harry Reid, the Majority Leader in the Senate who has blocked more bills from even being debated than anyone in modern memory, recently stood in the well of the Senate to announce that an anonymous source—a little birdie—told him that Mitt Romney had not filed his tax returns since shortly after the end of the Civil War. He was soundly denounced for such piffle, but it does reflect the kind of lies the Democrats are now resorting to.

Advertising supporting Obama’s reelection has included one that suggests that Mitt Romney was responsible for a woman’s death even though it occurred years after he had left Bain Capitol and was filled with other lies. An earlier Democratic ad portrayed Vice Presidential pick, Rep. Paul Ryan, pushing an old lady in a wheelchair off a cliff. Campaigns have always been ugly, but suggesting one’s opponents are murderers is a new low. The odds are we have not yet seen them reach the bottom rung of iniquity.

The Ohio Democratic Party law suit to deny an early voting option to those serving in the U.S. military is yet another dumb move and it is widely believed that the Democrats are again looking to have dead people vote in large numbers.

Has, in fact, a political party ever had a more deceitful and distasteful group of leaders than Harry Reid, Senate Majority Leader, Nancy Pelosi, House Minority Leader, and Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the current DNC chairwoman?

Does it strike anyone as hypocritical and absurd that while the DNC hammers Romney to release his tax returns, Obama has yet to have released his college transcripts, the passport on which he traveled to Pakistan, or any records that might provide some truth as an alternative to the fairy tale memoirs he has written?

Who else can the DNC offend? It would not surprise me to see a Muslim imam get the call to provide the opening and closing prayers.

© Alan Caruba, 2012


Obama’s “Chicago Thug Way” Invades Wisconsin – Tea Party Nation

Obama’s “Chicago Thug Way” Invades Wisconsin – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Lloyd Marcus

As Chairman of The Campaign To Defeat Barack Obama, I just returned back home to Florida from Wisconsin which is ground zero in the battle to stop Obama’s ruination of America. Like locust, Obama minions have swarmed the state of Wisconsin, devouring all who dare oppose their recall of Gov. Scott Walker for his efforts to restore his state to fiscal sanity. Obama minions organized mob protesters to storm the State Capitol.Death threats have been made against Gov. Walker, the Lieutenant Governor and their families.

Still, Gov. Walker has hung tough and is leading in the polls. This has forced Team Obama to spend more millions and send in the big guns: DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz is headed to Wisconsin.

During my visits to cities across Wisconsin, I have chatted with numerous patriots who are elated and extremely grateful to Gov. Walker for displaying remarkable courage — fighting back the forces of evil to keep his campaign promise to implement responsible budget reforms.

On this latest trip to La Crosse, Wisconsin, I heard a very disturbing tale from an 80-year-old businesswoman. For her safety, I will refer to her as Patriot Sue rather than using her real name. Patriot Sue’s family business has been successful and highly respected since the 50s. But Patriot Sue wrote a local letter-to-the-editor in defense of Gov. Walker’s reforms, and all “heck” broke loose – from false accusations in the media that she mistreats employees to threats against her and her family.

Patriot Sue expressed to me her frustration that some people do not understand how recalling Gov. Walker would negatively impact their pocketbooks.

I guess you cannot run a successful family business for over 50 years without having backbone. Though physically moving a little slow, Patriot Sue still has the spitfire of an 18 year old and the heart of a lion. She financially supports the defeat of the recall and still boldly speaks out in defense of Gov. Walker’s reforms. You simply to do not tell this woman what she can or cannot do.

But folks, what I find most disturbing is that we have “presidential thugs”, in essence, emotionally threatening, and with threat of physically beating, an 80 year old woman and her family.

What am I saying? I am saying it is all about Obama. Leadership flows from the top down. The late Mary Kay said, “The speed of the leader is the speed of the gang.” Mary Kay’s leadership and philosophy of God first, family second and Mary Kay Cosmetics third continue to inspire her army of successful businesswomen.

The Obama administration emits a distinct “Chicago Thug” vibe. In response to any and all opposition to Obama’s socialistic agenda, Obama and his minions have used aggressive terms such as “…we will punch back twice as hard”, “punish our enemies”, get in their faces” and “take the SOBs out!” …to name just a few.

Obama minions include the New Black Panthers and SEIU thugs who are the enforcers – intimating voters and physically beating up black conservatives who dare be on the wrong side of Obama’s agenda.

Team Obama is using Chicago-style bullying to award Obama an undeserved second term despite half the country on food stamps, the housing market in the tank, unemployment through the roof and sky rocketing energy prices. Yes, four more years of Obama’s liberal-utopia-politically-correct policies is exactly what America needs.

To be re-elected, Obama is relying on class envy via crazy, absurd rants attacking the rich by VP Joe Biden to his dumbed-down base. Obama is relying on Al Sharpton and his “we be black victims gang” to inspire enough hate in the hearts of black Americans to get them to the polls in November. And let us not forget Obama’s on-the-street enforcers such as the New Black Panthers and SEIU thugs.

Obama minions take no prisoners. All are fair game, including a feisty 80-year-old businesswoman who dares to support Gov. Walker.

Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American

Chairman –

Why We Love Ted Nugent and Why The Left Hates Him – Tea Party Nation

Why We Love Ted Nugent and Why The Left Hates Him – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Sherry Phillips

As you are all probably aware, Ted Nugent was being interviewed at the National Rifle Association meeting and said if Obama was re-elected this year, he would either be dead or in jail by this time next year.

“If Barack Obama becomes the president in November again, I will either be dead or in jail by this time next year,” Nugent said in the interview. “If you can’t go home and get everybody in your lives to clean house in this vile, evil, America-hating administration, I don’t even know what you’re made out of.”

 Here’s the video of the interview:

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I don’t think anyone with a brain cell took what Ted Nugent said as a threat against Obama; however, the left, predictably, went nuts. And because they don’t have anything better to do (like pay their $47 hooker bills), the Secret Service will be interviewing Nugent today.

Brain donor U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz used the old tried and true Democrat tactic of never letting a situation go to waste and solicited donations from supporters using Nugent’s comments. She called them “despicable, deplorable and completely beyond the pale.”

For his part, Nugent said he was looking forward to meeting with the agents.

“We actually have heard from the Secret Service, and they have a duty, and I salute them, I support them,” Nugent told Glenn Beck on his radio show. “I’m looking forward to our meeting tomorrow. I’m sure it’ll be a fine gathering backstage in Oklahoma.”

Nugent has endorsed GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney and his campaign spokeswoman Andrea Saul responded in their normal pandering to the left style by saying, “divisive language is offensive no matter what side of the political aisle it comes from. Mitt Romney believes everyone needs to be civil.”

Yeah, if Mitt Romney gets in that White House, he’s going to be one tough hombre to deal with. Not.

Why can’t someone like Nugent run for President?

Debbie Wasserman Schultz – Can’t Stand the Heat – Tea Party Nation

Debbie Wasserman Schultz – Can’t Stand the Heat – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Marcia Wood

“We need to make sure we tone the rhetoric down” – now Americans would agree to that statement as we enter the Presidential Election for 2012. But, there’s a slight problem here – the messenger that made this statement is Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Debbie as we all know is the “Mouth” for the Democrats; she’s the DNC chairman. She’s more like a “rambler” – when asked a legitimate question she acts dumber than a door knob and just starts rambling in a nonsensical jumble of words.

How sad that on the anniversary of the terrible atrocity in Tucson, Debbie mentions Gabby Giffords whom all Americans love and she insinuates that the Tea Parties are in some way to blame for the tragedy. This shows the environment in the Democratic camp; they’re not just struggling, they’re desperate. This speech by Wasserman accentuates the problems in the Democrat base.

They have a fallen leader, who many Democrats want to replace with Hillary Clinton. Many of them are worrying about job security. Debbie’s speech at the Politics and Eggs Forum is indicative of a chair person who’s lost her chair.

Out of one side of her mouth she’s saying tone down the rhetoric and out the other side she’s blaming the Tea Parties for the act of an insane man too sick to stand trial for the massacre in Tucson, Az. Speaking of sick, how sad that Debbie used Gabby Giffords to exploit her political rhetoric. She used a young woman who has had the fight of her life as an excuse to spew venomous rhetoric about the tea parties.

One would think she owes Gabby Gifford and the tea parties an apology on National TV – but the “mouth” has taken center stage and refuses to apologize to Gabby or the tea parties.
Politifact in Florida shows the top ten fact-checks of 2011 and Schultz made the top ten, which is nothing to brag about – once again she’s been caught red handed.

During an interview with Wolf Blitzer she pretty much told him he was stupid and didn’t know what he was talking about, here’s what Wolf said, “The wealthiest Americans, they pay the most in taxes already — 50 percent of Americans don’t even pay any federal income tax.”

Shultz said, “That’s actually not true.” Politfact shows her statement false and Wolf’s statement was 100% correct about the wealthiest Americans paying the most in taxes and that 50 per cent of Americans don’t pay taxes.

Here’s a taste of what we can expect from Democrats in the remainder of the 2012 Presidential Campaign. Politicfact has compiled some blatant misstatements by the “Mouth” (Debbie Wasserman Schultz).

December 2011 – Debbie denied that unemployment went up under Obama. Unemployment was a tad over 7% December 2008 and the official U.S. unemployment rate rose to 9.9 percent in April, 2011. If those who have quit looking for jobs were counted, unemployment would be well over 15%.

Debbie lied about Paul Ryan’s Medicare restructuring saying it would end Medicare as we know it trying to scare senior citizens. Debbie’s pretend pitty party for seniors was a lie! Remember Schultz voted to cut Medicare and Medicaid when she voted for Obamacare. Debbie, Pelosi, Reid and Obama actually have dangled “Granny” over the cliff and they have no intention of rescuing her.

Debbie called the GOP agenda “anti-women” and “a war on women,” she is angry because many think Planned Parenthood should not be funded by the Government. Planned Parenthood should either fly on its own or close its doors – they claiming huge profits, so taxpayer’s should not be supporting them.

Here’s what Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of the Susan B. Anthony List, said: “The truly ‘anti-woman’ organization here is Planned Parenthood and the party that continues to defend its taxpayer funding when it has raked in more than $300 million in profits over the past four years. Fifty-four percent of Americans don’t want to be coerced into contributing to an organization they don’t believe in just by paying their taxes—nor should they be.”

Why the Democrats have allowed Debbie Wasserman Schultz to hold the DNC chair position remains a mystery. Even some Democrats from Florida asked her to step down or step up. Debbie Wasserman Schultz is another Joe Biden with big hair and a dress. Like Biden she’s so gaffe – prone that most news media believe she’s good for a few laughs because she’s just plain clueless.

But then again, how does one defend a Commander in Chief who has the worst track record in of our Nation’s history?

May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca


RealClearPolitics – Why Americans Support Voter ID Laws

RealClearPolitics – Why Americans Support Voter ID Laws.

By Jack Kelly

The state chairman of Indiana’s Democratic Party resigned recently as a probe of election fraud in the 2008 Democratic presidential primary widened.

State law requires a presidential candidate to gather 500 valid signatures in each county to qualify for the ballot. Barack Obama may not have met it. Investigators think 150 of the 534 signatures the Obama campaign turned in for St. Joseph County may have been forged.

Yet Democrats say that measures to guard against vote fraud are racist Republican plots to disenfranchise minority voters.

Republicans “want to literally drag us back to Jim Crow laws,” said Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, D-Fla, chair of the Democratic National Committee.

The NAACP has asked the United Nations to intervene to block state voter ID laws. It may have an ulterior motive for opposing ballot security measures. An NAACP official was convicted on 10 counts of absentee voter fraud in Tunica County, Miss., in July.

Former Democratic Rep. Artur Davis, who is black, said vote fraud is rampant in African-American districts like his in Alabama.

“The most aggressive contemporary voter suppression in the African-American community is the wholesale manufacture of ballots at the polls and absentee, in parts of the Black Belt,” Mr. Davis said. “Voting the names of the dead, and the nonexistent, and the too mentally impaired to function cancels out the votes of citizens who are exercising their rights.”

Laws requiring photo IDs suppress minority voting, Democrats charge. The facts say otherwise. In Georgia, black voter turnout for the midterm election in 2006 was 42.9 percent. After Georgia passed photo ID, black turnout in the 2010 midterm rose to 50.4 percent. Black turnout also rose in Indiana and Mississippi after photo IDs were required.

“Concerns about voter identification laws affecting turnout are much ado about nothing,” concluded researchers at the universities of Delaware and Nebraska after examining election data from 2000 through 2006.

You need a photo ID to get on an airplane or an Amtrak train; to open a bank account, withdraw money from it, or cash a check; to pick up movie and concert tickets; to go into a federal building; to buy alcohol and to apply for food stamps.

Most Americans don’t think it’s a hardship to ask voters to produce one. A Rasmussen poll in June indicated 75 percent of respondents support photo ID requirements. Huge majorities of Hispanics support voter ID laws, according to a Resurgent Republic poll in September.

This year there have been investigations, indictments or convictions for vote fraud in California, Texas, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Georgia, North Carolina and Maryland. In all but one case, the alleged fraudsters were Democrats.

In none would the fraud alleged have altered a major election, Democrats note. But in the Illinois gubernatorial election in 1982, 100,000 votes cast in Chicago — 10 percent of the total — were fraudulent, the U.S. attorney there estimated.

Fraud of the magnitude which swings elections typically combines absentee ballot fraud and voter registration fraud. At least 55 employees or associates of the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now have been convicted of registration fraud in 11 states, says Matthew Vadum of the Capital Research Center, who’s written a book about ACORN.

Of 1.3 million new registrations ACORN turned in in 2008, election officials rejected 400,000.

“There is no question about the legitimacy or importance of a state’s interest in counting only eligible voters’ votes,” wrote liberal Justice John Paul Stevens for a 6-3 majority in the Supreme Court’s 2008 decision upholding Indiana’s ID law, the toughest in the nation.

In a speech Tuesday at the Lyndon Baines Johnson Library at the University of Texas, Attorney General Eric Holder announced a full scale assault on the laws the Supreme Court said are constitutional and necessary.

Mr. Holder — who apparently won’t prosecute violations of the Voting Rights Act if the victims are white — picked an appropriate venue for his attack on the integrity of the ballot. LBJ stole his first election to the Senate, according to one of his biographers.

A recent Gallup poll indicates why Mr. Holder is trying so hard to gut ballot security measures. Mr. Obama trails in all swing states. Democrats fear they can’t win next year unless they cheat.

Nancy Pelosi, Down and Dirty – Michelle Malkin – Townhall Conservative


Speaker Nancy Pelosi

Image by TalkMediaNews via Flickr

Nancy Pelosi, Down and Dirty – Michelle Malkin – Townhall Conservative.

As a rueful Queen Elizabeth once said of a particularly rough year for the royal family, 2011 is “not a year on which” Queen Nancy Pelosi “shall look back with undiluted pleasure.” The former House Speaker relinquished her crown — er, gavel — in January. It’s been an epic downhill ski crash ever since.

Most recently, Pelosi faced questions from liberal “60 Minutes” and conservative investigative author Peter Schweitzer about a 5,000-share Visa stock purchase she made with her husband as the House was considering credit card regulations. She made a “killing” off the highly sought-after initial public offering. The stock holdings more than doubled in a few weeks; the credit card regulations were put on ice somewhere in the back of Pelosi’s fridge.

While she makes grand gestures toward banning congressional insider trading, San Fran Nan‘s financial conflicts of interest are once again on display. This week, Reuters columnist Dan Indiviglio pointed to pending House legislation titled the “New Alternative Transportation to Give Americans Solutions Act of 2011,” which is stuffed with natural gas vehicle subsidies: $9 billion worth, to be precise. These very subsidies are championed by Texas billionaire and failed wind farm evangelist T. Boone Pickens. He just happens to be a major stockholder in the company that would benefit from the bill: Clean Energy Fuels.

Question the timing? Indeed. As The Washington Examiner‘s Tim Carney observes: “While Pickens, a longtime oil and gas man, has been lobbying for natural gas subsidies for decades, his cause has become particularly urgent this month. Pickens owns options to buy 15 million shares of Clean Energy Fuels at $10 per share, according to SEC filings. Those options expire Dec. 28. If Congress could pass the NATGAS Act this month, shares of Clean Energy would skyrocket.”

Pelosi just happens to be a stockholder in — you guessed it — Clean Energy Fuels. The then-Speaker bought between $50,000 and $100,000 of stock in Pickens’ CLNE Corp. in May 2007 on the day of the initial public offering. As I reported in a column three years ago, Pelosi’s 2007 financial disclosure form listed “assets and ‘unearned income’ of between $100,001-$250,000 from Clean Energy Fuels Corp. — Public Common Stock.” If the natural gas giveaway passes, Pelosi profits.

Of course, an endless parade of dirty Democratic scandals earlier this year had already completely obliterated what was left of Pelosi’s Mop-and-Glo reformer image. She and other liberal feminists rallied around disgraced Twitter freak and former N.Y. Democratic Rep. Anthony Weiner even as evidence mounted that he lied to them. And used taxpayer resources and government buildings while sexting. And recklessly neglected to ensure that his Internet paramours were of legal age.

Pelosi and fellow femme-a-gogue Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Fla., led from behind, calling for Weiner’s resignation only after the public tide had shifted. Pelosi showed similar reticence in dealing with basket-case Oregon Democratic Rep. David Wu — whose sexually aggressive, alcohol-addled erratic outbursts stretched over decades. Despite knowledge of Wu’s staff’s panic about his infamous 2010 Tigger costume photos and despite months-old pleas for help from an underage victim of Wu’s sexual indiscretions, House Democrats sat on their hands. In July, Pelosi finally called for an investigation by the House Ethics Committee.

That’s the same panel that slapped Pelosi pal and New York Democratic Rep. Charlie Rangel on the wrist for serial tax-cheating and has yet to move forward with California Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters’ ethics trial after charging her last year with three violations related to her crony TARP bailout intervention on behalf of minority-owned OneUnited Bank in Los Angeles.

What a way to close out her annus horribilis. Nancy Pelosi, the proud feminist who boasted she would clean up Washington, is covering up and cashing in. Just like all the other self-dealing good old boys.

Michelle Malkin is the author of “Culture of Corruption: Obama and his Team of Tax Cheats, Crooks & Cronies” (Regnery 2010). Her e-mail address is

KUHNER: Obama and the lunatic left – Washington Times

KUHNER: Obama and the lunatic left – Washington Times.

President and his followers intend to end America’s greatness

By Jeffrey T. Kuhner  – The Washington Times

President Obama is politically insane. This is the real meaning of his speech Thursday night in front of a joint session of Congress. Albert Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over, expecting

a different result. By that definition, Mr. Obama is a lunatic leftist.

Much of his speech called for more of the same – government activism; massive spending on infrastructure, bridges and roads; extending the payroll tax cut; and more public aid to states and municipalities. In short, he seeks to perpetuate the dismal policies of Obamanomics. He is a reckless ideologue masquerading as a pragmatist.

Mr. Obama’s presidency has been dominated by one seminal reality – failure. His nearly $1 trillion stimulus; record budget deficits; unprecedented levels of public spending; the government bailouts of the auto, insurance, housing and banking sectors; billions heaped on “green jobs”; Obamacare; Dodd-Frank to reform Wall Street, and huge outlays for food stamps and unemployment benefits – all have failed to restore the economy.

In fact, they have done the opposite. Unemployment is 9.1 percent. Growth is anemic. In August, no new net jobs – none – were created. Consumer confidence is low. Inflation is rising. The value of the dollar plummets. Burdensome regulations are strangling business. America is being buried under a mountain of debt. For the first time in history, its credit rating has been downgraded. The country is not only on the verge of national bankruptcy, but of economic collapse.

Any reasonable person would change course – but not Mr. Obama. He is a big-government liberal who worships at the altar of statism. The fact that we are broke and can no longer afford his borrow-and-spend policies means nothing. Like all fanatics, he is disconnected from reality.

Contrary to popular myth, liberalism is not politics committed to science or rational thought. It is a substitute religion – a secular philosophy similar to Marxism that seeks to replace Christianity and provide believers with existential meaning. Hence, it must be defended at all costs, even in the face of irrefutable evidence or logic. Mr. Obama is not an anomaly among progressives. They share his stubbornness. Reassessment is not possible. If Mr. Obama truly were to tack to the center, it would represent a fatal admission of error. The liberal faith would collapse.

This is why left-wing Democrats are demanding that he defy the Tea Party – and reality. Rep. Maxine Waters of California is urging Mr. Obama to pass another trillion-dollar stimulus. New York Times columnist Paul Krugman argues that Obamanomics has not spent, borrowed or taxed enough. The problem is not Keynesian liberalism, but the lack of sufficient zeal. In Bolshevik Russia, hard-core communists criticized Soviet leader Vladimir Lenin for not completely abolishing private property. They argued that it was Lenin’s “deviationism” from Marxist orthodoxy – not central economic planning and state socialism – that explained the failures of the Soviet system. For liberals, Mr. Obama is now the new Lenin.

Yet, Mr. Obama – like Lenin – cannot escape the consequences of his disastrous worldview. Whether it’s $300 billion, $1 trillion or $10 trillion – no amount of “stimulus” or public spending will provide a long-term cure for the ailing economy. The reason is simple: Government does not – and cannot – create wealth. Only the vibrant free market can.

This is why liberals are now left with only two options: lie about Mr. Obama’s record or engage in dangerous demagoguery. Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz is more of a cheap propagandist than a serious party spokesperson. Mrs. Wasserman Schultz insists that Mr. Obama’s stimulus “worked.” The “facts” speak for themselves, she says. They don’t. In 2009, Mr. Obama vowed that if the stimulus were passed, the jobless rate would remain under 8 percent. Under his tenure, America has lost more than 2 million private-sector jobs. Mrs. Wasserman Schultz is the equivalent of a Stalinist-era hack jabbering about the Soviet economic miracle. No one believes her – not even her staunchest supporters.

This leaves political gangsterism. Teamsters President Jimmy Hoffa recently said that it’s time for unions to declare “war” on Republicans and Tea Partyers. “President Obama, this is your army,” Mr. Hoffa thundered at a Sept. 5 Labor Day rally in Detroit. “We are ready to march. Let’s take these SOBs out and give America back to an America where we belong.” Mr. Hoffa’s comments were vile, reprehensible and could foment civil violence. Labor unions, such as the Teamsters, have a long history of street brawls and physically intimidating opponents. Once these kinds of furies have been unleashed, it is difficult to contain them.

The Democrats’ hypocrisy is staggering. For days following the Tucson shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and others, leading Democrats and the liberal media blamed conservative talk radio, Sarah Palin and a “climate of hate” for the massacre. Mr. Obama even called for a “new civility” and “tone,” tacitly chastising his critics. Yet, now that a key ally has called for blood to flow in the streets, the White House is silent.

Mr. Obama is a man of the hard left. He deeply loathes everything America stands for – capitalism, limited government, individual freedom and Christian civilization. In particular, he despises our exceptionalism. His stated goal is to create a “post-American world” where the United States is simply one of many countries – no bigger, better or stronger. He exhibits a form of madness, a self-loathing, reminiscent of the late pop singer Amy Winehouse. Mr. Obama keeps injecting the heroin of class warfare and socialism into our national bloodstream. And he can continue to play on the biggest stage and boast a huge audience. In the end, however, it leads to the same result: insanity and death.

Jeffrey T. Kuhner is a columnist at The Washington Times and president of the Edmund Burke Institute.

Debbie DNC and the Coalition of the Whacky – John Ransom – Townhall Finance

Debbie DNC and the Coalition of the Whacky – John Ransom – Townhall Finance.

The problem with our country right now can be summed up in a word: unions.

OK, the problems aren’t exactly unions per se.

They are just one representation of the Coalition of the Whacky that so prominently wears the union label. Democrats made the Coalition into full governing partners when they rode in to Washington town on a rainbow-colored horse in 2006 and 2008 

And Obama has made Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz their standard bearer as head of the DNC.

Democrats can’t live with them but won’t do the right thing by the rest of us in repudiating the whacky either, as even the progressive weekly in Debbie DNC’s hometown seems to understand.

When asked about comments by union leader Jimmy Hoffa, Jr.- the one not currently residing in the right rear quarter panel of a Japanese automobile circa 1975- that unions “take these son of bitches out,” in reference to the Tea Party, Wasserman waffled.

Here’s the take from the Broward-Palm Beach New Times, an alternative paper in Wasserman Schultz’s district:  

On the third attempt to sucker Wasserman Schultz into standing up for Hoffa, she decided to take it out on Fox News.

“Really Gretchen?” she said. “How many times have you called out the coarse language at Tea Party rallies on this network? Almost never.”

On her fourth and final attempt to give her official response, Wasserman Schultz said, “OK, my official response is that I know the American people … like President Obama understands want us to focus on working together, want us to focus on — when I went home, my constituents asked me to come back to Washington and help continue to get this economy turned around, that’s my official response.”

And to answer your questions, no, it didn’t make sense on TV either, and no, we still don’t know whether people are supposed to “take these son of bitches out.”

And therein lays the problem for Democrats.

Should they repudiate or embrace the Coalition of the Whacky? I mean it’s one thing for private Tea Party members to vent some spleen at elected officials at rallies. It’s a whole other thing for someone named Hoffa as head of the Teamsters union to be talking about taking people out.   

As Investor’s Business Daily reported in August when an Ohio contractor “was wounded by gunfire Wednesday by a shadowy man vandalizing his SUV with union threats,” the Teamsters are the most violent union in America. When they make threats, people should listen.


According to the National Institute for Labor Relations Research, a right-to-work think tank in Washington, there have been 4,400 incidents of union violence in the last 20 years.

The Teamsters are the leading perpetrators, with 454 incidents. But IBEW, which some suspect in the King incident, is in the top 10, having engaged in 125 incidents.

All told, there have been 11,600 incidents of union violence against workers, management and the public since 1975.

Source: IBD

Unions, as we know are just whacky enough to have someone whacked. They already have the training and history for it.  

And unions like the Teamsters best represent the special interest, us-against-them mentality that’s been the dominant feature of the Obama administration. And that dominant feature of the administration is the one that is weighing so heavily on investment markets, credit markets, the job market, super markets, farmers’ markets and all the little markets now closing up along Main St.

Like most Democrat administrations, Obama’s challenge wasn’t in getting elected. The challenge he had was in governing once he got elected. Debbie DNC is not making it any easier.

So, while Obama’s got another chance to try to get things right, thanks to a cooperative media, so far everyone agrees that as far as governing goes, Obama’s a no go.

The special problem that the Democrats face- and Bill Clinton was really the only Democrat to master it since Harry Truman- is that in getting elected, they had to put together a coalition that represents every whack-job policy that won’t work, by every whack-job, left wing stink-tank, while convincing center voters that they represent the opposite.

At some point reality intervenes in the life of a Democrat administration and either the whack-jobs are disappointed, or the rest of us are.

But give credit to the Obama administration. They’ve managed the rare feat of disappointing everyone on the left, right and center, a feat not accomplished since James Earl Carter accused the rest of us of not shouldering the burden for him.   

And the choice that now faces the administration as they eye another term is either to abandon the Coalition of the Whacky or embrace it even tighter.  

So far Wasserman-Schultz looks to be hanging on pretty tight to their union bag man responsible for $27,601,772 in donations to the Democrats.

And that’s the only economy Debbie DNC really cares about. Because they’ll need every dime of the billions that the DNC means to spend to save the adminstration from themselves.   

Obama Downgrade, Democratic Depression – Tea Party Nation

Obama Downgrade, Democratic Depression – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips on August 8, 2011 at 10:32am in Tea Party Nation Forum

As of just a few minutes ago, the Dow was down over 330 points.  Today is going to be a really rough day for America’s financial markets.  S&P has now not only downgraded America’s debt rating but has now downgraded Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac’s credit rating as well.

 What does this mean for America?  Well, it is not good.

 The stock markets are in full free fall mode. 

 The downgrade of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac should have occurred in 2008.  But it means higher mortgage rates for Americans and even more Americans will have trouble living the American dream. 

 All of the credit rating agencies are saying the same thing.   America has too much debt.  That is obvious and preaching to the choir.

 Here is what we need to know and what we need to tell our neighbors.   Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the Chairman of the DNC said the Democrats own the economy. 

 That’s right.  This is the Obama depression and this is the Democratic downgrade. 

 Tragically we fight two enemies in this battle.  We fight the Party of Socialism that wants to spend us into oblivion because only by bankrupting the economy will they be able to make America a socialist country. 

 We also have to fight the establishment Republicans.   While many Republicans are really good people and really get it, there are far too many Republicans who love big government.  The difference is they want to be the ones running big government.  The GOP as a whole is not committed to shrinking the government. 

That is why Tea Party Republicans need to take over the GOP.   We need to replace leaders like John Boehner who are not committed to shrinking government.  We must have a nominee to take on Obama who is committed to the shrinking of government and also committed to the destruction of socialism. 

 People have been emailing and calling me since the announcement of the downgrade asking me what I thought would happen next and what I thought we needed to do.  Here are the answers.

 First, we have to be involved.  The left is working overtime, preparing for 2012.  This is Armageddon for them and for us.  If you are not involved, you need to be involved.  You need to be involved in your local Tea Party, 9/12 or other Liberty group.  Second you must also get involved in your local Republican group.  I don’t care whether your GOP group is good or bad, you must become involved.  If they are terrible, you and your friends need to be the change.  You would be shocked how few people it takes to change a local Republican Party group.

 You need to also make certain that all of your like-minded friends are registered to vote.  I was speaking to a friend the other day who specializes in doing data research and he told me a shocking fact.   His group did data research on Republican donors.  These are people who wrote checks, sometimes-large checks to the Republican Party.  In the data sample they found an amazing and stunning fact.  Forty percent of the donors who actually gave money to the Republican Party we not registered to vote. 

 It is not that they were not registered Republicans, they were not registered at all. 

 Take time to go and ask your friends if they are registered to vote.  Do not assume they are.   Do a voter registration drive at your church. Do not assume the people who go to church are registered to vote.  Remember, the left is very good at getting live voters, dead voters and voters that do not even exist to the polls.  We must be better.

 Tell your friends and family the truth about what has happened.   This is the Democrat’s downgrade and the Obama depression.   As Debbie Wasserman Schultz said, Democrats own the economy. 

 We need to make sure they do.

Liberals are bullies, only with less class – Tea Party Nation


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Liberals are bullies, only with less class – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips in Tea Party Nation Forum

Liberals are bullies.  Just like the ones we used to face when we were kids in the school yard. Only they have less class.  Debbie Wasserman Schultz is among the worst.  The problem with liberals is they think they should have the right to attack conservatives with impunity and get offended when conservatives fight back.  They go into hysterics when conservatives beat them.

 Allen West is in such a fight with Debbie Wasserman Schultz.  And she is losing.

 From Fox News.

 House Democrats lined up to excoriate GOP Rep. Allen West on Wednesday after he sent an incendiary email to the Democratic party chairwoman calling her “vile” and “not a lady.” 

The head of the Congressional Black Caucus told Fox News on Wednesday that members are “furious” about the incident, saying he’s going to speak with the Florida Republican about the matter. Shortly afterward, several female lawmakers held a news conference, at which they called on West to apologize. 

“His words were nothing more than personal attacks,” Rep. Carolyn Maloney, D-N.Y., said, adding that she hopes House Speaker John Boehner “disavows” West’s remarks. She said it is “very ladylike to speak up for the values that you believe in.” 

Rep. Donna Edwards, D-Md., also released a statement saying she was “shocked” by the “disgraceful” email. “Instead of engaging constructively in that debate, Representative West chose to resort to unprofessional, vitriolic and offensive personal attacks — shame on him,” she said. 

The lawmakers are urging House leaders to rebuke West, though West told Fox News that GOP leaders are “fine” with his actions. 

West fired off the email Tuesday to Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, calling her “the most vile, unprofessional and despicable” member of the House for calling into question his stance on Medicare on the House floor.

Read more:…  Of course, the Democrats immediately used the issue to try and raise money.  They should get used to being beaten by Allen West.  It is something that will be happening to them a lot in the future.