News flash from a faux news network. – Tea Party Nation


News flash from a faux news network. – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips

Americans have this unusual belief in the system we have of receiving news.  If it is printed in a newspaper, broadcast on radio, TV or cable news, we believe it to be accurate.

 A recent incident has shown that at least one so-called network news outlet is not interested in the truth but more interested in pushing a political agenda.

 What was the incident, which network is it and what will happen next? 

 The incident was ABC’s Good Morning America’s broadcast concerning the Aurora Colorado massacre. 

 ABC’s Brian Ross decided it was time to advance his narrative and political agenda so he had an interchange with noted liberal and former Clinton Administration communications director George Stephanopoulos.

 Their dialogue went something like this:

 George Stephanopoulos: I want to go to Brian Ross here, because Brian you’ve been investigating the background of Jim Holmes and you found something that might be significant….

Brian Ross: There’s a Jim Holmes of Aurora, Colorado, page on the Colorado Tea Party site as well, talking about him joining the Tea Party last year. Now, we don’t know if this is the same Jim Holmes. But it’s Jim Holmes of Aurora, Colorado.

 What happened?

 According to reports, Brian Ross went on Google and searched “Jim Holmes” “Aurora Colorado” “Tea Party.”

 Why the hell was he making that particular search?

 Jim Holmes is a fairly common name.  As with so many other tragedies, the drive by media has tried to tie it to the Tea Party.


 Because ABC News is not a real news agency.  It is a faux news network.

 There is a legal term for what Brian Ross did.  It is called MSU.  Making stuff up.

 The Jim Holmes who was the victim of Brian Ross’ journalistic malpractice has been receiving death threats.  The good news is our civil justice system is still in tact and I hope ABC News is writing Jim Holmes a very large check, very soon.

 The Brian Ross story is a part of a greater problem. 

 The drive by media has been pushing a narrative for three and a half years that the Tea Party is violent.   The funny thing is, there is zero evidence to support it.  The Occupy camps became rape camps because of the large number of sexual assaults there but the media would not report that.

The media tried to blame the Tea Party for the Gabby Giffords shooting.  In 2009, a Census worker was found hanged.  The media tried to tie that one to the Tea Party.  Turns out it was a suicide.  In 2010 a man named Joseph Stack flew his airplane into an IRS building in a kamikaze attack.  The media wanted to blame the Tea Party for that.  Turns out Stack admired communism. 

 In 2010, there was the attempted bombing of Times Square.  America’s greatest moron, Michael Bloomberg speculated the Tea Party might have been involved.  Instead it was a group that has a track record for terrorism.  Turns out it was an Islamic terrorist.

 Earlier this year a Tea Party activist was arrested for rape and kidnapping.  The faux news networks like MSNBC were ecstatic.  Rachel Maddow was literally dancing for joy on her program.  A Tea Party criminal had finally been found. 

 They quietly buried the story a few days later when the victim confronted him in Court and announced he was not the man who attacked her.

 There are a lot of us in the Tea Party movement who are tired of this.  The faux news media went out of its way to hide stories about crimes committed at the Occupy camps, falls all over itself to make certain it does not mention Islam when Islamists commit crimes, yet goes into National Inquirer speculation mode every chance it has to claim a violent crime was committed by a Tea Party supporter.

 If you are tired of it, it is time to act. 

 Tell ABC you are disgusted with what they did and that for that kind of journalistic malpractice, both Brian Ross and George Stephanopoulos should be fired.  ABC News Good Morning America has a contact email here.

 You can call them and tell them what you think.  Their number is 212-456-7777.

 If you are a shareholder for the Disney Corporation, the parent company of ABC, you can contact Disney Corporation through their shareholder relations division and demand something be done.

 It is time for We The People to insist the news media be real reporters of news and not faux news networks.  ABC is not a real news organization.


How many times do they have to be wrong? – Tea Party Nation

How many times do they have to be wrong? – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips

This morning, ABC News breathlessly announced the news they had been waiting for.  They finally had an incident involving violence, this being the mass murder in Aurora Colorado and they thought a Tea Party member did it.

 There was celebration at the office of Democratic Media, otherwise known as ABC News. 

 Then reality came crashing down on them.

 The gunman was identified as James Holmes and there was a Jim Holmes identified as a member of the Colorado Tea Party Patriots

 Only Jim Holmes is a 50 something year old man, not a 24 year old murderer. 

 Brian Ross and ABC News have apologized.

 Gee, that was nice of them.

 Perhaps they could learn the first rule of journalism, namely get your facts right the first time.

 The real problem with ABC news and the rest of the dinosaur news media is they are little more than shills for the far left.  How many conservatives are working for ABC News in an on air capacity?  Zero.

 How many liberals?  There is George Stephanopoulos, there is Robin Wright, there is Diane Sawyer and the list just goes on and on. 

 ABC does have its pet Republican, George Will who they bring out on Sunday talk shows so he can sit there, outnumbered three to one and offer non-offensive, not to mention non-effective Republican talking points.

 The narrative of the Tea Party member committing crimes is a narrative the media has been desperately trying to push since 2009. 

 Does anyone remember earlier this year?  A man named Michael Kobulnicky was arrested for rape and kidnapping.  Kobulnicky had been active in the Tea Party movement in San Diego for a period of time but had stepped down.

 The media went gaga.  MSNBC heralded the news they had been waiting for.   They could now gleefully ignore the rapes at the occupy mob camps throughout the nation.  They had a Tea Party criminal.

 Only then did something tragic happen.

 When the case went to court a few days later, the victim who had been raped and kidnapped said, he isn’t the guy who raped and kidnapped me.

 All of the drive by media outlets that reported on Kobulnicky’s arrest were amazingly silent when the charges against him were dismissed.

 In January 2011, when then Congressman Gabby Giffords was shot, the media again jumped.  We have a Tea Party assassin.

 No, that one didn’t work out either.  Turns out he was not that interested in politics.

 And now we have today’s incident.

 There is a remedy that should be sought.  Whenever someone offends liberal sensibilities the usual requirement is sensitivity training and affirmative action.  Well, this is the perfect case for it.  ABC should require all of its on air staff as well as its editorial staff to attend conservative/Tea Party sensitivity training.   In addition, ABC should show its contrition by hiring a couple of conservatives for major roles on the network.   After all, if it can hire a communications director from the Clinton administration who had never done a news show before, why can’t they hire one or two Tea Party activists for a major role on the air?

Useful idiots, Republican Pets and Alinsky – Tea Party Nation

Cover of "Rules for Radicals"

Cover of Rules for Radicals

Useful idiots, Republican Pets and Alinsky – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips

George Will is one of those useless Washington Republicans who believes conservatives should be a minority, too polite to make problems for the liberals.  Rush Limbaugh has his finger on the pulse of real America.

 What is wrong with Will, right with Rush and how does Alinsky fit into all of this?

 Yesterday I referred to George Will in a video blog as “the pet republican for the liberal media establishment.”  George Will went onto ABC News and as usual, made a fool of himself.

 From the Daily Caller:

 “This Week” host George Stephanopoulos speculated that conservative talker Rush Limbaugh had been under enormous pressure to apologize for his remarks about Fluke, which included calling her a “slut.” But Will hinted that he was actually underwhelmed by the reaction of some Republicans.

“Well, it would have been nice if [GOP leaders] shared that with the larger public,” Will said. “Instead, Mr. Boehner said that Rush’s language was inappropriate. Using a salad fork for your entree — that is inappropriate. Rick Santorum says, ‘Well, what he said was absurd and an entertainer is allowed to absurd.’ No, it is the responsibilities of conservatives to police the right excesses on their side just as the liberals unfailingly fail on their own side.”

 “It was depressing because what it indicates is, the Republican leaders are afraid of Rush Limbaugh

 Of course George Will is underwhelmed.  Wait, we are talking about his intelligence, not his response. Will is just one of those beltway Republicans who believes the natural order of life is they are subservient to liberals.  He believes he should show up, articulate the moderate Republican talking points that conservatives are the focus of all evil in the world and then sit back and nod like a bobble head as the liberals slander conservative Republicans. 

 What Will and most liberals do not get is that people do not follow Rush Limbaugh.  Rush Limbaugh follows real America.   If Rush Limbaugh simply had millions of mind numbed robots that followed his every word, the liberals would have long ago created their version of Rush Limbaugh.  They have not because none of the liberals can touch America’s pulse

 If a liberal were going to be able to touch the pulse of America, they would first have to stop hating America and real Americans.   They are singularly incapable of doing that.

 That is why Rush has millions of followers. That is why Hanity and Beck have millions of followers.   That is why liberal talk radio cannot succeed. 

 Some on the far left understand that Rush is not just a hot shot talk show host but he represents the thoughts and opinions of millions of real Americans.  Which is why Rush must be destroyed.

 The Sandra Fluke “Slut-gate” fight has been nothing but a pure Alinsky attack on Rush.   Saul Alinsky promulgated his “Rules for Radicals.”  It is the far left playbook and the attack on Rush.

 Rule 12 of Alinsky’s rules is Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.  Call it divide and conquer. 

 Rush, whose political instincts are extraordinary, did step into this one.  He has always been a top target of the left for years.  Because of his comments, they have frozen him or made him deal with the issue.  They made the issue personal, poor little Sandra Fluke versus the big, rich, bad Rush Limbaugh.  Then they tried to polarize him.  They have tried to make Rush so unacceptable that he would be forced out.

 They attacked his advertisers and had 7 of them drop advertising.  Even the Republican Presidential candidates acted as if Rush was toxic.  Then pet Republican George Will jumped in parroting the liberal talking lines. 

 If the Twitter response is any indication, most of those advertisers will regret their decisions.  Meanwhile Rush continues to be the top rated radio talk show host in history.

 George Will just continues to be the pet Republican of the liberal media establishment.

 Good dog.

The night of the living face palm. – Tea Party Nation


Cropped photo of Diane Sawyer

The night of the living face palm. – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips on December 11, 2011

The sound you kept hearing last night was the continuous face palm.  You know, people slapping their foreheads after seeing something so unbelievably stupid.

 What was going on last night that made it the night of the living face palm?

 It was the ABC/Yahoo Republican debate.

 No, it was not the Republican candidates, not even Ron Paul that made people slap their foreheads out of sheer disbelief.  It was the Republican Party.

 Can someone please explain why in the hell the Republican Party agrees to these debates?

 The debates are great.  There is nothing wrong with debates.  Why did the GOP agree to debates where the moderators are flat out liberals?   The hosts were notoriously left wing Diane Sawyer and former Clinton Press Secretary and operative George Stephanopoulos.

 The moderators were obviously not only going after Gingrich but were trying to make Romney look good.  There were no big surprises.  The moderators wanted to make Gingrich have a meltdown and that was not going to happen. 

 The question with all of these debates is why the GOP lets liberal groups set the rules and had liberal journalists to ask the questions.

 Earth to the RNC.  These liberals are not our friends.  Does anyone doubt that Stephanopoulos and Sawyer want to see a second Obama term?  Does anyone doubt they want to see the weakest and most liberal Republican running as the nominee?

 These debates have been a gold mine not only for the GOP but for the channels that have broadcast it.    The GOP does not simply have to walk up and take what ever deal is offered.

 Why doesn’t the GOP have a debate where the moderators are Joseph Farah from WND and Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Tom Tancredo?

 We have had GOP debates with exclusively liberal hosts and others with some liberal and a couple of at least centrist hosts.  The GOP is allegedly the party of conservatives, so why isn’t the GOP demanding that it have a veto on the network choice of hosts?

 There were a lot of questions that should have been asked last night but they were not going to come from liberal hosts.

 One of the questions I would like to have heard was the GOP candidates talking about the Fast and Furious scandal and Attorney General Eric Holder committing perjury in front of a Congressional Committee.   I would like to have heard a question about the growing scandal that is the follow up to Fast and Furious where the Department of Justice was laundering money for Mexican drug cartels.

 How about a few questions about John Corzine and the collapse of MF Global?  When Enron collapsed, the left tried to paint Enron as being a corporation that was in bed with the Republican Party.  There is silence on MF Global.  I would like to have heard what the GOP candidates have to say about that.

 How about some questions about defense?   Our navy is now smaller than it was during World War I.   The army and the air force are being reduced to levels that will make a serious national defense almost impossible.  Why not some questions about that?

 The answer is all the GOP wanted to do was give us a night of non-stop face palms.

 When is the GOP going to get serious?  When is the GOP going to realize they do not have to appease these liberal journalists?

 When is the GOP going to act like it wants to win an election?

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